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Dandavats! All Glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga!

Obituary for Gayatri Devi Dasi

Tuesday, 21 March 2017 / Published in Obituary / 2,397 views

This morning, March 17, 2017, our friend and godsister, Gayatri devi dasi, passed on. According to Amarendra Prabhu “very very peaceful and serene. No pain or fear. She was totally at peace.” Amarendra expressed his gratitude to the many bhaktas and friends who visited and comforted her in the final days.

It appeared to me that she was something like “Bhisma on a bed of arrows.” She should not have survived the last 4 or 5 days, but she held on to receive the sincere kirtan and readings by the many devotees, bringing her ever more peace and strength for the inevitable time of passing.

Having known her and Amarendra from about 1969, before we all joined the Krishna consciousness movement in the fall of 1970, she had a very motherly and nurturing personality. She was not a philosopher, but a kind hearted soul who made those around her feel comfortable and cared for. As she expressed it herself in a slightly awkward way days before her passing, we were like “cubs” to her and she was a mother bear. She protected her cubs always.

Her family, her friends, knew and admired her for her simple loving nature. She brought out the good in others and is a testament that bhakti is there before us, if only we could see. She will be remembered by those who knew her for these qualities, and the complete absence of a complaining spirit through the ordeal of the metastatic ovarian cancer that finally led to death. Many many noble and simple qualities we all can learn from her simple hearted and non-duplicitous nature. Hare Krishna. All Glories to Srila Prabhupada…and all glories to his daughter Gayatri devi dasi.

Pusta Krishna das and Daru Brahma devi dasi


Home Going Celebration
Jagadambika Dasi: The Cremation for Her Grace Gayatri Liberman Devi Dasi was held today at Evergreen Cemetary in Los Angeles, at 3:00 pm. The ceremony was wonderful. Very sweet atmosphere. Devotees chanting Hare Krsna Kirtan. The first kirtan was led by His Grace Sarvatma Das Prabhu. He has a good singing voice. His wife was there too.

Our temple president, His Grace Svavasa Das Prabhu and his good wife, Her Grace Tadit Mataji attended. Svavasa Das Prabhu gave a nice talk about Mother Gayatri, and His Grace Amarendra Dasa Prabhu David Liberman spoke about Mother Gayatri as well. (He’s another rare devotee, good heart) The ceremony was conducted by our Head Pujari, His Grace Rabindranatha Das Prabhu.

Mother Gayatri looked so sweet and peaceful. I saw the look of joy on her face. It made me smile inside and happy. It looked like she was just sleeping peacefully and any moment would wake up. But she didn’t wake up. (Not in this world anyway, but in Vaikuntha) Mother Balavi dressed and prepared Mother Gayatri’s body. I think she was assisted by Her Grace Kriya Shakti Dasi. Mother Balavi dressed Mother Gayatri in a beautiful blue color sari, and maha garlands were hanging perfectly all around her neck. She looked like an Angel really. So beautiful! His Grace Rabindranatha Das Prabhu, added the Tulasi wood, Tulasi Garlands and other auspicious things.

And Mother Balavi; How I love her! I can’t say enough words that would adequately praise her glories. She’s an amazing devotee! Such a pure heart. I also can’t say enough about Mother Ananga Manjari Mataji (my favorite) who came here for about two weeks, and helping prepare Mother Gayatri in going back to the spiritual world. She’s very Saintly. Very together, and very Krsna Conscious. She wrote in tilak the Hare Krsna Mantra and other auspicious things on Mother Gayatri’s arms, many days. Such amazing devotees, Balavi & Ananga Manjari Matajis are. I pray that I can be so fortunate to have them by my side in the end.

Gayatri’s older son Parama Das Prabhu, started the fire, and was assisted by his younger brother Danapati Dasa, and his dear sister Manjari Devi Dasi toward the end. I felt sad for Gayatri’s children, but happy for them too. They are very fortunate indeed to have such a mother, who will one day assist them in going back home, back to Godhead.

The Memorial Program for Mother Gayatri is still going on. Things are running late. We had to all rush home, shower and change clothes after the cremation, and head to the Memorial Program.
Mother Gayatri’s best friend Madhavi Devi Dasi, decorated the prasadam hall so beautiful. She arranged for all the prasadam that’s being served, and she even cooked Mother Gayatri’s famous Gauranga Potatoes. They are not exact, but close to how Mother Gayatri would have made them. His Grace Krsna Gauranga Das Prabhu cooked his version of Mother Gayatri’s famous Gouranga Potatoes. They weren’t even close to how Mother Gayatri would have made them (lol) but also nice) Many other preparations were cooked by His Grace Krsna Gauranga and being served.

All glories to Her Grace Mother Gayatri Devi Dasi! I will miss her more than anyone. I’m truly honored to have known her. She’s one of a kind. I’ve never heard her say one unkind thing about anyone. She was a sweet soul. And judging by how many devotees came to see her, even people who didn’t know her, shows what a pure soul she truly was. The hospital staff at St. Johns Hospital are missing us. There were a few times 25-30 devotees would be visiting at the same time. And there should have only been 2 at a time, but St. Johns Hospital allowed it. They spoke very highly of the devotees, and our chanting. The hospital was transformed into a temple. (FOR REAL) They let us get away with so much. I took some thank you cards to the staff for tolerating us, and some were saying how they missed hearing the chanting, seeing how we prayed, etc. Two Chaplins one man and one lady was praising the devotees. And said how they were happy to have gotten that experience, watching us chant, sing, pray. They even said they were very happy they could assist Mother Gayatri in going back to the spiritual world. Such a humble staff and crew.


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One Response to “Obituary for Gayatri Devi Dasi”

  1. Hare Krsna.

    Another one gone, the list is growing shorter every day. Speaking of Gauranga Potatoes, the last time I recall seeing Gayatri mataji was while cooking for the 1992 Memorial day Prabhupada festival in Los Angeles. I was making carob-date-walnut halava, and she was making a huge quantity of Gauranga Potatoes, a preparation I found out that Krsna inspired her to create. She would go to the large rosemary bush across from the temple to get her secret ingredient, fresh rosemary.

    So many people have become devotees just by eating Gauranga Potatoes, that, in and of itself, will pave her way to a higher destination.

    dasa dasa anu dasa
    Shyamasundara Dasa