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Daily Harinam Sankirtan Party for Sri Dhama Mayapur

Tuesday, 29 May 2007 / Published in Appeals / 9,167 views

(Part one)

By Shastra dasa

A daily Harinam Sankirtan Party for Sri Dhama Mayapur was officially inaugurated by Mayapur Administrative Council and HH Bhakti Purusottama Swami, Co -Director of Mayapur Projects.

“It is the desire of Srila Prabhupada to have a regular Harinam (Nagara Sankirtan) party going round on daily basis around the nine Islands of Navadvipa and ISKCON Campus. He wants “Hari haraye namah Krsna Yadavaya namah, Gopal Govinda Rama Sri-Madhusudana” sung along with the Hare Krishna mantra. Though not documented but we heard Srila Prabhupada mentioned that one in his conversations about his vision for Mayapur in Sri Dhama Mayapuri

Whenever I hear the Harinam (Nagara) sankirtan party pass by or stop in front of the Pancha Tattva altar extention vibrating and chanting the holy names, I feel great joy in my heart because one of Srila Prabhupada’s desires and visions for Sridham Mayapur is fulfilled…….” Pankajanghri Prabhu.

The head of Nagara Sankirtan Department is Shastra dasa, who has 27 years of experience as one of the pioneering leaders in Africa heading Food For Life, Harinam parties, Temples and School projects in Africa before, and is now settled in Mayapur with his family and committed to expand and maintain this project.

The regular harinam party has been in existence for the past one year but was given recognition one month ago. The party also distributes pamphlets, dried packed maha prasadam from Radha Madhava’s kitchen and cooked Kitchiri prasadam along with the Holy Names.

The party is planning to visit the entire parikrama route as done during the Gaura purnima parikrama distributing the holy manes, prasadam and pamphlets on monthly basis. Presently, they cover at least four Islands every week chanting for two hours or more on daily.

However, the visits to the surrounding villages have not been so regular due to lack of staff members and funds. It is a wonderful opportunity to please Srila Prabhupada and serve the Holy Dhama by sponsoring a village FFL program as they work closely with the Mayapur Food For Life project under the Bhisma Department headed by Sankarsan Nitai Prabhu (General Manager) and his assistant Sundara Govinda Prabhu.

HH Bhakti Purusottama Swami declared, He will sponsor free 15 days accommodation and feeding for any Western devotee who is ready to join the newly created Nagara Sankirtan Department. Jaya iPlease come and join nowii Choose your favourite or a special day (your birthday, beloved one’s departure day, your marriage anniversary day etc) for sponsorship or become a regular sponsor for this project.

“In the age of Kali, intelligent persons perform congregational chanting to worship the incarnation of Godhead who constantly sings the names of Krishna. Although His complexion is not blackish, He is Krishna Himself. He is accompanied by His associates, servants, weapons and confidential companions.” Srimad-Bhagavatam 11.5.32 and 36

Srila Prabhupada built this movement in America on Harinam. Rejuvenate your spiritual life by going back to the root…Harinam Sankirtan. Join now or support the Harinam party.

The Lord ordered all the citizens of Mayapur-Navadvipa to chant the Hare Krishna mantra, and in each and every home they began performing harinam-sankirtana regularly. (Caitanya Caritamrita, Adi-Lila 17.122)

Everyone should be given the chance to take prasada and thus be induced to chant the holy names of Krishna and also dance in ecstasy” CC Antya lila 1.

Our temples should be the media for feeding the poor with food and spiritual knowledgei.Srila Prabhupada

Thank you for your kind mercy.

Contact address Shastra dasa (Nagara Sankirtan department) Phone call (+91)9732720429


Please send your Cheque and DD in the name of ISKCON to the following address:

ISKCON C/o. Nagara Department
31, Lake Avenue, Kolkata-700026 India. Ph: 033-2463 3380/3387 Bank Transferiii..

Bank: UTI Bank Limited
Account No: 237010100005944
Account Name: ISKCON
Bank Address: UTI Bank Limited,12 M M Ghosh Street, Krishnanagar, Dist\ Nadia, West Bengal 741101 Swift Code No.: UTIBINBB005

* Online payment: Click “Donate Now” option in Please specify the donation is to support Nagara Sankirtan Department A/c no 332 N.G.

When you send in your donation, please also inform us of the details by e-mail at and

The list of items that can be sponsored now:

1. Small books and pamphlet for free distribution for one month…….

2. Prasadam sponsorship: Kichari costs 5 rupees per plate, full stomach (rich food filled with dahl and vegetables), thus to sponsor one program where approximately 500 people attend, costs Rs 2500 or US $ 55 (transport charges have been included). Packets of dried maha-prasadam can be sponsored at the cost of Rs 5 000 for
1000 packets (= US $ 125)

3. Transportation to villages: Rs 10 000 (= US $ 250) per month

4. Construction of two rikshaws – one for Prabhus and one for Matajis – with canopies specially designed for doing Harinam during in the rain: Rs 40
000 (=US $ 1 000)

All who contribute to the Harinama Department will be sent a special Mayapur Maha-Parcel with Holy Dust and Water from Sacred places around Navadvipa in the future and special prayers offered one their behalf at the different holy places for their spiritual upliftment. Do not miss this opportunity..

Hare Krishna.


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    varahanarasimha says:

    Srila Prabhupada wanted so much Kirtan in Mayapure, he wanted devotees to come and chant there and he comments in the CC that there should be the sounds of the Maha mantra and Hari harayae namah Krsna constantly

    No place like Mayapure and no place better for Kirtana
    Song Name: Eka Dina Mane Pahum Kaila Acambita

    Official Name: None

    Author: Locana Das Thakura

    Book Name: None

    Language: Bengali



    eka-dina mane pahum kaila acambita

    purba desa yaba ami saba jana hita


    yatra kari yara pahum sange nija jana

    chataphata kare saci mayera jibana


    mayere kahena prabhu na bhabiha tumi

    tomara nikate sada rahiba ye ami


    laksmire karila prabhu hasiya uttara

    matara sebaya tumi ha-iba tat-para


    subha-yatra kare pahum sange nija jana

    kautuke bhramana kare anandita mana


    brahmana saj-jana baise padmabati tate

    dibya purura nari snana kare ghate


    biswambhara snana kaila se-padmabati

    saba-jana papa-hare snana kaile tathi


    purba-dese basati karaya yata-jana

    sabhare yaciya pahum dile hari-nama


    suci ba asuci kiba acara bicara

    na manila sabare karila bhaba para


    nama-sankirtana prabhu nauka saja-iya

    para kaila sarba-loke apani yaciya


    ye-jana palaya tare dhare kole kari

    bhaba-nadi kare para gauranga sri-hari


    locana kahiche pahum sarba-loka-pati

    karuna prakasi lokera kaila suddha-mati


    1) One day Lord Gaura suddenly thought in His heart: “For the benefit of the people there, I will go east.”

    2) Taking His closest companions with Him, Lord Gaura would travel east. He who is mother Saci’s very life was restless to travel.

    3) To His mother Lord Gaura said: “Please don’t worry. I will always be near you.”

    4) To Laksmipriya smiling Lord Gaura said: “Serve My mother. Be devoted to her.”

    5) Accompanied by His close companions, Lord Gaura began His auspicious journey. With a happy heart He traveled.

    6) Brahmanas and saintly persons stayed on the bank of the Padmavati. Effulgent spiritual men an women bathed at the ghatas there.

    7) When Lord Visvambhara bathed in the Padmavati, everyone became freed of sins by bathing there.

    8) The people who lived in the east Lord Gaura begged to accept the holy name. He gave them the chanting of Lord Krsna’s holy name.

    9) He did not consider who was pure or impure, or who had acted well or ill. Everyone He carried to farther bank of the river of birth and death.

    10) Lord Gaura built a boat of nama-sankirtana (chanting of the holy names). He personally begged everyone to enter that boat. With that boat He brought them all to the farther bank of the river of birth and death.

    11) Anyone who fled from Him, He caught in His arms. Lord Gauranga, who is Lord Krsna Himself, carried those persons to the farther bank of the river of birth and death.

    12) Locana dasa says: Lord Gaura is the master of all the worlds. Giving His mercy to the people, He made them all pure at heart.

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