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Dandavats! All Glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga!

If any devotees would like to write to new people interested in KC please write to Bhakta Jerry

Sunday, 27 May 2007 / Published in Message Board / 4,031 views

Ecstatic preaching opportunity

Adi Kavi Das: I just started getting letters from inmates in jails across the country and it is so ecstatic preaching to them. One of them would like to join the temple already upon his release, a nice sentiment. Another was a bhakta over twenty years ago and is back in jail again but hopefully he will become serious after this.

My third person I write to wants to know more about re-incarnation and to be able to understand all this. I don’t get the letters directly, I get them from one of the prison ministry devotees and male devotees write to men and women devotees write to women and they need help all the time.

If any devotees would like to write to new people interested in Krishna Consciousness please write to:
Bhakta Jerry ISKCON Prison Ministries 1716 West Lunt Chicago, IL 60626 and ask for your own devotees from the list to write to. Once you start you are sure to be enlivened and then you may even wish to contribute, but for myself so far I have only sent a few things to the people I have been writing to.

At present there may be enough books and BTG’s to send, but there is a need for a new printing specifically for people in prison and how to be Krishna Conscious in that situation. Thank you very much, Hare Krishna

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7 Responses to “If any devotees would like to write to new people interested in KC please write to Bhakta Jerry”

  1. SethuKartha says :

    I would like to find new devotee friends to share reading and learning experiences

  2. Tamoharadasa says :

    Haribol! I’m not much for being unnecceasarily chatty, but I am happy to be friendly with those who are desirous of advancing in spiritual knowledge, and perhaps I can be of some help with practical and philosophical questions. I can be reached at

    Your servant
    Tamoharadasa (ACBSP)

  3. Akruranatha says :

    I am ALWAYS unnecessarily chatty, but if I can dovetail by writing to prison inmates about Krishna, that sounds good to me.

    (My one concern is, if they find out I am a lawyer, they might start pestering me for free habeus corpus petitions and appeals. I guess I will just have to firmly refuse.)

    (Also, I am ashamed to admit I am a little nervous that, if we make too many convicts into devotees, they may for some time still carry out their criminal habits and our society will have a disproportionate number of ex-cons and “future-cons.” )

    But, I guess if Srila Prabhupada thought that way, he would not have come to New York. What the heck, let’s bring the ex-cons to ISKCON! :-)

    Sign me up:

  4. Tamoharadasa says :

    A; ; You’re a funny guy, prabhu! Next time I’m up for a murder rap, I’ll be sure to call your secretary.

    Maybe we’ll need to form a second organization, in parallel; Iskcon-con. >; )

    Thinking about it; Krsna was the best of all the prison-breakers!

  5. Akruranatha says :

    I guess we have to write to Bhakta Jerry at his snail mail address to get started.

  6. Tamoharadasa says :

    Yes, thanks for the timely reminder. Its too much fun trading zings with you, one can lose the point.

    PS; I’m just the Tommy of our Smothers Brothers routine.

  7. Akruranatha says :

    No no. Mom always liked YOU best!