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“Hey Hari Hari”

Saturday, 10 March 2007 / Published in Humor / 4,434 views

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Witnessed on South Beach Saturday night:

1. Two grown men dressed as Miller Lite cans, with 50 leggy women dressed in NFL officials tops and ridiculously microscopic black skirts, walking in a group down Collins Avenue.

2. A man holding a “Gay Sex Is A Sin” sign, walking down Ocean Avenue.

3. Five bouncing, chanting Hari Krishna guys, chanting “Hey Hari Hari,” surrounded by 12 Chicago fans wearing Bears jerseys, singing, “Bear Down Chicago Bears” and imitating the bouncing Krishnas.

4. A woman dressed as an eight-foot-tall Statue of Liberty.

5. A faux graveyard with rows of gravestones, in protest of the war in Iraq.

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