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Dandavats! All Glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga!

Another Dome Story

Tuesday, 05 June 2007 / Published in Caru Das, News / 3,442 views

By Caru Das

Dome Story

Vaibhavi, Dan the welder, and his assistants have been working feverishly to get the dome over the stage ready for Himalayan Fest tomorrow. One crane came yesterday to mount the dome on its steel superstructure, created by Dan, but then we saw it was too high. Dan and two workers welded the dome to the steel, so that his morning at 6:30 am another crane could come to hold the dome assembly aloft while about three feet was cut from each of the four legs. Then it was lowered and looks much better. Final inspection will be held this afternoon, just in time for the event manyana.

This is the second use of this stage, the first having been Holi last March 24th. Then it had only a canvas top. We conceived this stage for medium sized events for around 1,000 attendees, reserving the main amphitheater for Llama fest and India Fest, when we get many more.

We are getting quotes from the manufacturers for more domes such as these and the onion domes. Krishna Temple of Utah is the designer and owner of the molds, and can make them available to temples. They are very sturdy carbon composite state of the art construction and can be shipped anywhere in the world. The manufacturing is from the same materials used for satellites in outer space. They should last for a very long time. The domes we have had for up to 6 years have not shown any discoloration due to the sun, snow or wind.

Prices will be determined by the quantity ordered. It can take up to three months to make one, so if you think you’ll need four, for example, plan a year ahead. If any one feels one or more of these domes would enhance their temple as part of construction, or a stage cover, entrance way etc., let us know soon as this may well bring down the price.

While the crane was here, we took advantage to lift the two heavy brass elephants into place on their new three foot high pedestals. These handsome pedestals were started by Robert Baird’s team on April 28, and finished off by Bhakta Vatsala and Mark Lowry. Now, from a total height of 7 feet, the elephants proudly flank the grand staircase.

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