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Dandavats! All Glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga!

Why Srimati Radharani descended from Goloka?

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Brahma-vaivarta Purana

Chapter Two
Description of the Quarrel Between Sridama and Radha

1-2 On whose request did Krsna come to the surface of the earth, what the Lord did before He returned to His own abode, how He removed the earth’s burden, and how He killed the demons, of all these I will, carefully thinking of what happened, tell you the story.
3 Listen and I will tell you of Lord Hari’s descent as a cowherd boy.
His arrival in Gokula, and Radha’s descent as gopi.
4 Listen and I will tell you in detail what before you heard me tell only
briefly in the story of Sankhacuda’s death.
5 Sridama quarrelled with Radha and She cursed him to become the demon
6 Then Sridama cursed Radha: Go to a human womb in Vraja! Become a girl
of Vraja and walk on the earth’s surface!
7 Afraid of Sridama’s curse, She went to Sri Krsna and said: I will
become a gopi! Sridama cursed Me! What will I do to prevent it! O breaker of
fears please tell me.
8 How can I live without You? O Lord, without You every moment will
become a hundred yugas.
9-10 My heart bursts into flames when the blinking of My eyes separates Us.
O Lord glorious as the autumn moon, using the cakora birds of My eyes I drink
the nectar of Your face day and night. I declare that You are My heart, My
self, My mind and My body.
11 You are My eyes and My power to see. You are My life. You are My
treasure. Awake of asleep, I always meditate on Your lotus feet. O Lord,
without serving You I cannot live for a moment.
12 Hearing these words, Lord Krsna placed His beautiful beloved on His
chest. He reassured Her and removed Her fears. He said:
13-14 O girl with the beautiful face, during the Varaha-kalpa I will go to
the earth. You will go with Me and also take birth on the earth. O goddess, I
will go to Vraja and enjoy pastimes (with You) in the forest.
15 You are more dear to Me than life. If I am present why should You be
Saying this, Lord Hari, the master of the universes, became silent.
16 For this reason the master of the universes went to Nanda’s Gokula.
Why should He be afraid? Of what would He, the killer of fears, be afraid?
17 Pretending to fear the illusory potency, He assumed the appearance of a
gopa, approached Radha, and enjoyed pastimes with Her.
18-19 To keep the promise He made when the demigod Brahma prayed to Him, Lord
Krsna came to earth with the gopis, removed the earth’s burden and then
returned to His own abode.
20 Sri Narada said: Why did Sridama quarrel with Radha? What you briefly
told before, now please tell at length.
21 Sri Narayana Rsi said: One time, in a rasa-mandala in a secluded place
in a great forest in Goloka, Lord Hari enjoyed pastimes with Sri Radha.
Overcome with bliss, Radha could not understand Herself or anything else.
22 Leaving Her unsatisfied in the midst of Their pastimes, He went to
enjoy amorous pastimes with Viraja, another gopi.
23 Beautiful Viraja resembled Radha. She has a billion beautiful gopi
24 As she sat on a jewel throne, this gopi, who thought Lord Krsna more
dear than life, and who was fortunate and glorious among women, saw Lord Hari
25 Lord Hari looked at her, her face glorious as the autumn moon, and she,
ravishingly beautiful, smiled, and with crooked eyes gazed at Him.
26 She was eternally sixteen years old, in the full bloom of youth. She
wore exquisite garments and Her beauty was richer with jewel ornaments.
27 Seeing that she was being tortured by Kamadeva’s arrows and the hairs
of all her limbs were erect with excitement, Lord Hari at once enjoyed pastimes
with her.
28-29 In the great forest, in a secluded place, in a circle of jewels, on a
bed made of flowers, as she embraced to her chest the Lord of her life, who is
more glorious than millions of Kamadevas, Viraja fainted, overcome with the
bliss by enjoying amorous pastimes with Lord Krsna.
30 Seeing Lord Hari embraced by her in the jewel pavilion, Radha’s friends
at once told their mistress.
31 Hearing their words, Radha became angry and lay down on Her bed.
32 Her eyes like red lotus flowers, the goddess wept bitterly. The great
goddess said to them: “Show Him to Me.”
33 If you speak the truth, then come with Me. I will give Krsna and this
gopi the result They deserve.
34 When I punish her who will save her? With her quickly bring Lord
Hari’s other lovers also.
35-36 Don’t bring that smiling, crooked-hearted, nectar-mouthed pot of poison
to My home. Instead, take the Lord to My beautiful pavilion and keep Him
37 Hearing Radha’s words, some gopis became frightened, and they all
folded their hands and humbly bowed their heads and necks.
38 Standing before Her, they all said to the Lord’s eternal beloved: “We
will show You the Lord with Viraja.”
39 After hearing their words, beautiful Radha, ascended a chariot. She
departed with 1 630 000 000 gopis, travelling on a chariot…
40 …made of may regal jewels, splendid as millions of suns, roofed with
thirty million domes made of regal jewels, splendid with a variety of colourful
flowers, pulled by colourful horses,…
41 …with ten thousand wheels, enchanting the heart, travelling as fast
as the mind, beautiful with ten million pillars and many different glorious
42 …with many wonderful and colourful beautiful pictures, with many
rubies in the inside rooms, with many jewels decorating the wheels,…
43 …with four hundred thousand splendid and wonderful wheels decorated
with wonderful bells and tinkling ornaments,…
44 …with a hundred thousand jewel palaces, with doors made of the best
of jewels, with jewel pictures,…
45 …with domes of the best regal jewels, with splendid spires, with
delicious foods and exquisite garments,…
46 …beautiful with many jewel beds, jewel cups and cases, and golden
47 …with ten million ruby staircases, with very beautiful syamantaka and
kaustubha jewels,…
48 …splendidly beautiful with wonderful forests and lakes and hundreds
of groves of millions of lotus flowers,…
49 …with splendid jewel domes and spires eighty miles wide and eight
hundreds miles high,…
50 …splendid with ten million garlands of parijata, kunda, karavira and
yuthika flowers,…
51 …fragrant with many very beautiful campaka, nagesa, mallika, malati,
and madhavi flowers,…
52 …decorated with many garlands of kadamba flowers and thousand petal
53 …decorated with wonderful forests, lakes, and colourful flower
gardens, fast as the wind, the best of all chariots,…
54 …covered with exquisite fine cloth, decorated with hundreds of jewel
55 …decorated with sapphires and white camaras, fragrant with sandal,
aguru, musk and kunkuma,…
56 …splendid with ten million parijata-decorated beds, ten million
flags, and ten million bells,…
57 …with ten million jewel beds covered with wonderful and colourful
blankets, fragrant with campaka flowers, sandal and kunkuma,…
58 …decorated with flower-pillows, and perfect for amorous pastimes, and
also decorated with many beautiful things never seen or heard of before.
59 O sage, quickly descending from the chariot thus described, Lord Hari’s
beloved goddess Radha, at once went to Him in the pavilion of jewels.
60 At the entrance She saw a handsome, smiling, lotus-faced guard
accompanied by a hundred thousand gopas.
61 To that gopa, who was Sri Krsna’s dear friend named Sridama, goddess
Radha, Her eyes now like red lotuses, angrily said:
62 Go away! O servant of a rake, go away! I will see what kind of
beautiful lover Your master has now!
63 Hearing Radha’s words, strong and fearless Sridama, holding a stick in
his hand, did not allow Her to enter.
64 Their lips trembling, the other gopis angrily pushed the servant
65 Hearing a great commotion from the people of Goloka and understanding
that Radha was angry, Lord Hari disappeared.
66 Hearing the word “Radha” and seeing Lord Hari disappear, Viraja became
afraid. By practice of mystic yoga she gave up her life.
67 Her body at once became a river circling Goloka.
68 That river was filled with jewels, very deep, eight hundred million
miles wide, and ten times as long.
Chapter Three
Sri Radha-Sridama-sapodbhava
The Cursing of Sri Radha and Sridama
1 O sage, when She went to the pavilion of amorous pastimes Radha did not
see Lord Hari. Seeing the river that Viraja had become, She went home.
2 Seeing that His eternal beloved had become a river, Sri Krsna loudly
wept on the beautiful shore of that Viraja River.
3 “O best, best of lovers, come to Me! O beautiful one, beautiful one,
how can I live without you?
4 “By My blessing now become the most beautiful of women, and the empress
of rivers.
5 :Now have a form more beautiful than the beautiful form you had. O
chaste one, your previous form has now become a river.”
6 “Raise from the water and come to Me.”
Taking a new form, and beautiful like Radha, she approached Lord Hari.
7 Wearing yellow garments and her lotus face smiling, with crooked eyes
she gazed at the Lord of Her life and He gazed at her.
8 She was oppressed by the burden of her hips and thighs, and her breasts
were swollen and high.
9 She was the most beautiful of beautiful women, and She was fortunate
and glorious among women. She was the colour of a beautiful campaka flower and
her lips were ripe bimba fruits.
10 Her beautiful teeth were like ripe pomegranate seeds,, her face was an
autumn moon, and her eyes were blossoming dark lotuses.
11 She was decorated with a dot of musk and many dots of red sindura. She
was beautiful with beautiful designs and pictures. Her braided hair was very
12 Jewel earrings resting on her cheeks, She was decorated with a necklace
of jewels and glorious with a necklace of pearls. On the tip of her nose was
an elephant pearl.
13 She was splendid with jewel armlets and bracelets and a bracelet of
shells. She was opulent with many tinkling ornaments and tinkling jewel
14 Seeing her so beautiful and so full of love for Him, the Lord of the
universes at once embraced her and kissed her again and again.
15 Going to a secluded place, the all-powerful Lord again and again
enjoyed many different kinds of amorous pastimes, beginning with viparita-lila,
with His beloved.
16 Accepting the Lord’s invincible semen, passionate and fortunate Viraja
at once became pregnant.
17 After a hundred celestial years of pregnancy, she gave birth to seven
handsome sons from the Lord.
18 In this way the Lord’s eternal beloved became the mother of seven sons.
She was very happy with her seven sons.
19 One day, her heart filled with amorous desires, the saintly girl again
enjoyed pastimes with Lord Hari in a secluded place in Vrndavana forest.
20 Then, frightened by his brothers, her youngest son came there and went
to his mother’s lap.
21 Seeing her son was afraid, she who was an ocean of kindness left Lord
Hari and placed the boy on her lap. Then Krsna went to Radha’s home.
22 When she had comforted the boy she noticed that her beloved was no
longer there. Her heart filled with unsatisfied desires, she lamented greatly.
23 She angrily cursed her son: “You will become an ocean of salt-water.
The living entities will never drink your water.”
24 Then she cursed all the boys: “Those fools will go to the earth!
Fools, go to beautiful Jambudvipa on the earth!
25 “They will not stay together in one place, but will stay each in his
own place. They will stay happily around different islands.
26 “They may enjoy pastimes with the rivers on these islands.”
In this way, because of his mother’s curse, the youngest boy became an
ocean of salt-water.
27 The youngest then told the other boys about their mother’s curse.
Unhappy, all the boys went to their mother.
28 After hearing their mother’s words, they offered obeisances to her
feet. Then, their necks bowed with devotion, they all went to the surface of
the earth.
29 O sage, they became seven oceans around the seven islands. From the
youngest to the eldest, each ocean was twice as large as the preceding one.
30 They became oceans of salt-water, sugarcane juice, wine, clarified
butter, yoghurt, milk and sweet water. Their liquid will be used to cultivate
grains on the earth.
31 In this way they became seven oceans around the seven islands of the
earth. Unhappy in separation from their mother and brothers, all the boys
32 Tormented by separation from her sons, chaste Viraja wept again and
again. She fainted out of grief she felt for her sons and husband.
33 Understanding that she was drowning in an ocean of grief, Radha’s
master, His lotus face smiling, came to her again.
34 When she saw Lord Hari she stopped weeping and lamenting. Gazing at
her beloved, she became plunged in an ocean of bliss.
35 Overcome with passion, she placed Lord Hari on her lap and enjoyed
pastimes with Him. In this way, even though she had abandoned her sons, Lord
Hari became pleased with her.
36 His eyes and face filled with happiness, He gave her a benediction:
“Beloved, I will always come to you.
37 “Like Radha you will be dear to Me. By the power of My blessing you
will always protect your sons.”
38 Seeing Sri Krsna with Viraja as he spoke these words, Radha’s friends
told their mistress.
39 Hearing this, Radha lay down in the palace of anger and wept. Then
Krsna entered that palace and approached Her.
40 O Narada, accompanied by Sridama, Krsna stood at Radha’s door. When
She who is the queen of the rasa dance saw Her beloved Lord Hari, She became
angry and said:
41 O Lord Hari, You have many other lovers in Goloka. Go to them! Why do
You need Me?
42 Even though Your dear lover Viraja, out of fear of Me, left her body
and became a river, still You go to her!
43 Build a palace on her shore and stay with her. Stay with her. Go to
her. She became a river. You became a river also.
44 Because they belong to the same class, it is glorious for one river to
associate with another river. As they happily eat together and sleep together
they feel great love for each other.
45 O crest jewel of divine persons, when they hear from Me that You are
enjoying pastimes with a river, the great souls will smile.
46 They who say You are the master of the universes do not truly know Your
heart. The Personality of Godhead, who is the Supersoul in the hearts of all,
now desires to enjoy pastimes with a river!
47 After speaking these words, angry goddess Radha stopped. Surrounded by
a hundred thousand gopis, She would not rise from Her bed.
48 Some gopis carried camaras in their hands, some carried fine garments,
some carried betelnuts in their hands, and some carried flower-garlands in
their hands.
49 Some carried cups of scented water in their hands, some carried lotus
flowers in their hands, some carried red sindura in their hands, and some
carried flower garlands in their hands.
50 Some carried jewel ornaments in their hands, some carried black
kajjala, some carried flutes and vinas in their hands, and some carried combs
in their hands.
51 Some carried aviras in their hands, some carried yantras in their
hands, some carried scented oil in their hands, some most beautiful women
carried karatalas in their hands, and some carried toy balls.
52 Some played mrdangas, murajas, flutes and karatalas, some expertly
sang, and some expertly danced.
53 Some carried toys in their hands, some carried cups of honey in their
hands, some carried cups of nectar in their hands, and some carried footstools
in their hands.
54 Some carried garments and ornaments in their hands, some served Radha’s
feet, some stood before Her with folded hands, and some spoke prayers
glorifying Her.
55 How many stood before Her? O sage, millions and millions stood
56 As Krsna stood at the door, Radha’s friends, who held sticks, would not
allow Him to enter.
57 As the Lord of Her life stood before Her, Radha spoken to Him words
that were inaccurate, not worthy to be spoken, improper, and very harsh.
58 O Krsna, O lover of Viraja, get away from Me! O Lord Hari, o restless
debauchee, why do You trouble Me?
59 Go at once to Padmavati! Go to beautiful Ratnamala or Vanamala whose
beauty has no equal!
60 O lover of a river, O master of the demigods, O guru of the demigods’
guru, I know who You are. Auspiciousnss to You! Go! Go from My asrama!
61 Again and again You act like a human! Rake, enter a human womb! Leave
Goloka and go to Bharata-varsa!
62 O Susila, Sasikala, Padmavati, Madhavi, stop this criminal! What need
have we for Him?
63 After hearing Radha’s words, the gopis spoke to Lord Hari words there
were beneficial, truthful, gentle, sweet, and appropriate to that circumstance.
64 Some said: “O Lord Hari, for a moment go to another place. When
Radha’s anger subsides we will bring You here.”
65 Some very affectionately said: “Go home for a moment. You make Radha
blissful. Except for You, who can protect Her.
66 O sage, out of love for Radha some gopis said to Lord Hari: “For a
moment go to Vrndavana forest until Her anger subsides.”
67 Some joked to the Lord: “O passionate one, by devotedly serving Her You
will appease the jealous anger of Your passionate beloved.”
68 Some said the to Lord: “Go to another wife in the meantime, O Lord, we
will bring the result You earnestly desire.”
69 Some stood smiling before Lord Hari and said: “Go to Her and pacify Her
jealous anger.”
70 Some gopis spoke harshly to the Lord of their lives: “Who can see
Radha’s lotus face now?”
71 Some said to the all-powerful Lord: “O Lord Hari, go to another place,
and when Her anger is over You may return.”
72 Some beautiful and arrogant gopis said to Him: “IF You don’t go to
another’s home, we will force You to go.”
73 Some beautiful gopis then surrounded the smiling, peaceful, and
cheerful Supreme Lord of all and prevented Him from entering.
74 Forced by the gopis, Lord Hari, who is the first cause of the world’s
causes, left and went to another’s home. Then Sridama became angry.
75 His lotus eyes now red, Sridama angrily spoke to the supreme goddesss,
Sri Radha, whose lotus eyes were also red with anger.
76 Sridama said: O mother, why do You speak these harsh words to m master?
O goddess, You rebuke Him without any consideration and for no reason.
77-79 You mock the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is the master of
Brahma, Ananta, Siva and is the master of Sarasvati, Laksmi, Laya, Maya and
Prakrti, who is beyond the modes of material nature, who is self-satisfied, and
whose desires are all fulfilled. Know that it is only because of Your service
to Him and Your worship of His feet that You have become the best of goddesses
and the queen of all. O beautiful one, You do not understand Him. How can I
have the power to describe Him?
80 With a playful bend in His eyebrows He can create many millions of
millions of goddesses like You. You do not understand Him, the Lord who is
beyond the modes of material nature.
81 In Vaikuntha goddess Laksmi eternally serves Lord Hari with great
devotion. She washes His lotus feet and dries them with her own hair.
82 With devotion Sarasvati always praises Him with beautiful prayers that
are nectar for the ears. You do not understand Him, the great Supreme
Personality of Godhead.
83 Frightened goddess Maya, who is the material energy and the personified
life of all conditioned souls, always praises Him with devotion. O proud one,
You do not understand Him.
84 Although they eternally offer prayers to Him, the Vedas cannot
understand even one sixteenth of His glory. O beautiful one, You do not
understand Him.
85 O goddess, with his four heads powerful Brahma, the father of the
Vedas, glorifies Krsna. Brahma serves His lotus feet.
86 With this five heads, the guru of the yogis, offers prayers to Lord
Krsna. His eyes filled with tears and the hairs of his body erect, he serves
Lord Krsna’s lotus feet.
87 With His thousand heads Ananta Sesa again and again offers prayers to
Lord Krsna, the all-pervading Supersoul. He devotedly serves Lord Krsna’s
lotus feet.
88 Dharma, who is the protector and witness of everyone and the master of
the worlds, happily and devotedly serves Lord Krsna’s feet always.
89 All-powerful Lord Visnu, who resides in Svetadvipa and is His partial
incarnation, meditates on Lord Krsna as the Supreme at every moment.
90 The demigods, demons, sages, kings, manus, humans and philosophers
serve Him though they cannot see His lotus feet even in a dream.
91 At once abandon Your pride and worship the lotus feet of Lord Hari, who
merely by the play of bending His eyebrow destroys the material creation.
92 Brahma’s lifetime is an eye-blink for Lord Krsna. Twenty-eight Indras
live their lives in Brahma’s day.
93 Brahma lives for 108 years calculated in this way. O Radha, You and
the gopis and everyone and everything are under my master’s dominion.
94 Hearing Sridama’s very harsh and forceful words, She became suddenly
angry. She stood up and spoke to him.
95 Going outside, Her hair loosened, Her lotus eyes reds, and Her lips
trembling, She harshly spoke to him.
96 Sri Radha said: Rogue! Fool! Servant of a rake! Listen. I don’t know
your master. You know everything about Him.
97 O lowest wretch in Vraja, Sri Krsna is your master and not Mine? You
praise your father and rebuke your mother.
98 As the demons always insult the demigods, so you always insult Me!
Therefore, O fool, become a demon!
99 Gopa, leave Goloka and go to a demoness’ womb. Fool, now I have cursed
you. Who can protect you?
100 After thus cursing him, the queen of the rasa dance became silent.
Then, with jewelled-handled camaras in their hands, Her friends served Her.
101 After hearing Her words, his lips trembling in anger, Sridama cursed
Her: Go to the womb of a human woman!
102 You are angry like a human woman, therefore become a human woman on the
earth! Mother, I have cursed You. Of this there is no doubt.
103 You will be eclipsed by a part of Your own shadow. The fools on the
earth will say you are the wife of a petty king.
104 That petty king will be a partial incarnation of Lord Hari. He will be
a great yogi born in a human womb because of Radha’s curse on him.
105 In Gokula You will attain Lord Krsna. You will stay with Him in the
forest there and enjoy pastimes with Him. You will be separated from Him for a
hundred years and then You will attain Him, Your Lord, again and return with
Him to Goloka.
106 After speaking these words and after bowing down before Radha, Sridama
went to Lord Hari. Bowing down before Lord Krsna, Sridama narrated the story
of the cursings.
107 Sridama wept as never before. As weeping Sridama was about to go to
the earth, Lord Krsna said to him:
108 You will become the king of demons. In the three worlds no one will
defeat you.
109 After fifty yugas Siva’s spear will make you leave that body and with
My blessings you will return to Me.
110 After hearing Lord Krsna’s words, grieving Sridama said to Him: You
will never transform me into a person that has no devotion for You.
111 Saying this Sridama left his own asrama. Then, weeping again and
again, Radha came there.
112 Saintly Radha loudly lamented, “Child, where are you going?” Then
Sridama became Sankhacuda, the husband of Tulasi.
113 When Sridama had left, Goddess Radha approached Lord Hari. She told
Him everything and He spoke to Her.
114 Lord Krsna told everything to His grieving beloved. Then, in the
course of time, Sridama became Sankhacuda and then returned to the Lord.
115 In the Varaha-kalpa Radha went with Lord Hari to the earth. O sage,
She attained a birth in Gokula in King Vrsabhanu’s home.
116 In this way I have spoken the transcendental narrations of Lord Krsna,
which everyone yearns to hear. What more do you wish to hear?
Sri Radha-Krsna Samvada
63 I will go to the earth. O demigods, first return to your homes, and
then, by your amsa expansions, quickly go to the earth.
64 After speaking to the demigods, Lord Krsna, the master of the
universes, called the gopas and gopis and spoke to them words that were sweet,
truthful and appropriate.
65 Sri Krsna said: O gopas and gopis, please listen. All of you please go
to Nanda’s land of Vraja. O Radha, please go at once to the home of King
66 King Vrsabhanu’s dear wife is the saintly gopi named Kalavati. She is
Subala-gopa’s daughter. She is a partial incarnation of the goddess of
67 She is fortunate and glorious among women. She was the mind-born
daughter of the pitas, but by Durvasa’s curse she was born in a house in Vraja.
68 At once go to Nanda’s Vraja and take birth in her womb. O girl with
the lotus face, I will assume the form of a small boy and I will marry You.
69 O Radha, to Me You are more dear than life. To You I am more dear than
life also. We are not different. We are one body eternally.
70 Listening, Sri Radha wept, overcome with love. O sage, with Her
cakora-bird eyes She drank the moonlight of Lord Krsna’s face.
71 Sri Krsna said: O gopas and gopis, please take birth on the earth in
the beautiful palaces of the noble gopas.
[…] 185 In this way the demigods must go, by their partial expansions, to the
earth and help to remove its burden. The demigods’ wives must also go, by
their partial expansions, to the earth.
186 At that point Lord Krsna stopped speaking. O Narada, Brahma stood
there, listening.
187 Sarasvati was at Lord Krsna’s left and Laksmi at His right. Parvati
and all the demigods were before Him.
188 The gopis and gopas were before Him. Sri Radha rested on His chest.
At that moment Sri Radha, the queen of Vraja spoke to Lord Krsna.
189 Sri Radha said: O Lord, please hear the words of Your maidservant. My
life has become a blazing fire that burns without stop. My mind trembles,
swinging to and fro.
190 When I look at You I cannot even blink. O Lord, how can I go to the
earth without You?
191 O friend, how much time must pass before I will meet You again in
Gokula? O master of My life, please tell the truth.
192 An eyeblink without You will be a hundred yugas for Me. What will I
look on? Where will I go? Who will protect Me?
193 O master of My life, how can I for a moment think of mother, father,
relatives, friends, brother, sister, or children when You are gone?
194 O master of illusions, please promise me that when I am on the earth
You will not cover Me with illusion and make Me forget Your glories.
195 O Krsna, please turn My mind into a bumblebee always wandering among
the nectar lotus-flowers of Your feet.
196 Wherever I may be born, please give Me service to You and remembrance
of You.
197 You are Krsna and I am Radha. When I am on the earth may I never
forget the glory of Our love. O Lord, please give Me this benediction.
198 As breath always stays with the body and as the body always stays with
its shadow, may We two always stay together when We take birth. O Lord please
give Me this benediction.
199 When We are on the earth let Us not be separated for even an eyeblink.
O Lord, please give Me this benediction.
200 Who was it that used My life-breath to create Your body, feet, and
201 How many glorious kinds of women are there? How many kinds of glorious
men praised again and again? No woman is attached to her lover as I am to You.
202 How is it that I was created from half of Your body? There is no
difference between Us. That is why My mind always thinks of You.
203 How is it that My mind, heart, and life were placed in Your body. And
Your mind, heart and life were placed in Mine?
204 That is why an eyeblink’s separation from You brings a great
catastrophe to My mind. That is why, when it hears that We may be separated,
My life-force burns in an unending fire.
205 After speaking these words in the assembly of demigods, again and again
Sri Radha grasped Lord Krsna’s lotus feet and loudly wept.
206 Then, placing Her on His lap and with His own garment wiping the tears
from Her face, Lord Krsna spoke many true and beneficial words.
207 Sri Krsna said: Goddess, please listen and I will describe to You the
yoga of the Supreme, a yoga even the kings of the yogis cannot understand, a
yoga that cuts grief into many pieces.
208 O beautiful one, consider this: The entire universe is constructed of
two things: resting places and things that rest in them. It is not possible
for a resting thing to be separated from its resting place.
209 For the fruit the resting place is the flower. For the flower the
resting place is the twig. For the twig the resting place is the branch. For
the branch the resting place is the tree itself.
210 For the tree the resting place is the sapling. For the sapling, which
is manifest from the seed, the resting place is the seed. For the seed the
resting place is the earth.
211 For the earth the resting place is Lord Sesa. For Lord Sesa the
resting place is the great tortoise beneath Him. For the tortoise the resting
place is the wind. For the wind the resting place is I Myself.
212 For Me the resting place is You. I always rest in You. You have all
powers. You are the root from which the material nature has sprung. You are
the Supreme Goddess.
213 You are the resting place of all bodies. You are the resting place of
the three mode of nature. You are the resting place of Me, for I am Your
heart. Without You I cannot act. Only by Your grace have I the power to act.
214 From the man the seed is manifest. From the seed children are
manifest. The resting place of both seed and children is the woman, who is
manifest from material nature.
215 How can the spirit soul exist without the body? How can the body exist
without the spirit soul? They are both the first cause. O goddess, how can
the creation be manifest without them both?
216 O Radha, We are not different. We are the seed and the world grown
from the seed. I am the soul and You are the body. Where the soul is present,
there also is the body. We are not different. Why must You be so humble?
217 As whiteness is present in milk, as heat is present in fire, as
fragrance is present in earth, and as coolness is present in fire, so I am
always present in You.
218 As milk and its whiteness, fire and its heat, earth and its fragrance,
and water and its coolness are one and cannot be separated, We are one also.
We cannot be separated.
219 Without Me, You are lifeless. Without You, I am invisible. O
beautiful one, without You I cannot exist.
220 Without clay a potter cannot make a pot. Without gold a goldsmith
cannot make a gold ornament.
221 As the spirit soul is eternal, Your are also eternal. You are the
material nature. You are all powerful. You are the eternal resting place of
222 Laksmi, all-auspicious Sarasvati, Brahma, Siva, Sesa, and Yamaraja are
dear as life to Me. But You are more dear than life to Me.
223 If this were not so, then why do the demigods and demigoddesses stay
nearby, but You rest on My chest, O Radha?
224 O Radha, give up Your tears. I saintly one, give up this fruitless and
mistaken worry and go to King Vrsabhanu’s house.
225 O beautiful one, use Your powers to create an artificial pregnancy in
Kalavati. For nine months fill her womb with air.
226 When the tenth month comes leave Your natural form behind, accept the
form of an infant girl and go to the earth.
227 At the time of giving birth, place Your form of a naked infant on the
ground by Kalavati and cry like a newborn child.
228 O saintly one, in this way, without entering a mother’s womb, You will
appear in Gokula. I also will appear without entering a mother’s womb. You
and I do not enter a mother’s womb.
229 The moment I come to earth Vasudeva will carry Me to Gokula.
Pretending to fear Kamsa, I will go there for Your sake.
230 I will be Nanda’s son in Yasoda’s house. O beautiful one, again and
again You will happily see me and tightly embrace Me.
231 O Radha, because of the benediction I give You, You will remember
everything. Following My own wish, I will enjoy pastimes with You in Vrndavana
forest again and again.
232 Therefore, accompanied by thirty three virtuous friends and twenty one
billion gopi-associates, please go to Vraja.
233-4 O Radha, after comforting with eloquent nectar words the numberless
gopas and gopis left behind in Goloka, I will go to Vasudeva’s home in Mathura
235 The ten million gopas most dear to Me should take birth in the homes of
the gopas. To enjoy pastimes with Me they should go to Vraja.
236 O Narada, then Lord Krsna stopped speaking. The demigods,
demigoddesses, gopas and gopis were silent.
237 Then Brahma, Siva, Yama, Sesa, Parvati, Laksmi and Sarasvati joyfully
offered prayers to Lord Krsna.
238 Overcome with love and burning in the flames of imminent separation,
the devoted gopas and gopis offered prayers to Lord Krsna and bowed down before
239 Burning in the flames of imminent separation even though Her desires
were all fulfilled, Sri Radha devotedly offered prayers to Her lover Krsna, who
is more dear to Her than life.
240 Seeing that Sri Radha was weeping many tears of distress, Lord Krsna
spoke to Her truthful words of enlightenment.
241 Sri Krsna said: O goddess more dear than life, please be peaceful.
Give up You fears. What You feel I also feel. Why should You be unhappy while
I am with You.
242 However, I will tell You something that is not good. You will be
separated from Me for a hundred years.
243 O beautiful one, I will go to Mathura and because of Sridama’s curse,
We will be separated.
244 In Mathura I will remove the earth’s burden, release My parents from
bondage and give liberation to a florist, a tailor and a hunchback girl.
245 Then I will kill Kalayavana, deliver Mucukunda, build the city of
Dvaraka, and see a Rajasuya-yajna.
246 Then I will marry 16 100 princesses and defeat many enemies.
247 Then I will help My friends, burn Varanasi, make Siva yawn and cut
Banasura’s arms.
248 I will forcibly take the Parijata tree, see many saintly sages when I
go on pilgrimage, and perform many other activities.
249 While on pilgrimage I will speak with My friends and relatives, help My
father perform a yajna, and, at an auspicious moment, see You again.
250 There I will also see the gopis and again I will teach You the truth of
spiritual philosophy.
251 From that time We will never really be separated for even a moment of
the day or night. Then, after some time, I will return to Vraja.
252 Beloved, during the hundred years We are separated We will meet in Our
dreams again and again.
253 In My Narayana form I will go to Dvaraka for those hundred years. In
that way I will enjoy My pastimes there.
254 Then I will return to live with You in the forest. Then I will wipe
away all the sufferings of My parents and the gopas and gopis.
255 When I have removed the earth’s burden I will return to Goloka with the
gopas, gopis and You.
256 O Radha, in My form as eternal Lord Narayana I will return to Vaikuntha
with Laksmi and Sarasvati.
257 My various incarnations will return to Svetadvipa, the home of
religion, and the partial incarnations of the demigods and demigoddesses will
all return to their respective abodes.
258 Then You and I will again live in Goloka. Beloved, now I have told You
everything both good and bad. Who can stop from happening what I have
259 After speaking these words, Lord Krsna had Radha rest against His
chest. All the demigods and their wives were astonished.
260 Then Lord Krsna said to the demigods and demigoddesses: O demigods,
please return to your homes and prepare for your mission.
261 O Parvati, please go to Mount Kailasa with your husband and sons. At
the proper time you will execute the mission I have given you.
262 As I have said, you will take birth as a partial incarnation. You will
not be accompanied by Ganesa, who is the lord of the great and the small.
263-4 Bowing down before Lord Krsna, the demigods happily returned to their
homes. Then, bowing again before Lord Krsna and before Laksmi and Sarasvati,
they went, eager to execute their mission, to the earth. Then Lord Krsna
described Sri Radha’s mission, a mission beyond what the demigods can attain.
265 Lord Krsna said to Sri Radha: Accompanied by the many gopas and gopis I
have already named, please go to King Vrsabhanu’s home.
266 Beloved, first I will go to Vasudeva’s home in Mathura, and then, on
the pretext of fearing Kamsa, I will go to Gokula, where You will be.
267 Radha bowed down before Lord Krsna. Tormented with the thought of
being separated from Her love, She wept, Her eyes now red lotus flowers, again
and again.
268 She began to go and then She returned. Again and again and again and
again She left, returned, and gazed and gazed at Lord Krsna’s face.
269 With the cakora birds of Her unblinking eyes saintly Radha drank the
nectar moonlight of Lord Krsna’s face.
270 Seven times the supreme goddess Radha circumambulated Lord Krsna.
Seven times She bowed down and respectfully stood before Him.
271 Then twenty-one billion gopis and ten million gopas came there.
272 O Narada, accompanied by the multitudes of gopas and gopis, Sri Radha
bowed down before Lord Krsna and respectfully stood before Him.
273 Accompanied by Her thirty-three close friends and by the many gopas and
gopis, beautiful Radha bowed down before Lord Krsna and then went to the earth.
274 Then Radha-gopi went to Vrsabhanu-gopa’s home, the place Lord Krsna
arranged for Her in Nanda’s Gokula.
275 When Radha went with the gopas and gopis to the earth, Lord Krsna
became eager to go there also.
276 After speaking to the gopas and gopis and giving them their various
duties, Lord Krsna, the master of the universes, travelling as fast as the
mind, went to Mathura.
277 Before all this Vasudeva and Devaki had six sons and Kamsa killed each
one as soon as they were born.
278 By Lord Krsna’s order, Yogamaya pulled from Devaki’s womb the seventh
embryo, who was an incarnation of Lord Sesa, and place it in Rohini’s womb in

SRIMAD BHAGAVATAM – The Book form of Lord Krsna
Is God Male or Female?

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