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Cida-Dahi Mahotsav at Panihati

Tuesday, 03 July 2007 / Published in Events / 5,719 views

Under the tree where this pastime of the Lord took place…

By Shyamagopika Devi dasi

Devotees from ISKCON Mayapur celebrated Cida Dahi Mahotsav at Panihati, where Srila Raghunatha dasa observed this jubilant festival of feeding all the Vaisnavas with cooling Cida-Dahi on the order of Sri Nityananda prabhu. One thousand Namahatta devotees, over seventy five Mayapur community devotees along with the devotees from 24 parganas and Kolkata happily engaged themselves in preparing Cida-Dadhi using 1010 kgs of Cida or flat rice, 400 kgs of mangoes, 100 big jack fruits, 280 kgs of jaggery, 100 kgs of sugar, 85 litres of milk, 410 kgs of Dahi or yogurt, dryfruits and nuts. Over 21,000 pilgrims were distributed Cida-dadhi.

ISKCON, Mayapur had set up a pandal at the original place where Nityananda Prabhu personally distributed prasada to the Vaisnavas. Katha on this Mahotsav was given by HG Nitai Prasad Pr, HG Bhadra Caru Prabhu and HG Gauranga Pr. Continous harinam and book distribution by Sankirtan devotees took place. Devotees later went on Harinam Procession to Sri Raghava Pandita’s house where Sri Nityananda Prabhu honored prasadam in the evening. More than thousands of pots containing several types of cida-dadhi were offered earlier to Gaur-Nitai deities under the tree. Caitanya Caritamrta describes that after distributing prasada to the devotees, Lord Nityananda Prabhu ordered, “All of you eat, chanting the holy name of Hari. Immediately the holy names “Hari Hari” resounded, filling the entire universe”.

The mood was ecstatic as the devotees danced during Harinam , remembering this pastime and observed the festival under the tree where Nitaynanda Prabhu personally honored Cida-dahi. Panihati is located on the banks of the Ganges 15 miles North of Calcutta. It is the site of wonderful pastime of the Lord about how Srila Raghunatha dasa pleased Lord Nityananda and how the Lord reciprocated with His devotee, in a very wonderful and pleasing festival called the Panihati Cida-Dahi Mahotsav.

Next year, make sure you are there to experience the bliss of tasting Cida-Dahi at Panihati.

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