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Dandavats! All Glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga!

Don’t fall in Love, let’s Rise in Love

Sunday, 12 February 2017 / Published in Blog thoughts / 2,213 views

Rupeshgauranga Dasa: So many times we have heard from friends, colleagues or from many others saying I felt in love with her/him or saying I have given my heart to her/him etc. Every now and then people talk about love, love stories and things related to love( although they may not know what’s the real love is?). Love and romance is also given top priority in any movie, in any song and in fact it’s there in advertisement and news too. On the name of love they package lust and vulgarity and deliver it to innocent, fooling them and keeping them bereft of attaining real love.

Love is need of everyone. All of us wants to love someone and to be loved by someone. But we don’t know how to love and whom to love? Love of this world which is many times simply a attraction for opposite sex. That creates agitation in mind and hankering for sense enjoyment which give rise to further problems rather satisfying heart. Illusioned by beauties and skills of the people of this world one starts showing affection or starts loving mortal beings for own pleasure, but there is tint of selfishness in this love. Soon one gets frustrated in his attempts to enjoy because we are not meant to enjoy we are meant to serve, in serving others we enjoy.

Love is not so cheap, degraded, limited till physical body and constrained by time as they generally show in movies. Love is most pure and sacred thing. Love is sacrifices made for loved ones. Love is very powerful, a drop of love in heart can purchase possessor of everything, the God. Unless and until our hearts become purified from enjoyment tendencies till that time we can’t realise pure love. Love uplifts us, our consciousness, soothens the mind and satisfies the heart. Love is very serious matter, it demands dedication, service and attention without an ulterior motives.

Love for God can only free us from conditioned life and transfer us to eternally blissful world. So called Love of this world will only entangle us more and more into miserable world. Out of love for us God has created this special facility, material world for our upliftment, as soon as we get freed from disease of enjoying alone for own pleasures we will be promoted to His world. The desire to love is unlimited within every soul which can only be fulfilled by unlimited God. He is the one who can accept love and reciprocate in best way with every living entity. In conclusion when one starts Loving God he starts loving and respecting all His creation, he starts seeing presence of Him(Lord) in everything and in everyone, and that’s the only way to rise from our fallen life style to reach Him ultimately.

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