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The Passing of H.G. Subal Das Brahmacari

Monday, 18 June 2007 / Published in In Memoriam / 4,995 views

By Brajhari Das

With a heavy heart, I want to inform all the devotees the passing of one of our old devotees and Srila Prabhupada Disciple named H.G. Subal Das Brahmacari. He left his body on Wednesday, June 06, 2007 in the auspicious month of Purushottama Adhikmas at 1.15 pm (afternoon) in Gurunanak Hospital, Mumbai, India. He was 82 yrs old. The devotee attending him said that he left his body chanting the holy name of the Lord.

Originally from Pakistan, he was introduced to ISKCON at Juhu, Mumbai, India by Dr.Singhal in 1973.

He was disabled; having only one leg, when he came to ISKCON; still Srila Prabhupada kept him especially on the request of Dr.Singhal, P L Shetty Prabhu and others.

He received initiation from Srila Prabhupada in 1974.

In the beginning he used to cook meals for about 50 Devotees (rice, dal, sabji, roti) and later on he joined the Pujari dept. and stayed there till the end.

Affectionately he was called by all devotees as Subal Baba. At one side he was a fatherly figure for all of the devotees and thus would bless everyone and other side he used to share jovial relationship with many devotees.

In 1976 H.G.Siddharth Prabhu engaged him in preparing sweets for the deities (peda, sandesh, etc.). Also, he used to do Purchasing of fruits and other items for the deities every day. He also taught cooking to many devotees including Siddharth Prabhu. Most of the time he spent in cooking and other kitchen services for The Deities.

He used to attend Mangal Aarti every day without fail and was a life long brahmacari. Even though he was on wheel chair all the time, still he would be present in all the morning programs in the temple. Thus his devotional life was exemplary and very inspiring.

Even on the day he left for hospital he attended Mangal Aarti. After few days in the hospital, he left his body there very peacefully chanting the holy names of the Lord. Just as he was having Prasad, his throat choked up, he chanted “Hare Rama” and then left his body.

He left his body at 1:15 pm. He was brought to temple at around 4 pm. His body was bathed, offered new clothes, chandan, ganga water, tulasi leaves, mahaprasad garlands, etc. All the devotees of the temple came for his last darshan and to offer their final respects.
Then his body was taken on a procession and circumambulated in the temple. Also taken in the temple courtyard for darshan of the deities.

Thereafter all the devotees carried his body to the crematorium ground and the final rites were duly performed in the presence of all the devotees well before sunset.

On Saturday, 9th June 2007 we had a Memorial Festival at 11 am in remembrance of H.G.Subal Prabhu. Many Prabhupada Disciples and Senior devotees spoke highly about him, including H.H.Amiya Vilas Swami, H.G.Narottama Das, H.G.dadhi Bhakshi das, H.G.Jalatala devi Dasi, etc. After glorification there was puspanjali and feast for all the devotees.

Although he is not physically present with us, we the devotees of Hare Krishna Land always aspire for his association and will remember him always in core of our hearts.

We all pray to Their Lordships Sri Sri Radharasabihairji for his eternal engagement in Their Divine service.

Your servant,
Brajhari Das
Temple President

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