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Slaughterhouses do have glass windows nowadays

Sunday, 27 May 2007 / Published in Vegetarianism / 5,172 views

By Cidanandas

It has been said that if slaughterhouses had glass windows,many people would stop meat eating.It is now possible through video clips,sometimes secretly filmed at these horrible places,and available to all people around the world,who sometimes have ever seen a live cow or a chicken in their life.

The meat comes beautifully packaged in a plastic tray,with beautifully designed photographs for pre-cooked preps.The taste and look of the meat,after many manipulations,appeal to meat-eaters,who,due to false propaganda,believe it is absolutely necessary for proteins and vitamins,otherwise they’ll die of bad nutrition.

In order to see what these video clips are having as effect on the minds of people, I visited youtube and searched: massacre – animal-cows…and in a few secs, the horror place was there,ready to be watched. Anyone who has some feelings should be immediately conscious of the terrible injustice being carried out in such places,where the huge animals are forcibly driven to their end,by means of electric shocks,turned upside down,and have their throats slit by an employee,who repeats this act over and over again.The cow is then thrown,still conscious and moving to an area,where she tries to escape,but keeps slipping on the blood all over the concrete floor. Finally,death is here,and it’s the end of the sufferings.

The muslim way of taking life seems to be more efficient,as the bull is tied up by their feet and the throat is slit with a sharp knife,and after the oozing of blood,seconds after,it’s the end.

What impressed me were the comments given by viewers:about 50% say that they didn’t know about such sufferings…and are thinking about going vegetarian! Many curse the cruelty of the slaughterhouse’s employees,who don’t have any respect for the animals.

The killing of dogs and cats in the Far Eastern countries,for food,make them even wilder,as the torturers believe that the meat taste better when the animals experience fear.

Horse slaughter for export is met with incredibility:how humans have turned into such savages,that even in other countries,do not exist.In order to make maximum profits,the mechanisation of the meat industry has turned men into beasts of the worst kind,for the pleasure of growing population of meat eaters.

I don’t know what devotees think of such type of shock preaching,but personally I think it’s a good way to awaken people from their illusory world of refined eating,as the meat industry took great care to hide their dark secrets from the public till now,with fenced walls and windowless buildings.The crime now is readily available now,within seconds,thanks to this marvellous invention,that can be put into Lord Krishna’s service. A good downloadable video can be seen at

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