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Dandavats! All Glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga!

HH Subhag Maharaja in hospital in Jakarta Indonesia

Friday, 07 July 2006 / Published in News / 5,260 views

Hare KrishnaI received a phonecall from his disciple in Brisbane Australia, asking about Maharaja’s condition.

After phoning around, I found that Maharaja was in Gatot Subroto Hospital, which is the army hospital and one of the best in Indonesia. He was admittted yesterday with a broken hip joint. ( Editor’s note: Before Rathayatra Maharaj went to Indonesia and the day after when he was walking on the street suddenly one motor cycle came and hit him and broken his heep. ) They have operated today and replaced Maharaja’s broken hip joint with a plastic one, as this was apparently the only choice. The doctors want Maharaja to rest for some days, and then begin exercises to walk again. They said it would take 3 months for Maharaja to be fully fit again.

I spoke with Maharaja tonight at the hopital. He said he was feeling a little better after the operation. Some devotees are there with Maharaja all the time. If anyone wants to speak with the devotee who is there with Maharaja, they can call this number :
+62 815 73788379

Jakarta can be a very dangeous place for those who are not familiar. I know because I have lived here for almost 30 years. I feel that it was a little negligent for the devotees there to allow Maharaja to go out walking like that without having a responsible person accompanying him.

We all pray for Maharaja’s speedy recovery.

When I spoke to Maharaja last night, he said that there was no need for anyone to come. There is one of Maharaja’s disciples, Kanu Thakur Prabhu, in Brisbane, who is ready to come, but Maharaja said there is no need. I will speak to Maharaja again today and get back to you.

Regarding how long it will take Maharaja to recuperate, as I mentioned, Sundaranandana said they want Maharaja to try walking exercises after 3 days, and that it would take 3 months for him to be fully fit. Sundanranandana said that they would take Maharaja to Bali as soon as he was fit to travel. I am asking our dear friend and devotee doctor Dr. Narain Punjabi to go and see Maharaja in the hospital today, to assess the situation. Gatot Subroto is one of the best hospitals in Indonesia, it is the central army hospital. However, honestly speaking, the standard of medical treatment is higher in India than it is in Indonesia. We would love to have Maharaja here in Indonesia for a long time, but you might have to consider whether it might not be better for Maharaja to return to India.

Gaur Mandala Bhumi Das (ACBSP)

Interim decision from the GBC executive commitee concerning Dhanurdhara Swami
Mayapur GBC report 2006 - part 2

2 Responses to “HH Subhag Maharaja in hospital in Jakarta Indonesia”

  1. Kavicandra Swami says :

    I spoke with him by phone yesterday. He was quite jolly and expects to recover nicely..

    If you want to call him try


    krsne matir astu
    Your servant,
    Kavicandra Swami

  2. agastya muni dasa says :

    Before coming Jakarta HH. Subhaga Swami has been come around with some of us for example to Bali and Lombok island. Where we used to serve to our best to whoever the Guru, sanyasi, devotees even bhaktas who coming Bali gave their association to us. There always some thing happend beyond our ability to hold and treated, so we apologize for what has been happening to Maharaja in Jakarta. Now alls devotees in Bali and might some in Jakarta already collect some donation to lighten and help the Jakarta temple whose host maharaja. We devotees in Bali will feel very honour if the ISKCON autority and HH. deciples grand to allow us to do our service to Maharaja in Bali until HH. strong enough to flight to India.
    In learning to serve:
    Agastya Muni dasa_kcs