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Dandavats! All Glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga!

Yamuna’s Leftover Rice

Saturday, 07 July 2007 / Published in Danavir Goswami, Recaps / 9,537 views

By Danavir Goswami

I may not be the only devotee who wondered what to do with leftover rice prasadam. For years, I have been in a quandary—should it be refrigerated and then served cold the next day?; or should it be refrigerated and reheated the next day?; or something else?
I finally decided to put the question to our revered Godsister Sri Yamuna devi dasi, the queen of prasadam cooking. Her answer is below:

As you know, Srila Prabhupada instructed his personal cooks to prepare his rice last in his lunch meal, it was to be finished minutes before he was ready to respect it.

Early on he mentioned to me that he considered rice that sat even 15 minutes after it was cooked—“baasi chaval,” or stale.
Amazing standard, huh?

Further, he instructed on a few occasions—do not re-heat rice.
Still in some circumstances, I have re-cycled offered-cooked-refrigerated
rice it into another preparation made from excess prasad.
Do that instead of throwing offered dishes away.

Most often re-cycle offered, refrigerated rice by mixing it into a salad without
reheating the rice.
It can be a chilled or room temperature salad.
I do this quite often.

One way to use room temp or chilled rice is to make a South Indian dish
called Dadhodana—a dish of ancient repose made with cooked rice, yogurt and
just about anything—classically shredded green mango, cucumber, even
banana—with an added chaunk. It can be made with virtually any shredded
raw or cooked vegetable.

A current full meal rice salad I make frequently, yesterday in fact,
consists of:

left-over refrigerated rice,
sprouted chick peas,
diced tomatoes, cucumbers and bell peppers,
bits of vinegar-free oil-cured black olives,
lots of chopped fresh tarragon,
slivered fresh ginger,
lemon juice, salt and pepper.
No oil or yogurt, easy to digest, and nourishing. Very nice.

Then you know about Srila Prabhupada’s 1967 Sunday Feast Rice using cooked

room temperature or chilled cooked basmati rice
drained diced fresh pineapple
whipped cream (alternately thick yogurt)
ground cinnamon, cardamom and cloves as desired
then: white sugar, as desired, (now I use organic unrefined cane sugar)
pinch of salt and black pepper
all mixed together to a soft mass, then garnished with slivered toasted
This dished was a winner and frequently made on Vaishnava holidays,
weddings, and other festive occasions.

There are likely many answers you would get to your question.
This is just one.
Hope it is of use to you.

Your sincere servant,
Krsna Kirtan Jaya Prema Nidhan
Yamuna Devi

Reproduced with permission from Yamuna devi.

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5 Responses to “Yamuna’s Leftover Rice”

  1. Akruranatha says :

    I seem to recall reading in Krsna book that Mother Yasoda would send Krsna out when He was young with rice mixed with yogurt and fruit and other ingredients, including new mown grass?

  2. Madhusudana says :

    I don’t know if it’s “bonafide” but when I ran Jagannath’s Cart restaurant in San Francisco we found a way to not waste the leftover prasadam rice. We would refridgerate it then the next day put the rice in a colander and place it in a big pot with water on the bottom and steam the rice, thereby cooking it with water as opposed to drying it by cooking out the moisture–which is what I understood to be the cause of the rice becoming unhealthy (was it leprosy or something that it caused?). All I know is the rice was fluffy, not crisp, and tasted wonderful.

  3. Madhusudana says :

    Just so as not to scare anybody, my comment about leprosy concerns mixing milk and salt, as in the quote from Prabhupada I found on the Vedabase below:

    “Milk and salt should never be mixed, it is improper, and will cause leprosy. But salt can be mixed with yogurt.”

    I couldn’t find anything about reheating rice.

  4. varahanarasimha says :

    PRABHUPADA instructed to not reheat rice ,that does it for me- in india left over rice is given to the cows and dogs, never ever used again, in our western world where we keep things refrigiated for “millions of years” , in Srila Prabhupadas own humerous comment. I believe if you ask any Ayurdevic doctor ,rice should not be served again on the following day, this is what I personally have heard from DR Kamalesh who is a well known ayurvedic doctor from Lucknow…India-Prasadam or not ,rice is not te be served again…this is what I have learned

  5. lalitagopi says :

    Regarding milk with salt, then why in our bona fide (?) Hare Krishna cook books there are recipes – like vegetable soup with milk (milli juli sabji ka soup) , or different kinds of milky sauces…etc etc. Are all this again just some western spekulations? Have somebody some knowledge about that? Thanks.