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Hypocritical Protest March

Saturday, 25 February 2017 / Published in Blog thoughts / 1,070 views

Mayesvara das: Letter to the Editor – William Roberts – Jan 22, 2017
I found out about the “Justice For All” rally (Plaza Park Ventura Jan 21) in just enough time to call two colleagues and grab some transcendental literature on the way to the Saturday morning ralley. It seemed like a great place to share ancient wisdom about “Atma-Rama” (inner peace), the path of yoga and meditation. We wanted to share the concept that worldly difficulties can not improve for anyone as long as the four laws of dharma continue to be violated. (Mercy, Cleanliness, Truth & Austerity. For Details:

It was over 45 years ago “The Who” sang: “In with the new boss, same as the old boss.” Individuals who understood this point realized that politics as usual will never ameliorate what we lack on the inside. Even a little introspection reveals that the real revolution is understanding how our essence required more then chasing bodily sense pleasures. Those moving in that direction are the ones seeing the duplicity in both parties. They know the problems we face are bigger than what either candidate can resolve.
We sought to meet those who understood these basic truths and were now looking for more effective ways to invoke positive social change. The chosen orators spoke eloquently about a visionary future built on a peace-full coalition of loving empathetic citizens. They rallied for free speech, tolerance of diversity and the citizens constitutional rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The signs carried by protesters revealed how puerile, embarrassing, and even offensive some people were. Yet despite the potential for conflict, mutual acceptance reigned everywhere… except with one disgraceful exception.
When Cathy Housalige discovered that there were three individuals freely giving away devotional literature to the interested, she behaved as Draconian as the bureaucratic pedagogues she believes are oppressing everyone! Cathy demonstrated no ability to practice the propaganda broadcast to the crowds but instead dispatched the police to escort us out of the park! It is essential to note here that in the hour we had been left alone, we had already given away several of our publications to some very appreciative citizens. In the spirit of the event, everyone else received us nicely. There were no negative exchanges.
All the hyperbole spewed about love, patience and respect was not missed by the dutiful peace officer. He apologized to us for how thoughtlessly bigoted and blatantly hypocritical Cathy had proven to be. Yet despite the bird poop in her hair, we felt vindicated by the absurdity of it all. As we left the park, we were serenaded by the rallying protesters vigorously chanting their creed: “DO NOT WORRY, DO NOT FEAR. EVERYONE IS WELCOME HERE!” – william roberts (805) 640-0405

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