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Iskcon Tirupati – A wonderful beacon of Krishna Consciousness

Wednesday, 21 February 2007 / Published in Articles / 7,085 views

By Amitachara Das

Iskcon Tirupati Sri Sri Radha Govinda astha sakhi Giriraja Maharaja: A wonderful beacon of Krishna Consciousness

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After eight years of patient effort, hard struggle, determination, heartfelt prayers and steady devotional service and a heroic last-minute marathon for the devotees of Iskcon,Tirupati-the grand opening took place on the appearance day of Sri Nityananda Trayodasi.The new cultural center includes a temple, which has been modeled into a replica of an ornate ancient Vedic temple, a theatre, Community hall, wellfurnished guesthouse and a Govinda?s restaurant. Thousands of devotees from Iskcon, India as well as abroad participated and celebrated the opening of the new temple with their bright and happy faces.
In the midst of the sweet vibration of the chanting of the Holy Names by devotees and the chanting of the divyaprabandams of the Sri Vaisnava?s and with colourful abhishek ceremonies,devotees installed 4 ft height Sri Sri Radha Govindaji along with their eight principal sakhis (personal associates).This is the first temple in South India and second in the world housing Radha Krishna deities along with asta sakhis.The celebrations included sobha yatra a hari nama procession by all the devotees trough the main streets of the city.A bountiful prasadam feast was served for all the guests and devotees every day during the festival(7500 guesthouse-registered devotees from India and 50 countries worldwide inclusive 45 devotees from China first time visiting South India.) We want this temple to be known as a place of pilgrimage for lakhs of the worldwide community of devotees of Lord Krishna (or Balaji) visiting this holy place and a site of ecstatic festivals and devotional, spiritual and cultural education and training.
NEW TEMPLE WILL BE THE HEART OF A SPIRITUAL AND CULTURAL OASIS OF SOUTH INDIA. As Lord Krishna says in the Bhagavad-Gita: ?RAJA VIDYA RAJA GUHYAM PAVITRAM IDAM UTTAMAM…?This education centered around the glorification of Lord Krishna is supreme, pure, blissfull and unending. This project will become very special where people may go for spiritual inspiration and renewal, to return home with fresh insight and the inner peace of Krishna Consciousness. Therefore, we invite everyone to come to the center, participate in the programs and prepare their way back home, Back to Godhead(BTG).
INAUGURATION HIGHLIGHTS(By HG Dina Bandhu prabhu on, explained in full details ?see photo?s down)
At last, the deadline was fixed and it had to be finished. Yet with only 2 months left, the goal seemed out of reach. All the stained Glass panes, decorated mirrors and ornate wood craft work just couldn?t be completed on time-or so it seemed-as far as 60 thousand sq.ft of marble and granite work-professional floor layers said it is hard to make it-but everyday for the last
2 months before the temple opening everybody worked together round the clock and they got the job done. Another miracle happened when the landscaping men turned the rough temple front, inside and outside into orderly lawns and walk ways. In just one week they laid all the turf. Finally all the inside and front Lila-art wood work miraculously manifested its pure transcendental beauty.

31 JANUARI 2007, NITYANANDA TRAYODASI,THE SPIRITUAL WORLD DESCENDS(SEE FOTOGALLERY?WWW.ISKCONTIRUPATI.INFO). Catch all the cricketing action right here. Live score, match reports, photos et al.

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    Deenabandhu ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I don’t know where Amitachara Prabhu got his information that there are only 2 Radha Krishna and Astha Sakhi temples in the world. But I would like to humbly present that there are at least 3 others.
    In Vrindavan a disciple of Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Srila Prabhupada, Sri Raja Ram Ranjan Chakravarti, King of Birbhum in Bengal, established an Astha Sakhi Mandir just in front of Sanatan Goswami’s Madan Mohan Mandir. In Radha Kunda just before Mahaprabhu’s Baithak on the Parikrama path there is another Astha Sakhi Mandir on the banks of Sri Shyamakunda. And at Varsana at the bottom of the stairs of Sriji Temples there in an Astha Sakhi Mandir. I’m sure in Bengal there may be others.

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