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Flood Update Report: Relief Work begins

Saturday, 29 September 2007 / Published in News / 4,162 views

By Gopijan ballab dasa

Hare Krishna.

Flood Update Report: Relief Work begins on 29th Sept.07

Since yesterday evening, it is not raining. The water level is still increasing. Now it is above 4 feet near the main gate. All the ground level areas are totally immersed in water. A make shift bridge has been created between ISKCON Mayapur exit gate and Chakra building and also from Chakra building to Lotus building. Shastra Pr is doing his Nagar Sankirtan by boat today. Pharmacy is shifted to Room no.123 in Chakra building.

About 70,000 people from 50 villages surrounding Mayapur are affected by flood. Some of these villages are Hular Ghat, Bharuidanga, Nidaya, Char Brahma Nagar, Swarup ganj, Taranpur, Mollapara, Gumaghar, Gournagar and Char Swarupganj. Many villagers home were washed away causing damage to their properties.

ISKCON had sent devotees to survey the villages for the extent of flood damages. Survey began yesterday and it will be collateral with the relief work which will begin tomorrow. Planning and preparation for relief work is On. This year ISKCON has planned to reach more relief for suffering villagers than last year. Massive Prasadam distribution, medical relief works, setting up of camps, purified water distribution, cloth distribution will begin from 29 September.

Visit to see daily updates of ISKCON Flood Relief Work and pictures.

Your humble servant

Gopijan ballab dasa

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