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Suresh Prabhu wishes a happy birthday to Dandavats!

Tuesday, 26 June 2007 / Published in Events / 4,677 views

By Suresh das

Doesn’t Dandavats One-Year Anniversary come up soon? Anything special planned to celebrate?

4 Responses to “Suresh Prabhu wishes a happy birthday to Dandavats!”

  1. Prithu das says :

    on that note,

    Great service.
    Appreciate very much.
    Has been needed for years.
    Probably we would have lost a lot of men and women less.

    all the Best

    Prithu das

  2. Danavir Goswami says :

    Several years back, a need developed to provide a forum for ISKCON Vaisnava discussion and Krsna conscious news—primarily due to disturbing dissident sites. Consequently, Vipramukhya Prabhu and Umapati Swami inaugurated internet sites Chakra and then later Dipika which proved very helpful.

    Since then, Dandavats has emerged as the most effective effort to date and I certainly concur with Prithu Prabhu’s comment (#1) that it informs and safeguards ISKCON’s sincere devotees from having to hear irreverent philosophies, etc. found elsewhere on the net. Dandavats is without a doubt, one of ISKCON’s brightest achievements of the year. Congratulations and thanks to the staff and may Dandavats continue its excellent quality of service for a long time. Haribol!
    Danavir Goswami

  3. Suresh das says :

    I have been in sales for many years. It is always easier to get new customers to buy, than it is to keep existing ones happy. Take for example: I called upon 90,000 gift shops, several years back, to find the 10,000 that sell the same types of products I sell. I then sent out thousands of catalogs, to these pre-qualified prospects, only to get back a handful of orders. It is even harder to get one of these types of customers to buy regularly. If someone buys regularly, it is almost a guarantee that at some point they will become dissatisfied with something we do in our business relationship, and we will loose the account for some time, sometimes even permanently. It is very difficult to get a lost customer to come back and buy from us again, but they are more valuable than the pre-qualified prospects, or even new, one-time customers.

    In the same way, lost devotees, or “dissidents” are more valuable to ISKCON than the thousands of non-devotees whom we sell our books to, more valuable than the congregational members, donors, or even new devotees and disciples. Dissidents are devotees, whom for one reason or another, have a misunderstanding about the process of Krishna Consciousness, which needs to be resolved, so that they may again practice Krishna Consciousness favorably.

    At the same time, what ever happened that turned “dissidents” away from the Krishna Consciousness Movement must be addressed and resolved, so that new devotees and supporters don’t fall victim to the same causes, and become dissidents as well. accomplishes this nicely, by allowing reasonable discussion, and even disagreement over current Krishna Conscious philosophy, ideals, and practices.

  4. Suresh das says :

    There are of course some customers who are too difficult to service, and have to be let go. Some customers abuse the principle “the customer is always right”, and think they can act in any way they like, but it is not true. More companies today are firing customers, whom they find too difficult, abusive, and unprofitable to deal with.

    It is a difficult situation in dealing with older, sometimes disgruntled devotees. It is difficult to find ways to treat each other in Vaishnava ways, so that someone may feel welcomed and encouraged within ISKCON, while at the same time not allowing disturbances and offenses to be tolerated.

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