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Dandavats! All Glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga!

Lifescape Magazine in second year of publication

Wednesday, 23 May 2007 / Published in News / 4,470 views

From the MAY 2007 Bhaktivedanta Manor Newsletter ( )

Two years ago, Rajasana dasi began ‘Lifescape Magazine’, the only British vegetarian and cruelty-free publication.

Outwardly it looks similar to many other womens’ titles, but aims to delve deeper. The magazine covers issues such as vegetarianism and the importance of cow protection.

Rajasana dasi, the editor, involves devotees in writing features and columns for the magazine. Rajasana explained her aims in starting such a magazine:

“I believe a lot of people want to have a mainstream lifestyl but want to hear about spiritual and ethical subjects in an accessible way. I wanted make the most of my feminine qualities and create something beautifu and relevant. I have created something that tens of thousands of people can pick up and read, rather than something more conservative that fewer people might look at. The magazine improves with each is sue and we cover more and more topics. We always meet interesting people and in future issues hope to include celebrities. We will also be doing a feature on both Kurma Rupa and Labangalatika’s cow sanctuaries in the near future.”

Alison, a congregation member, writes a problem page each month. Rajasana’s mother Sri Sudevi writes many features and also attends many events on Lifescape’s behalf discussing the Vaisnava view on topics such as vegetarianism. The print run is approximately 35,000 each month and the magazine has just recently increased in size by 32 pages. It is available in selected mainstream newsagents as well as overseas.

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