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1000 names of Radha

Wednesday, 19 September 2007 / Published in Message Board / 8,738 views

Payonidhi das: The thousand Names of Radharani

[From the Narada Pancharata, translated by Bhaktivinoda Thakura,
translated into English by Kusakratha Prabhu]

Sri Radha Sahasra-nama was originally spoken by Lord Shiva to Parvati devi,
recorded in the 5th Chapter of Sri Narada Pancaratra.

Texts 1 and 2

Sri Parvati said: O lord of lords, O master of the universe, O master kind to your
devotees, if you are kind to me, if you have mercy for me, then, O lord, please tell
me all you have heard, the most secret of secrets in your effulgent heart.

Texts 3 and 4

O lord of lords, the transcendental thousand names of Goddess Sri Radha-gopi, which
inspire pure devotional service, and which you have never told anyone, please tell
to me. Why is the Goddess, who creates and destroys the universes, a gopi?

Text 5

Lord Siva said: O goddess, O queen, please hear this auspicious and very wonderful
truth, which destroys sins: For Her their are neither births nor material

Text 6

When Lord Hari, out of a sense of duty, performs activities (in the material world),
she, desiring to be near Him, assumes many different forms.

Text 7

I have already explained why She is a gopi. O goddess, now please hear Her thousand

Text 8

What I have never spoken in the Tantras and what they who yearn for liberation
cherish, out of love for you, I will now speak.

Text 9

Day and night this knowledge is as dear to me as life. O daughter of the mountain
king, please hear and regularly chant (these thousand names) as far as you are able.

Text 10

By Her kindness Krsna, the master of Goloka, is the Supreme Master. Narada is the
sage of Her thousand holy names.

Text 11

Radha, who grants the four goals of life, is said to be the Supreme Goddess.

Her thousand names follow

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