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Srila Prabhupada’s brilliance

Saturday, 16 June 2007 / Published in Quotes / 3,820 views

By Visakha Priya dasi GRS

While listening to a morning conversation Srila Prabhupada had in Nairobi with his disciples (1.11.1975), I was struck by Srila Prabhupada’s brilliant explanation of how earth comes from Krishna. Here’s the passage giving the explanation.

Prabhupada: [break] …explaining last night that earth, water, air, fire,
they have come from Krsna’s energy. Can you explain how it has come? Any one
of you. People may say that “You can say like that, but prove that the earth
has come from Krsna.”
Devotee (1): You said last night… You mentioned a verse from the
Bhagavad-gita, aham sarvasya prabhavo [Bg. 10.8], that Krsna is the source
of everything.
Prabhupada: That’s all right. That is… Your scripture says, but I am a
third person. Why shall I believe in your scripture? You prove. You are
quoting from your own scripture. I don’t take your scripture. You give me
practical explanation how earth has come from Krsna.
Devotee (1): Well, one has to accept the scriptures.
Prabhupada: So that you may accept.
Devotee (1): This is what Krsna has left here five thousand years ago.
Prabhupada: “That’s all right. It doesn’t matter. That doesn’t matter.”
Devotee (1): …for your benefit, for everyone because you are part of Krsna
Prabhupada: That is your saying. You prove that.
Devotee (1): That’s not my saying. That’s the Supreme Lord’s saying.
Prabhupada: That’s all right.
Indian man or Devotee (2): Like a child has to accept the authority of her
mother to know about our father.
Prabhupada: That is all right, but you give some practical explanation that
how earth has come from…
Devotee (1): The only practical explanation we can have or any living entity
has is that explanation which his father gives him, the Supreme Lord gives
him. He has given us…
Prabhupada: That is all right.
Devotee (1): …explanation in the Bhagavad-gita.
Prabhupada: Still, vijnana means jnana and viveka. Viveka means personal
conviction. That is called vijnana. Jnana and vijnana. One knowledge you get
from me, and then you practically apply your consciousness that “Yes, what
Prabhupada has said, it is right.” That is called vijnana. One knowledge,
accepting blindly from the authority, that is knowledge. But how it is
practically made or done, that understanding is called vijnana.
Devotee (2): We have so many examples of…
Prabhupada: Give that example. That I wanted.
Devotee (2): We have so many examples of scientific creations by intelligent
brain, personalities on this planet, so many things which we can see, like
the clothes we wear and the machines we are using in our everyday lives
which require…
Prabhupada: So how Krsna has prepared earth? That I want.
Devotee (2): So we can see by studying the nature of the construction of
this earth that it is much more intelligent…
Prabhupada: So how earth is coming from Krsna? Tell me that.
Devotee (3): The scientists say that this earth came from gases, but they
cannot explain exactly where those gases have come from. That source, that
is Krsna.
Prabhupada: No, they do not know, but we know. How in your belly gas is
formed? How? There was no gas, but automatically the gas is formed. And
therefore sometimes, if it is much gas, then you go for treatment. So this
is the practical. The gas is also generating from my body. So as I am an
individual, insignificant body, if there is possibility of generating little
gas, so Krsna’s gigantic body, why not gigantic volume of gas? This is the
Jnana: The materialistic scientists, they are saying that matter is energy.
So we understand if it’s energy there must be an energetic.
Prabhupada: Yes. So how the energetic is producing, this is common. Gas is
forming. Just like you perspire, there is water. So one ounce of water may
come from your body. So water is coming from your body, so why not from the
gigantic body of Krsna, the oceans, millions of oceans, come out? This
should be the understanding. We see practically that water is coming out
from my body. So it may be one ounce or less than that because my body is
very small, but Krsna’s body is unlimited, so why not unlimited supply of
water? This should be the common sense. And this body, this body, what it
is? It is earth. When the body will be dead it will be earth. So I am spirit
soul, a small particle, so much earth is coming from me, why not Krsna, the
supreme spirit? This is the explanation. God is great, I am small. From me a
small quantity of earth is coming, water is coming. Why not from the
gigantic body of Krsna, so huge, I mean to say, volume of water, gas, and
everything as we see it is coming? So therefore Krsna is correct. He’s
correct, but for our understanding we can understand like this, chemicals,
the chemicals coming from our body. There are so many salt. And you test the
blood or the perspiration. You’ll find so many chemicals.
Brahmananda: For us to… For our body to produce earth…
Prabhupada: Now, just to understand that I am part and parcel of Krsna, so
the chemical and the water and the earth is coming from my body, so why not
Krsna’s body, gigantic, the greatest, the chemicals, water, earth, water…?
When Krsna says, bhumir apo ‘nalo, “It is My energy,” that’s fact. Where is
the difficulty to understand? We can… We are little sample of God, a small
God. So if we can produce, this body… The spirit soul as I have described
yesterday, one ten-thousandth part of the tip of the hair, it is very, very
minute. From that minute spirit so much earth, water, fire is coming. So why
not the supreme spirit, huge quantity of water, earth, will not come? How
one can deny it?


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    SRGd ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Where do all these chemicals come from? The answer is that they are produced by the inconceivable energy of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Living entities are part of the Supreme Godhead, and from their bodies come many chemicals. For example, the lemon tree is a living entity that produces many lemons, and within each lemon is a great deal of citric acid. Therefore, if even an insignificant living entity who is but a part of the Supreme Lord can produce so much of a chemical, how much potency there must be in the body of the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

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