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Villaggio Hare Krishna Welcomes You

Monday, 25 June 2007 / Published in Announcements / 6,951 views

By Tattvavit Dasa

This spring I revisted the place where I edited the “Darsana” book for six months. You should visit it, too — Hare Krsna Village, near Milan — to see beautiful Deities.

Sri Sri Gaura-Nitai and Sri Radharamana have jewelry decorating Their waists and wrists that is custom-made by devotees. Their outfits and the backdrops are first-class.

The new altar is especially attractive. The temple room was renovated in the past two or three years, and a new, carved wooden altar from India was painted off-white, with trim of blue and silver (Srila Prabhupada’s vyasanana matches it). Absolutely elegant!

The modern Deity kitchen is always producing wonderful offerings, and the pujaris are devoted and talented.

The old temple-room roof was raised. Large new windows near the ceiling and floor admit lots of light. The ceiling is finished in a professionally done pattern of silver stars.

Cameras on the ceiling broadcast the morning programs and darshans. On the wall — along with a few BBT paintings — is a large Sony TV screen. The temple-room floor was redone in wood, with some marble inlay. You can walk on the roof, where there are three (small) Vrindavan-style domes.

There is a devotee-run pool for the public, where devotees also swim. There is lots of land to walk on, and seventy housing units for householders in a private neighborhood. More houses are being built. There are two buildings for unmarried devotees and guests.

The Sunday feast is going strong, though during the week there are not many people dropping by because the temple is outside Milan. The countryside is attractive, the Italian hospitality is warm, and book distribution goes on from Hare Krishna Village. Ryanair flies to Bergamo, so it doesn’t cost much to visit.

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    Madhusudana ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Wonderful! We’re considering a visit. Is there a closeup photo of Krishna? It looks there is two photos of Radha only.

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