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Unsung heroes

Saturday, 17 February 2007 / Published in Articles, Kavicandra Swami / 4,413 views

By Kavicandra Swami

Some years ago the GBC appointed a group of ” deputies ” to assist them in their work. They have been doing very valuable service behind the scenes, without getting very much public recognition. They have done a lot of preliminary work which has enabled the GBC members to concentrate on proactive things.

Another reason that they been appointed is to bring up younger devotees to take global responsibities.They have been very enthusiastic and seeing them at work has given us great encouragement about a positive future for Srila Prabhupada’s movement. They have joined us on various subcommittees and have given very valuable input. We are very grateful to them and pray that we can serve them nicely. What follows is a list of all the current deputies..


1.Acintya Rupa (dd) BJD (Melbourne – AU)
2.Acyuta Priya (das) RNS (Regional Secretary – Ukraine)
3.Aniruddha (das) BJD (Melbourne – AU)
4.Atmarama (das) ACBSP (Sydney – AU)
5.Bhaktarupa (das) ACBSP (Bhubaneswara – IN)
6.Devakinandan (Botswana)
7.Devakinandan (das) JUHU (Bombay – IN)
8.Dina Sharana (dasi) ACBSP (Wiesbaden – DE)
9.Hanuman das (BBT Spain)
10.Hari (das) KDS (Coventry – UK)
11.Jagajivan das ACBSP (Asuncion – Paraguay)
12.Kalasamvara (das)
13.Krsnadas Kaviraja (das)
14.Laxmimoni (dd) ACBSP (Vaisnava Academy for Girls – USA)
15.Madana-mohana (das) MG (Moscow – R)
16.Praharana (dasi) ACBSP (Toronto – CA)
17.Prasanta (dd) LOK (New Delhi – IN)
18.Ramabhadra (dasa) ACBSP (TP New York – USA)
19.Rasaraja (das) BI-Bombay-Berkeley (TP Berkeley)
20.Sarvaisvarya (das) JPS (Coimbatore – IN)
21.Sikhi Mahiti (das) GRS (TP San Diego, CA – USA)
22.Simheswara (das) JPS (Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia)
23.Svavasa (das)
24.Tirtharaj Das (Brisbane – AU)
25.Vedavyasapriya Swami (ACBSP) (Vrindavan – IN)


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