Our World Of Less Intelligent

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By Nayana Priya Krishna das

Our Animals Helpless
Our Arguments Baseless
Our Attitude Careless
Our Business Cashless

Our Children Homeless
Our Commitments Aimless
Our Communication Wireless
Our Conduct Worthless

Our Cooking Fireless
Our Costumes Shapeless
Our Culture Rootless
Our Decisions Timeless

Our Desires Endless
Our Dreams Sleepless
Our Education Valueless
Our Excuses Weightless

Our Expectations Limitless
Our Faith Godless
Our Feelings Heartless
Our Follies Countless

Our Food Fatless
Our Hair Colorless
Our Ideas Useless
Our Innocents Voiceless

Our Knowledge Hopeless
Our Labor Effortless
Our Laws Powerless
Our Media Senseless

Our Politicians Shameless
Our Poor Roofless
Our Population Speechless
Our Relations Loveless

Our Religion Creedless
Our Society Characterless
Our System Guideless
Our Technology Needless

Our Telephone Cordless
Our Terrorists Merciless
Our Vessels Stainless
Our Vision Pointless

Our Wars Causeless
Our Water Tasteless
Our Worship Formless
Our Youth Jobless

Less, Less, and Less.
With all this my dear friend, Our Life is Meaningless
It can only be Matchless if used for our KRISHNA who is




Please Chant


And make your life sublime.

Thank you very much
Yours in service of Srila Prabhupada and Gurudeva
Nayana Priya Krishna das

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2,967 Views / EMail This Post / Print This Post / Home » Our World Of Less Intelligent

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1 satyahit2

very cool & insightfull poem. / prose ..

Comment posted by satyahit2 on February 14th, 2007

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