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Wheels of justice

Thursday, 06 July 2006 / Published in Discussion, Malati devi dasi, Ongoing debates / 5,083 views

By Malati Devi Dasi

Dear All,

It is said, the wheels of justice slowly grind, and they grind exceedingly fine. And sometimes, beyond the slow wheels of “justice,” it seems that it is time to “do the right thing.” Silence = Death (this was the motto of Act Up, an early AIDS advocacy group). I cannot remain “silent” any longer.

I used to counsel warring factions in the Brahmacarini Ashram days of Columbus:

“Being “right” doesn’t make you “right” (or, doesn’t mean anything) if everyone else is disturbed.”

I humbly ask DDS to consider this: Right or wrong, you are wrong if you cannot hear the strong voices of recommendation that are entering the ether and the Internet. Even if you are 108% “right,” you are 100000000008% wrong if you cannot accept the voices of the devotees who are calling out loud and clear for you and the GBC to “do the right thing.”

Your servant,

Malati devi dasi


9 Responses to “Wheels of justice”

  1. bh. kurt harris says :

    He already wrote a letter saying he accepts responsibility, is sorry, and is leaving ISKCON. Do you want him to roll over and die too?

  2. gopaldasi says :

    I’m slightly confused by Malati dasi’s post. Can she clarify exactly what she means by “do the right thing”? I’m sure that this connotes various meanings to various people. Is she implying that the GBC is going to thoroughly examine the GBC members, ISKCON temple presidents and ISKCON diksa gurus? If so I’d like to request that they make an honest an open assessment looking at least minimally at who has 1) Committed spousal abuse, 2) Not reported know spousal abuse to state and local authorities, 3) Committed child abuse (including abuse and neglect of their own children), 4) Not reported known child abuse to state and local authorities, 5) Participated in the sexual abuse and coercion of women, including prostitution, threatening behavior and actions and abuse of power, 6) Not reported known sexual abuse and coercion to state and local authorities, 7) Exploited the labor of non-US citizens through tactics such as holding passports and threatening deportation.

  3. Madhava says :

    Dear Malati Mataji,
    Are you saying that those who scream the loudest should be listened to. What about the majority of devotees around the world who dont post on internet sites. Please excuse me but ISKCON is a lot bigger than ISKCON North America.
    What about our own philosophy. Shouldnt ‘do the right thing’ be based on that.
    Madhava Dasa

  4. subala says :

    I think this article just adds insult to injury and I fully agree with bh. kurt harris.

  5. Suresh das says :

    Malati Prabhu has a long history within ISKCON. She was one of our first devotees, and is very, very dear to Srila Prabhupada. She personally served Srila Prabhupada for many years. I am glad to see her involved in the management of New Vrndavan. I think if more women were involved in the management of ISKCON there might be a more human touch to our movement, perhaps the chance of more kindness between devotees, and possibly less chance of child abuse, as well as devotee abuse.

    We should all be very respectful and careful in our dealings with Malati Prabhu. Ask yourself what your personal contribution has been to ISKCON that allows you to tear down Malati Prabhu? How dear are you to Srila Prabhupada? What is your service and what have you done?

    There is great chasm forming right now between the older devotees, who have been through much, who have seen much, and those who haven’t seen anything yet. There is a lot of hatred and anger right now, some with great anger defending the Swami, and turning a blind eye to his past, or even refusing to listen to what was done before, or not caring. But history has a tendency to repeat itself, and that’s the danger of being blind.

  6. Braja Sevaki says :

    Suresh: “I think” “I think” is all very well, but Prabhupada made it VERY clear that he didn’t want women managers. So you may “think” it would make it more “human,” but factually we are trying to become less “human” and more “spirit soul,” and the first step in that direction is to follow the instructions of the spiritual master whom one is so dear to. That, after all, is what makes one so dear to him. NOTHING else…

  7. omtatsat says :

    Malati prabhu is an amazing devotee who gave me one of my first chances to do some service years and years ago at the Columbus ashram. I very much respect her and hope to attain a fraction of the devotion that she has. That said, I do not agree with her submission.

  8. Gadadhar Dasa says :

    Dear Prabhus:

    PAMHO, AGTSP, and Hare Krishna.

    Let us take positively what Malati Prabhu wrote such as :

    “I humbly ask DDS to consider this: Right or wrong, you are wrong if you cannot hear the strong voices of recommendation that are entering the ether and the Internet. Even if you are 108% “right,” you are 100000000008% wrong if you cannot accept the voices of the devotees who are calling out loud and clear for you and the GBC to “do the right thing.””

    If we review current situation of ISKCON, we can say following:

    (1) More than 90% of Srila Prabhupada’s disciples have left ISKCON or have been driven out by “PURE DEVOTEES” as HH Jayadvaita Swami says in his letter. Also, large number of disciples of New Gurus have come and gone.

    (2) BTG distribution has gone down from 1 Million a month in 1975 to almost nothing now. Also, Book Distribution has gown down as well.

    (3) North American Temples have been decimated in terms of amnpower, money, preaching activities, number of devottes int the Temples etc. etc. Same is case of temples in other countries.

    (4) So many ISKCON leaders – GBCs, Gurus, Sanyasis, TPs, and Sr Devotees have fallen down and have gone away or are still around.

    (5) According to letter of HH Jayadvaita Swami, we have leaders – GBCs and Gurus who do not chant 16 rounds and/or do not follow regulative principles.

    So wind has been so hard for last 30 years that so many devotees have left ISKCON.

    So better late than never. Malati Prabhu seems to be giving some hope that let us clean up ISKCON by cleaning up ouselves – and that includes the leadership – GBCs, Gurus, Sanyasis, TPs etc. etc.

    So best place to start is that as part of this cleaning up process ISKCON leaders must accept/favor “TRUTH”, value “TRUTH”, encourage/promote TRUTH.

    Once this principle of TRUTH is accepted then we can hold every one accountable. But wait a minute – we are Vaishnavas – we must be better than brahmanas and brahmanas are “TRUTHFUL” even to their enemies.

    So why not at least practice this principle of TRUTH and move forward.

    I hope Malati Prabhu and others will dare to speak TRUTH, value TRUTH, encourage/promote TRUTH, and protect and favor TRUTH and the speakers of TRUTH .

    Let us not act in a way to disgrace Srila Prabhupada.

    Wishing You Well,
    YHS- Gadadhar Dasa

  9. Suresh das says :

    It’s easy to get discouraged when you read the above statistics detailing all our failures. We have a tendency to be very hard on ourselves. Srila Prabhupada was a Spiritual Perfectionist too.

    I remember Srila Prabhupada said something like: “don’t be suprised by who leaves our society, be suprised by who stays”.

    There is so much positivity at the site, and so much hope. There are lots of good articles written here each day which give us inspiration, and are filled with successful accomplishments. There is tremendous magic in the Sankirtan Movement.

    My favorite affirmation which I use each day to keep pressing on is – don’t ever count Lord Krishna out.

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