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One Calf Six Young Firm Vrajabasi Hands

Saturday, 16 June 2007 / Published in Articles, Bhurijana dasa / 3,367 views

By Bhurijana dasa

Hare Krsna. The land of Vrindaban still remains famous for its cows and calves, for Vraja to this day is agriculturally based. Of course, Braja’s most famous cowherd boy is Krsna, who loved his calves and cows dearly. With His tender lotus fingers Krsna milked the cows himself, and the cows reciprocated with Krsna’s loving touch by pouring forth unlimited streams of milk. Ananda Vrndavana Campu describes Krsna’s milking His cows as follows:

“The white hue of the pure-minded cows, who were sitting along the side of the road, which looked as white as powdered camphor, easily surpassed the glow of the the full moon and it created a satisfying sight for all. The beautiful white bodies of the cows could only be distiguished from the lustrous setting due to their thick horns, for they appeared blacker than a swarm of bumblebees. Sitting there peacefully, the cows felt boundless joy.

“Desiring to milk the cows, the gopas met with Krsna, who tastefuly performs all artistic feats and derives pleasure from all that He does. Moving His lotus eyes in all directions, Krsna milked the cows with great fun and affection.

“Krsna’s turban looked very attractive as it tilted slightly from rubbing against the bellies of the cows. Squatting down and holding the golden milk pail between His knees, Krsna looked enchanting in His glimmering yellow dhoti. While milking the cows, Krsna’s back arched beautifully and His elbows jutted out to the sides as He squeezed and released the udders with His bud like fingers. First Krsna moistened His thurb and forefinger with milk foam, and then He deftly pulled showers of milk from one udder after another. The touch of Krsna’s lotus hand felt dearer to the cows than the touch of their own calves. Out of affection for the Lord, the cows freely poured forth streams of milk. The forceful pouring of milk made a pleasant sound as it filled the deep milking pot as the milk spilled out on the ground before a new pot could be brought to replace it.”

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