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Chariots of Love

Monday, 30 July 2007 / Published in Krishna Dharma das, Poetry / 3,374 views

Submitted by Cintamani Devi Dasi

Dear Lord your smile so freely given,
will gladden every honest heart;
wherefrom is every longing driven,
when you appear upon your cart.

Your glory and your great grandeur,
delight the crowds you float above.
Spectacular display of splendour,
expands the sea of causeless love.

Ride out in mighty majesty,
ride out into a dreaming world,
ride out if this your pleasure be,
that all your wondrous form behold.

What unimagined beauty passing?
Have all the heavens descended here?
The glories of the gods debasing,
that they with us can but revere.

How blessed the line with you long winding?
Their destination your abode.
With every step the knot unbinding,
that held them fast in mortal mode.

Bright and blissful your procession;
seen stark against a dismal age.
Delivering divine concession,
with your eternal entourage.

Long our lives in languid torpor,
within deep oceans of distress;
ending with this sight of succour,
the restless heart at last finds rest.

Lord Jagannath, almighty God!
How sweet is this your mystic form,
appearing from your own abode,
you lead us to our long lost home.

Krishna Dharma das

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