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Dandavats! All Glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga!

A glimpse of hell and then the mercy of Lord Krishna and His devotees

Monday, 01 October 2007 / Published in News / 17,353 views

Syamasundara Dasa: We did not intend to make this journey from Delhi to Vrindavan. It was not a planned trip. In July we had applied for a viza for my wife to go to Canada (She is a Croation citizen). They rejected her visa application. In response I (an Indian citizen) wrote a letter to the Canadian embassy, politely indicating that they had made a big mistake. I was awaiting some type of written response but suddenly on August 22nd we got a call from Canadian embassy, requesting that she should come for interview in Delhi within next two weeks. They gave us just 15 minutes to choose the date for the interview within that two week period. So since we had to come to Delhi anyway so we decided to go to Vrindavan for Janamashtmi.

On the morning of September 3rd we arranged for a car from the Delhi temple to take us to Vrindavan. We left the temple at exactly 11.20 am. My wife became agitated because the driver is going too fast. I told the driver to slow down and drive at a moderate speed, which he did. It is a three hour drive to Vrindavan. After 2 hours of the journey I became very tired as I got up early in the morning. So I stretched out at the back of Tata – Indica and put my legs across my wife laps and took a nap.

Sundari Radhika devi dasi: There were two lanes in each direction of the road. When my husband fell asleep, the driver started to speedup. He literally passed all the vehicles in front of us driving zig zag in a high speed as if he was in a race. There were four young men in another vehicle and he was competing with them. At one point they gave it up because he was driving so fast. When I turned my head to see at back the vehicles he had crossed I could see none because he was driving so fast. Then, in front of us there were two big trucks in each lane. Taxi driver wanted to go between the two trucks to cross them over although there were just two lanes and no space for him. I stopped him to do such thing because we will be sandwiched and smashed. He listened to me. Left truck passed the right one. The taxi driver was already driving at 100km/hour and in order to pass the left truck he started to increase his speed even more. Because the left truck was still very close in front of us and at the same time he tried to pass the right truck. Because he was in a high speed so, just to avoid going on the right track he suddenly decided to make a turn to the right although he still didn’t passed the right truck. He didn’t have the side windows on the car so he misjudged the distance between car and the right truck. At that point I already noticed what would happen in a few seconds because car and truck both were on a very high speed. At that moment I loudly shouted ‘Don’t do it!! Go left. The truck will hit us’. My shouting woke up my husband but before I finished my sentence, truck hit my door at the back. I was sitting behind the driver. After truck hit the car, car started to spin in circles over the road and in a high speed hit the wall. At that time we already lost our consciousness. At one moment I regained my consciousness and I noticed that someone was doing something on me from the front seat. Driver and his brother tried to pull my mangla sutra(is equal to wedding rings in the west) from my already broken neck. I was in extreme pain and requested them ‘Please stop it! Don’t do it’. They broke my mangla sutra but not completely so it stayed on my neck. They stole the pendal of Balaji from my mangla sutra. Then they pulled their hands in handbags of me and my husband that were lying in between us. In those bags we had all private documents, passports, visas and money. So I put my hand on bags and requested them ‘Please don’t touch our bags’. Inspite of my requests they were able to steal our digital camera. Next what I remember is that I said ‘Don’t touch my husband. He is in great pain.’ And then out of pain, I fainted again. Next what I remember were a few seconds, when I noticed that people were pulling me out of the car through my husbands door. Before they pulled me completely out of the car I again fainted. Next thing I remember was that I was lying down in the dirt but my back was supported by some people holding me. A kind elder woman was fanning me with her sari. That was moment when I again regained my consciousness and was able to see the smashed car and my husband laying down literally on ground in dust. Lots of blood was coming from his head. He was lying in curled position on his right side. I could hear his painful sobbing. It was obvious that he could not move. His dhoti was red. We were surrounded by around 15 to 20 people. I tried to make a move to reach my husband but I felt such a strong pain in my neck that was stopping me to move. People were stopping me to move which I didn’t mind. It was mid of the day around 2.30 pm and it was very high temperature. We were exposed to hot sun. I requested people to please go and put some cloth on my husband’s head to stop the bleeding. But they didn’t do it. Probably they couldn’t understand English. Within 5 minutes, one policeman came in jeep and those people first put me in the jeep at the back seat. I was able to sit on seat. On the next seat they put my husband which was really sad to see. For the first time I saw that my husband’s face was full of blood. He could not open his eyes because blood was going into the eyes. He was in lying condition on the next seat holding his japa beads in his hand. We were both having our japa beads in our hands at the time of accident. More and more blood was coming out from my husband’s head and it was all over the seat. Although in great pain my husband reminded me to check if our luggage was in the jeep with us. If he wouldn’t do so I would completely forget, because I was afraid that he could leave his body so I wanted to reach the hospital as fast as possible. I pointed with my finger towards the car to those people and said ‘Please bring all our luggage here’. Those kind people were literally running to bring all our luggage from the smashed car to the jeep. Because we were helpless and unconscious they could have stolen all our luggage but they did not. They were very simple and honest people. The only things stolen were my pendal from Mangla sutra and my husband’s digital camera by the taxi driver.

Sayamasundara Dasa: When I regained consciousness I found myself faced down on the dirt. I could not understand how I got there. Later, by observing my injuries, I suspected that I had been thrown from the vehicle. Later, I also had the recollection of waking up just before the accident when I heard my wife shouting. But at that time I could not remember these things and I was just lying in dirt. For few moments I tried to understand that how is it that I got there, but I quickly moved on to other things because I found myself in extreme position of great pain and agony (Those people debating “ fall of the soul” ). Therefore how I got there no longer matter because my attention was focused on the fact that my body was wracked in pain. Infact the word pain does not do justice to what I was experiencing. I tried to get up but my right arm was broken and my left wrist was also broken so I couldn’t support myself. My left hand was the most painful part of my body. When they touched my left hand it felt as if skin was being very badly torn off. When I looked at my hand I could see no visible wounds despite the terrible pain. And when I tried to rise my head there was tremendous pain in my back because my back was broken. Pain was overwhelmingly intense. So I just focused on chanting. Somehow I had japa mala still in my hands. The problem was that it was extremely difficult to breathe therefore it was hard to chant. The reason being that I had a broken rib, may be bruised rib and five fractured spinal vertebrae which were connected to my ribs. The effect was such that when I tried to inhale, my ribcage would expand and thus interact with the spine causing too much pain. So I was just struggling to chant mahamantra- one word at a time, because my breath was so shallow. As I was struggling to get up I could see blood on my arms and clothing which indicated me that something very serious has happened. But within a few minutes there was so much blood in my eyes that I became blind. So I just focused more on chanting. I don’t know how much time was passing but it seemed like a very long time because I was in so much pain. At one point some unseen person said “Your luggage is safe”. As soon as I heard that I felt that it was not safe so I began arguing with the person to leave my luggage alone because I was concerned that my future devotional service would be disturbed if my documents and computer was lost. But after a few minutes I gave up that struggle as futile realizing that I was completely helpless and if they wanted to steal I could not do anything. So I returned my attention with full concentration on chanting. It seems strange that I did not seem afraid to die and this worried me because considering that how much pain I was in and how much blood was flowing that thinking that I would survive seemed to be foolishly over optimistic. Just like when Yamaraja asked Yuddhistra what is the most amazing thing, Yuddhistra replied that even though man sees that everybody is dying around him he foolishly thinks that he will live forever. So I also thought my not being afraid of death was a symptom of foolishness which leading me not to take the situation seriously and cause me not to focus on the holy name when death might be a reality as indicated by my injuries. By this time I realized that I had very serious injuries. I was blinded by my own blood and unable to move myself. Even breathing was a source of pain. I realized that death could be eminent at any time. I was not afraid of death. Infact death would have relieved me of my pain. What I was afraid of was that I may not forget Krishna at the time of death. so I was focusing on chanting with as much concentration as I could. After a while I noticed my wife’s voice from somewhere behind me. She seemed to be in much better condition than I was. Next thing I remember is the police coming. They wanted to put me in the back of the jeep. I proteststed. I wanted to be put on the stretcher and put in the ambulance . because of previous first aid training as a life guard I knew that with the back injuries that I had improper handling of patient in my condition could lead to dangerous complications or making the condition worse such as severing the spinal cord. In any case the police ignored my protests for ambulance and picked me up like a sac of potatoes and put me at the back of the jeep. Then we started moving driving on some road. The balancing in the vehicle made my pain even more intense than it already was. I thought that if I sat up I would feel better. So somehow I struggled to get myself in the more vertical position. But when I did that I could feel a great discomfort in my back. So I decided to lay down again on the bench of the jeep and just focus on chanting thinking that I may die at any moment.

Sundari Radhika devi dasi: when we were in the police jeep some man came inside and he sat right next to me appearing to be very well wishing. I was afraid that my husband may die because of excessive bleeding so I tried to get up from my seat to my husband to put a part of his Dhoti over his head to stop bleeding. But when I tried to get up I felt such a strong pain in my neck and head that I couldn’t move. Man who was sitting next to me took my hand very gently telling me not to move from my seat. So I told him being completely in panic to do the same instead of me to stop his bleeding. But he refused. He said to me trying to calm me down “ No No everything would be fine. We would reach hospital now.”
I immediately became very angry thinking what’s going on here? “ Man is dying. Go and put the cloth on his head!”. Then policeman noticed that I was upset. At the same time my husband asked me in all that pain “Sundari how far is the hospital?” Then policeman said 10 minutes more but my husband didn’t hear that. For me 10 minutes were like eternity considering his condition. So in order to give some mental strength to my husband I told him that we may reach any moment. He tried to chant but to me it was painful to listen to his chanting as each word was filled with so much pain.. There was no need to say “ I am in pain”. His voice and bleeding was telling everything. During the drive in the jeep on the way to hospital I felt very strong urge to vomit. So I asked the man sitting next to me to give me some bag so that I can vomit. Somehow I got the plastic bag but when I tried to vomit nothing happened. Just that urge and strong nausea. So finally we reached hospital in Koshik. They immediately shifted my husband inside. After that they helped me to come out and they took our luggage. They immediately put my husband on operation table and they put me in another room on some metal table. Because there was not much staff in that hospital so all the doctors were with my husband and I was left alone in that room. In the jeep and here on the table I was constantly chanting and praying at the same time to Krishna, to please save my husband’s life. I had only few external bruises which were minor and there was nothing dangerous externally on my body. So when I was alone in that room the man from the jeep who appeared to be well wishing and helpful person tried to rape me. First he asked me “Give me 200Rs.” I didn’t react. My eyes were closed and I couldn’t move from that table. I remained silent of his demand. Then he came close to me. He put his hands on my face and tried to kiss me. Then he started to touch on all private places on my body. I couldn’t shout because I didn’t have strength. I couldn’t move due to intense pain in my head and neck. And I was not able to protect myself. I told him “please don’t do it. Leave me alone.” Then he said to me “ you look good now. After accident you look so pale and without life. So you will be fine”. So I said him “ Go. Just leave me alone”….because he continued to touch me. At that moment a nurse came in and that man stepped back from me. He put an angelic smile on his face like ……nothing happened. So the nurse didn’t notice anything and I didn’t tell her in front of him. I noticed that the man was obviously evil and mean. After doctors gave the first aid to my husband they put him in an airconditioned room. Then they transferred me in the same room just next to his bed. When I looked at my husband he was connected on infusion and oxygen along with oxygen mask on his face. On his face were visible only two ‘hills’ his swollen cheeks. Then the man who tried to rape me entered the room and sat down on the chair next to my husband. When I noticed that, fear entered my heart as I thought that the man can do something harmful to my husband, like disconnecting him from oxygen and infusion. I struggled with my pain in neck which was constantly increasing but was keeping an eye on that man and another eye on my husband checking if he was breathing. Then that man took his chair and sat in between me and my husband. After 10 minutes or so he took his chair to my side of the bed and sat next to me staring at me, far from the sight of my husband. I didn’t want to be rude and to tell him to go away, but was waiting for a better opportunity to get rid of that man because I was afraid that he may do harm to my husband. We both could not protect ourselves and were lying alone in the room with that man. Finally the nurse came in the room. I gave her a sign to come closer to me and I whispered in her ear “Please tell this man to go out of this room. I don’t know him. He is nobody to us and I don’t want him to be here with us.” Then nurse went to him on the other side of the bed and I just noticed that the man left the room and I never saw him again. I didn’t tell to nurse or doctor that the man tried to rape me. Because I didn’t want my husband to hear what happened as he was in dangerous condition himself. Then suddenly several men literally barged into the room with digital camera approaching to my husband’s bed and started to take photos. The other men started to approach me with pen and a copy ready to interview me. So I immediately concluded that they were journalists from the local area. I got upset considering their barging into our intense care room to be rude. The last thing what I wanted at that time was the digital cameras, reporters and the interviews. So I requested them to immediately stop with all this and move out which they immediately did. But that was not the end of the visitors. Immediately after them, police came, again several men. They presented in front of me a sheet of paper on which was written number of the truck who hit the car, so I asked policeman “ What was it and what should I do?”. So he dictated to me what I should write explaining that we should take action again the truck driver. Then I stopped to write and said “ But that’s not really correct. Because it didn’t happen like that”. I told him that we should take action against the taxi driver who caused the accident by reckless driving. It was the taxi driver who hit the truck not the truck hitting the taxi. But policeman said very mildly with a smile to me calming me down “ No No just write what I have told you to write” . so I wanted to cooperate with the police but after his words suspicion appeared and I noticed that something is very wrong here. Because he didn’t want to listen to the facts that I presented as the witness. He wanted to put the blame on an innocent party. Being new to India I was not aware of the fact that police officials could also be corrupt. I believed in their protection and integrity to be fair and honest. Trusting the police officer I foolishly signed the police document and he left the room in a second after he got the signed paper.

Sayamasundara Dasa: When we arrived at the medical facility they carried me in and put me on some sort of table. I was surrounded by people who were doing all kind of things to my body. They began cleaning dirt and the blood off my body and it was very painful with all the wounds because they had not given me any anaesthetics yet. They were rubbing the dirt out of my head and the blood out of my eyes which hurt a lot. All the while I was talking to the doctor and preaching to him about the miseries of material life. He told me not to talk too much because it will tire me out but I didn’t listen to him and I kept talking. Because as long as I was preaching I was focusing on Krishna I did not feel the pain so much. So after cleaning my body doctors began to stitch up the wounds beginning with the gash on the left side of my forehead. He told me it was a very serious wound because my skull was visible. He had to do two layers of stitching. One underneath, of the muscles and then on the top of the skin. It was very painful with all those stitches on my body so I asked for some kind of pain relief. He didn’t want to give me any pain reliever because he said that I may have brain damage because of serious wound on my head. The standard procedure is that in such a state doctors don’t give any pain reliever because the person may go into comma. I did not think that there would be any serious trauma to the brain because I felt completely lucid and not disoriented about the situation. At first, he didn’t want to agree to give me any pain killers and continued stitching the wounds on my face without any type of painkiller. I asked them if they could atleast give me a local anesthetics. I think when doctor saw me having reasonable discussion with him he realized that I actually did not had any brain trauma. Some time after completing the stitches on my face he decided that it was now safe to give me some pain reliever. Also by this time the pain in my back subsided. Before I could not even breathe but now I could. I had bandages all over my face and I was under oxygen mask. Then they wanted to take my X-ray which was extremely painful especially when they slide the X-ray plates under my back. At this time I started to feel the effect of the pain killer.

Sundari Radhika devi dasi: After the operation I spoke to the doctor about the situation of my husband. Doctor told me that my husband is severely injured, in great pain but is now out of danger. Although from perspective of my husband it seemed that he was present in the room with us. Most of the time he was silent or as doctors said semi conscious. On his face I couldnt read any signs of presence in his body because his face was totally covered and immovable with oxygen mask. So I was looking at his chest to see if he was breathing. Approximately 2 hours after arriving in hospital my husband finally started to move his lips and we exchanged few words. So I asked him if I can now inform our devotee friends and relatives about the accident. So he said “Yes do it.” So I called Radha Shakti mataji in Banglore requesting her to inform about the accident in Delhi, Vrindavan and Banglore tempe and she and her husband did it. Then I phoned Hari Sauri Prabhu but he was not there. I spoke to his wife. So later he called us back informing us that he will arrange with Pankajangri Prabhu and Jannaniwas Prabhu to do Yajnas in front of Lord Nrsimhadev for both of us. Then I called Murlidhar bhatta. He is head pujari in sri Rangam. My husband suggested to perform homa for Lord Danvantari. Murlidar said that he will do Danvantari homa for next 48 days for both of us. Then I phoned Varada Krishna Prabhu, who is a leading devotee in the legal office in Banglore. He already heard about what happened to us. So he arranged his uncle who is a competent doctor in Chicago to come and visit us in Koushik from Vrindavan. So I called several other devotees and our relatives in Canada and Croatia. Then my husband started to talk to the doctor, but doctor got really upset and told to my husband stop talking and just rest and no talks. Actually doctor was really excellent because when we arrived to hospital he took all his stuff and he somehow related to my husband as his own personal property coming now and then in room checking his condition, behaving in an authoritative and protective manner making sure that everything is under his competent control. It was obvious that he put all his energy and concenteration to help as best as he could to my husband. So in one sense I was very glad that he behaved in this way but although it was funny for me how he treated him like a child. Because actually he needed that kind of care in that condition. When my husband regained consciousness he asked me various things like- Where is our luggage and what actually happened to us. Luggage was on and under my bed and it was safe. Then I told my husband about the guy who tried to rape me. My husband told this to the doctor so the doctor came to me asking me –“ Was that man from hospital staff?” So I told him about that guy and about the incident. When he heard it he became enraged with anger and he also became upset with me that why didn’t I tell him when that guy was here. He said if he would have get hold of that person he would have finished him.

Sayamasundara Dasa: After this I remember that I was alone and everything was quiet. The pain medicines started to show its effect. Still I didn’t know if I was going to live or die. I just remember repeatedly praying – I just want to serve Krishna, I just want to serve Krishna.

Sundari Radhika devi dasi: At that time devotees from Vrindavana- Devananda pandit arrived with maha garlands, maha tulasi and photos of Krishna Balarama, Radha Shyamasundara and Goura Nitai. I was still dressed in sari and I didn’t get any medical aid- nothing. I complained to the nurse for my more and more intense pain in my neck and head. So they put me on infusion and gave me pain killer injection. I couldn’t move my body at all. So we spend that night in the hospital in Koushik. It was night of pain. Pain killers didn’t help me and I remember that it was a terrible night.

Sayamasundara Dasa: I remember at 3 o clock in the morning because the pain came back. So from 3 ‘o’clock to 7 o clock I was in agony and nobody came to help me. Then finally some nurse came and at my request she gave me another injection.

Sundari Radhika devi dasi: So next morning devotees from Vrindavan- Devananda pandit Prabhu, Annanta Lila Prabhu, Vraja Bihari Prabhu and Varada krishna’s uncle( a doctor) came to visit us. Varada’s Krishna’s uncle talked to me and examined my physical condition saying that I was in more serious danger than my husband. He told me that I should not move at all as it may cause worse damage to the point of being paralyzed and that he worries a lot about my condition. He repeated it several times pointing his finger towards me trying to convince me how serious it was. Ofcourse his words really frighten me as I was not really aware of my real situation until he told me.

Sayamasundara Dasa: Next thing I remember was speaking to Varada Krishna’s uncle and after some discussion I could see that he was competent and I decided to accept his best judgment on what we should do next. Then I recall waking up to having 2 doctors arguing over what should be done with me. Then I realized that 2 ambulances have come from Delhi to pick up me and my wife to bring us back to Delhi. But they had somehow forgotten to inform the dr. whose patient I was. I felt very bad about this because this man has literally saved my life. I spoke to the doctor from Delhi and I told him that how this man has saved my life and I feel bad that he was feeling insulted. I requested to see the doctor from Koushik before I left. When he came I took his hand and I expressed my sincere gratitude to the bottom of my heart. He told me that he has personally attended me from 3 pm till 1 am.

Sundari Radhika devi dasi: So the situation was tragicomical for me. In the sense that doctors from Delhi wanted to take us out in the ambulance but the doctors from Koushik started to yell at the hospital staff from Delhi-“What are you doing here? Who are you? These are my patients.” Then ofcourse I and my husband didn’t know about this arrangement. So in one sense I felt very bad in front of doctors from Koushik that nobody informed him about our shifting to another hospital. I felt deeply grateful to him. So I just thank him with my words for taking care of me and my husband. So then he started to shout again on the staff from Max hospital from Delhi, pushing them out of the room-“Get out from here, Get out from here”. And then doctor from Delhi hospital said “Why should we go outside. We came to take them to our hospital.” Then doctors from Koushik said “Who allowed you to come inside with your shoes on. So all of you either take off your shoes or get out.” So the staff tried to calm down both the doctors and to separate them to avoid the physical fight. So somehow it was decided that we would be shifted to Max superspecial Delhi hospital. Doctor from Koushik finally agreed to let the Delhi doctors do what they have to do. So then we were shifted to Max superspecial hospital which is the best hospital in Delhi.

Sayamasundara Dasa: Then I recalled being put into the ambulance and driving 2 hours to Delhi. All along I was talking to the doctor about different philosophical topics and preaching to him. Then in the hospital I recalled going through series of diaganostic tests of X-rays, CAT- scan and MRI’s all in a semi conscious state. Next thing I recall is that I was in the ICU with several physicians and one of them being Dr. Sandeep Vaisya. They were glowing because they were able to give me some good news. Because often in such cases they have to give very bad news to the people. So they told us that I had serious injuries but they were happy to say that we would have 100% recovery within 90 days. I was definitely happy to hear that. Dr. Vaisya also suggested that after approximately one month they might give me treatment called wibroplasty procedure in which cement is injected in the broken vertebrae to give it strength to carry weight. But they would only decide to do that after one month. Then I inquired about my wives condition. One doctor very bluntly said “She has a broken neck”. And then they suggested that she had this halo put over her neck as the only possible treatment to immobilize her neck to prevent any serious consequences such as paralysis. I immediately agreed and instructed them to “Make it happen”.

Sundari Radhika devi dasi: Same day I was sent on X-rays and I was diagnosed that my neck was broken. Doctors told me that Krishna personally saved me from being paralyzed from neck down. So they decided that I should not move my head and neck. Otherwise paralyze may happen. So in order to prevent the condition worse than that they decided that I had to go for an hour’s operation where they had to put halo which is literally bolted into my skull connected with a jacket on my upper part of body. It is meant to immobilize my neck from moving. Operation was under local anesthetics and when dr. put me on my feet after operation I started to faint and doctors lay me down on bed. When they put halo on my head I had a feeling that 5-10 kgs of weight was pushing me down and I couldn’t keep my balance. My body was weak because I didn’t eat for two days, due to pain and whole stress about accident. So my first night with halo on my head I felt pain, pain, pain and discomfort. I couldn’t take any tablets or pills because I had a sensitive stomach- high pitta. My head was not supported by the pillow but suspended by four metal bolds screwed into my skull. In my mind grandfather Bhismadeva appeared laying down on the bed of arrows. I started to pray to him to give me relief and tolerance. At the same time I felt ashamed to be in such condition to due to my sinful reactions.

Sayamasundara Dasa: We stayed in the hospital for 9 days from 4th Septemper to 12th September. We spent approximately 2 days in ICU( intensive care unit) and then we were transferred to a private room. I was suffering from tremendous pain. For example, even under heavy sedation, even a feather like touch to my left hand would have been screaming in pain. I didn’t want to eat because the food was tasteless. It was as if I was eating dry wood. The doctors became worried that I was not eating anything and I also noticed that I turned very week because of it. So I forced myself to eat to get strength. We were both in extremely humiliating position. I could not even perform the simplest bodily function without somebody else’s help. I have to answer the calls of nature in front of other people. Without their help I couldn’t do it. I was wearing adult dippers. I couldn’t be out of bed so they were giving me what was called sponge bath but no sponges were involved. Part of the bathing process they had to turn me on to my side very carefully in what is called as “logroll”. At that time they would wash my back. Because I had been lying on my back for 24 hours it was extremely pleasant to have somebody touch and massage my back. I was actually feeling ecstasy and I didn’t want to stop it. I was joking with the nurses that my wife should not hear me making such ecstatic sounds by being touched by another women. My wife was just on the next bed beside me. I even had somebody to brush my teeth because it was extremely painful for me to hold my toothbrush.

Almost all the nurses were Christians from Kerala particular Kotayam. They liked me very much because I had lived in Kerala earlier for two years and I knew the place. I often preached to them starting with the premise that God was not a Christian or a Muslim or Hindu. Just keeping in at the level that we are all servants of God, trying to keep it away from either Christianity or Hinduism. I often asked the nurses if they prayed. Surprisingly many of them were very serious and some of them chant their rosary several times a day. Because they have to see the horrible things at the work on daily basis. Returning to my point when I asked them if they prayed, I said that they should do so with full concenteration. Because the world is a dangerous place. Same thing which happened to me could happen to them. They could find themselves placed down in the dirt, covered in blood, body smashed, struggling to pray. So now was the time to practice. They could appreciate my words. Although that was not the temple, I very much appreciated that all the doctors, nurses and staff were very religious people.

Sundari Radhika devi dasi: Doctor Divya, my physiotherapist told me once “I am going to chant on my mala now and will come to visit you in 1 hour after I finish my chanting.” So I had a feeling that I was surrounded by such pious people which was really nice. By performing their job of serving other people they were constantly accumulating good karmas.

Sayamasundara Dasa: I found all the staff specially the nurses to be very kind, caring and compassionate. Several of the doctors and staff regularly went to Vrindavan. One of them told me how he was a devotee of Govardan hill. So I was preaching to him and say that you should visit our ashram near Govardhan hill and get a copy of Brihad Bhagvat Amrta. I explained that Srila Prabhupada said that if one wants to understand what is devotional service and Bhakti yoga it has to be this book. Then I gave him the concise description of part I of Brihad Bhagvat Amrta.

Sundari Radhika devi dasi: Standing beside my husband’s bed was one of the Hindu nurses. She was attentively listening to everything he said. Later after he had finished speaking she told me that he was speaking as if he was in Dwarka seeing all those things. He is not from this world.

Sayamasundara Dasa: In this way we had many opportunities to preach. Still I was anxious to leave the hospital and come to the Raadha Paarthsarthi temple’s guest house. My wife and me came from the hospital to the temple in ambulances and were carried by strechers to our rooms, which had an outfit like hospital with hospital beds and all required paraphernalia. Being in the temple was a great relief. I personally felt that we were being embraced by Sri Sri Radha Parthsarthi, Sita Ram Lakshman Hanuman and Gour Nitai and were now under their personal care and protection. They send so many wonderful and nice devotees coming to take care of us. We were both personally touched by the warm and loving treatment that we are receiving even though we practically knew no one in the Delhi temple before this time. But now we are making many new friends and establishing new relationships and we feel personally deep gratitude to all kind of services provided to us when we were so helpless.

Sundari Radhika devi dasi: I was born the day after Radhashtmi according to lunar calendar. So on that day at morning I said to my husband “ This will be first time that I will not celeberate my birthday”. Conditioned as I am, I felt a little bit sadness in my heart. So I said to my husband “ This year I didn’t deserve any celeberation so I just have to accept it in this way.” And I forgot about my birthday. Almost before I went to sleep at evening somebody was knocking on our door. When door was opened it was a whole group of devotees matajis and prabhus, some of whom I never met before. They came with smiling faces, nectarian cake beautiful framed picture of Sri Sri Radha Parth sarthi and best wishes and prayers in all respects. We had very sweet kirtan and I felt very surprised and deeply touched. So I would like to thank to Amrita kanta mataji and her husband Prem kishore Prabhu, Guru Gauranga Prabhu, madhu mangla Prabhu, bhaktin Arpita and Rati presta devi dasi and other kind devotees from Delhi temple and congregation who are extended mercy of Srila Prabhupada, Krishna and Srimati Radharani. We would like to thank mother Rati presta for very patiently coming for several days and transcribing our story.

Sayamasundara Dasa: I received several telephone calls from concerned God sisters and God brothers. Eventually they asked how is it that the ‘astrologer’ could not foresee this accident and avoid it? This question reveals that people in general have a misunderstanding of the life style of the astrologer and thus they make several assumptions. The first assumption is the assumption of time. They assumed I spent all my time studying my own horoscope. I stopped studying my own horoscope about 1987. I do spent a lot of time looking at horoscopes but other people’s not my own. Even my wife complaints that I don’t read her horoscope. She met an astrologer who doesn’t read her horoscope. It’s like a case of a shoe maker whose children are without shoes or a sweet maker who doesn’t eats sweets.

The second assumption was that I could be objective in reading my own horoscope. It is very difficult to be objective to read the horoscopes of people whom you love and people whom you hate. That is another reason why I don’t read my wife’s horoscope. She is my wife and how can I make objective reading of her horoscope. For the same reason a physician would not give treatment to a close family member and hands them over to another physician.

And the third reason is explained in the 15th chapter of the Bhagvad Gita by Lord Krishna. It is stated that there are two types of living entities- Fallible and the infallible. In the spiritual world everybody is infallible and in the material world every body is fallible and above these two is Krishna as a supreme person. Therefore as a resident of material world I am fallible that is why I say “ astrology is perfect astrologers are not”.

According to the medical diagnosis my wife and I would have 100% recovery but I will have to remain in bed for next 9 weeks. It is still very painful specially muscles pains in my back. But I am told by the doctors that the pain should subside in two or three weeks. So considering the seriousness of the accident I feel very lucky because the results could have been much worse. We could have been killed, paralysed or horribly disfigured. Instead I can expect 100% recovery after 9 more weeks as a guest of Radha Parthsarthi.

So at this time we would both like to thank all those devotees who have kept us in their prayers and their thoughts. It means a lot to us . every moment we say, “ Vaancha kalpa taru bhaiyas cha kripa sindu bhayiva cha patitaanama pavanaibhayo vaishnaivaibhayo namo namah” so we are literally surviving by the mercy of the vaishnavas. And we would specially like to acknowledge and thank all those devotees who gave practical assistance of the critical nature, to Hari Sauri Prabhu and Gopal Krishna Goswami for working out an arrangement by which Delhi temple is giving us a 90 days loan of 1.5 lacks as well as accommodation in the guest house. As well as providing us with hands, legs and eyes of wonderful devotees like Guru Gaurang Prabhu who is practically serving us 24 hours a day and other caring devotees in the Delhi temple.

Madusudan hari Prabhu and his wife Radha Shakti immediately flew up from Banglore day after the accident on Janamashtmi day to come to help us on our time of need and rendered valuable service to us. They also lent us 70 thousand Rs. of his own money for medical cost. When Dayaram Prabhu found out what happened he gave 1 lakh Rs to Madhu sudan Prabhu to bring to delhi for our medical aid. So we are really indebted to these devotees and also my friend Vikas sharma in Africa who also gave a sizeable donation to help us . I also want to thank Bhaktin Anita for the invaluable service that she rendered to my wife. I would also like to mention my special thanks to Nrsmhananda Prabhu and HH Danavir Goswami and Gour Gadhadar Prabhu who is handling my emails.

Sundari Radhika devi dasi: Also I would like to thank to Bhaktin Anita from Banglore. At the time of accident she was studying Bhakti Shastri in Vrindavan. When she heard about our accident she immediately came to Mangal hospital in Koushik. And decided to be with me as long as I will need her help. Then she moved with me to Delhi hospital and was available to me 24 hours a day by being in the same room with me. Nursing me as the best nurse, friend and mother. She was very tender, gentle, humble, tolerant and compassionate. Although she didn’t hesitate to do anything even things which nurses would hesitate to do. Although I was in pain and some times half conscious due to pain at the same time we were able to laugh and feeling good inspite of the circumstances. Another person I feel grateful is to my Guru maharaj HH Bhakti Vikas Swami who came in contact with my husband and myself immediately after he heard about the accident. His words were like a balm on my wounds. He gave me instruction how to use this situation for preaching instead of lamenting.

Sayamasundara Dasa: Because we were both in great pain and under heavy sedation and in semi consciousness most of the times we may have forgotten some of the people who helped us. Please forgive us for that. If any body wants to contact me, my number in Delhi is: 91-9953002971. They should call between 11 am to 7pm according to Indian time. If anybody would like to offer any practical support they can contact Hari Sauri Prabhu at his email id :

Lord Caitanya Preached pure bhakti / constitution of the soul
Flood Update Report: Relief Work begins

5 Responses to “A glimpse of hell and then the mercy of Lord Krishna and His devotees”

  1. Madhavananda Das (Orissa) says :

    Hare Krishna! What a story Prabhuji. I’m so happy to know that you and your wife are recovering nicely.

    Any chance of finding the taxi driver? What a rascal.

    We will be coming to Delhi in a few days, I hope to visit you then. I hope that you have a good rest and get better soon.

    Your servant,
    Madhavananda Das

  2. I have to apologise to Shyamasundara prabhu and the readers of this article. After Shyama and his wife had dictated the article, and it was written up by a friend in Delhi, I was supposed to edit it. I did so, and then sent it along to for posting. And now to my surprise, it is the original un-edited version, and try as I might, I can’t find any sign of the edited one, which I spent many hours working on. Oh well, computers!

    Just for the record, Shyama is not an Indian citizen, he is of course a Canadian one.

    My wife Sitala visited Shyama and Sundari a few days back. Her comment to me was, “I read about it, we talked with them on the phone about it, but to actually see the condition they are in was really shocking.”

    Shyama and Sundari also asked me to convey his sincerest thanks to all those well-wishers who wrote to express their prayers and best wishes, or who donated their hard earned laxmi to help with their medical expenses. He is still unable to answer emails yet, because having two broken arms is a bit of handicap for typing. Plus he has to lay down all day so he can only see his computer with it lying on its side. Its a bit difficult….

    Your humble servant, Hari-sauri dasa

  3. kirtan says :

    Thanks for sharing your story. This will help devotees make better decisions like avoiding private taxis like the plague. There are comfortable buses that could take you from New delhi to Vrindavan. They are a little inconvenient but I am sure they are much safer.
    Also, please try to report your story to the local press and higher ranking police officials. Although this make be traumatic for you initially but it would help track down the robbing taxi driver and the molester.

  4. varahanarasimha says :

    Dear Shyamasundara Prabhu and M.Sundari Radhika
    Please accept my humble obaisences
    All glories to Srila Prabhupada
    You story is very telling about the dangers while driving in India, I hope everyone takes note of this.The stealing , all the improper behavior, the corruption of the police etc.
    It is extremely dangerous to drive with Taxi in India unless you have a good driver, and even then.
    Recently (January of this year) I went from Vrindavan to Delhi on my way for the opening of the temple in Tirupati, and the driver went through a crowded area where people where crossing the street ,with high speed.He hit the bicycle of two boys and send one of them flying.I wanted to stop but the Taxi driver refused.He said they would lynch him if he stopped.I looked through the back window, and luckely the boys where not hurt
    at least as far as I could see. (I wanted to stop and at least give them some money for the bicycle the driver had destroyed)….Also during the same trip coming from Delhi to Vrindavan at night one truck had hit a pedestrian and decapitated him .Often the truck drivers at night are drunk and often serious accidents takes place. especially on the road between Delhi and Agra .(sometimes called the Mathura road)…Indica cars are small and dangerous—(though cheaper) I believe from now on I will try to get a Sumo car that is stronger and does not so easy tip.
    And travelling at night is a no no for me from now on, I have learned a serious lesson from what you both went through.
    May Lord Narasimha protect you both.
    I constantly chant japa and pray to Lord Narasimha when I am on this road ,this material world is dangerous at every step especially on the Mathura road .
    Your humble servant
    Payonidhi das

  5. Lets please chant these protective Narasimha Kavachas for Shymasundara Prabhu and Mother Sundari Radhika:

    Sri Nrisimha Maha-mantra

    ugram viram maha-vishnum

    jvalantam sarvato mukham

    nrisimham bhishanam bhadram

    mrityur mrityum namamy aham

    “I bow down to Lord Narasimha who is ferocious and heroic like Lord Vishnu. He is burning from every side. He is terrific, auspicious and the death of death personified.”


    of the Trailokya Vijaya in the Samhita of Brahma

    1. Sri Narada-uvaca

    indr-adi deva vrndesa

    pateshvara jagat-pate

    maha vishnor nrisimhasya

    kavacho bruhi me prabho
    yasya prana thanad vidvan

    trilokya vijayi bhavet

    Sri Narad Muni said: “My dear father and lord, master of the Universe, lord of the multitude of demigods headed by Indra, kindly tell me the kavaca mantra of Lord Nrsimha, the incarnation of Visnu. O master, reading this kavaca aloud, a learned man will become victorious throughout the three worlds.”

    2. sri brahmovaca

    srinu narada vaksyami

    putra shrestha tapodhana

    kavacham narasimhasya

    trailokya vijaya bhavet

    “Lord Brahma said: My dear Narada, please hear me. O best of my sons, who are rich in austerity, I shall speak this kavaca of Lord Narasimha, which gives victory over the three worlds.”

    3. yasya prapathanad vayami

    trailokya vijayi bhavet

    shresthaham jagatam vatsa

    pathanat dharanat yataha

    “My dear boy, by recitation of this kavaca an eloquent person will become victorious throughout the three worlds. It is by reciting this and meditating deeply on it that I (lord Brahma) am the creator of all these planetary systems.”

    4. laksmir jagat-trayam pati

    samharta cha maheshvaraha

    pathanad dharanad deva

    babhuvush cha digishvaraha

    “It is by reciting and meditating upon this that Laksmi maintains the three worlds, and Lord Siva destroys them. Also the demigods in this way became controllers of the different directions.”

    5. brahma mantra nayam vakshye

    bhutadi vinvakaram

    yasya prasadad durvasa

    trailokya vijayi munih

    pathanad dharanad yasya

    shasta cha krodha bhairavaha

    “I shall speak this essence of all Vedic mantras, which wards off all kinds of ghosts and hobgoblins. By its grace the sage Durvasa became victorious throughout the three worlds, commanding respect and most fearful in his anger.”

    6. trailokya-vijayasyasa

    kavachasya prajapatih

    rshish chandash cha gayatri

    nrisimho devata vibhuhu

    “For this kavaca, which is directly perceived as giving victory over the three worlds, I (Brahma) am the Rsi, Gayatri is the metre, and the all powerful Nrsimhadev is the Deity.”

    7+ 8 ksraum bijam me shirah pati

    chandra-varno maha-manuhu

    “ugram viram maha-visnum

    jvalantam sarvatomukham

    nrisimham bhishanam bhadram

    mrtyu-mrtyum namamy aham”

    dva-trimshad aksharo mantro

    mantra-rajah sura drumaha

    “One should place Lord Nrsimha’s mantra bija, ksraum, on one’s head, thinking, ‘May my head be protected by the moon-colored one, who is the greatest among humans. My obeisances unto the ferocious and powerful, the great Visnu, the fiery one, who’s faces are on all sides, the fearful one, Nrsimha, who causes the death of even death personified, or the one who can overcome death.’ One should place this mantra, composed of thirty two syllables upon his head. It is the king of all mantras. It is like a wish fulfilling tree for the demigods and devotees.”

    9. kantham patu dhruvam ksraum hrid

    bhagavato chakshusha mama

    narasimhaya cha jvala

    maline patu mastakam

    “One should also place ksraum firmly upon his neck for protection. Placing the word bhagavate upon his heart, narasimhaya upon his two eyes, and jvala maline on the top of his head, one meditates upon the different parts of this narasimha mantra protecting the different parts of his body.”

    10. dipta-damshtraya cha tatha

    agni netraya cha nasikam

    sarva-raksho-ghnaya sarva

    bhuta-vinashanaya cha

    “One should place on his nose the syllables dipta damstraya agni netraya sarva rakso ghnaya sarva bhuta vinasanaya. (Obeisances unto Him, whose teeth are blazing, whose eyes are fire, and who destroys all ghosts and raksasas.)”

    11. sarva-jvara-vinashaya

    daha daha pacha dvayam

    raksha raksha sarva-mantra

    svaha patu mukham mama

    “Meditating on the protection of one’s face, one should place there the syllables ‘sarva jvara vinasaya daha daha paca paca raksa raksa. ksraum ugram viram maha visnum jvalanatam sarvatomukham nrsimham bhisanam bhadram mrtyu mrtyum namamy aham. ksraum bhagavate narasimhya jvalamaline dipta damstrayagni netraya sarva rakso ghnaya sarva bhuta vinasanaya svaha’. (This means: Unto He who vanquishes all fevers, oblations. Burn and burn, cook and cook, protect protect. My obeisances unto the ferocious and powerful, the great Visnu, the fiery one whose faces are on all sides, the fearful one, Nrsimha, who causes the death of even death personified, or who can overcome even death. Unto the Personality of Godhead Narasimha, garlanded with blazing energy, whose teeth are glowing and whose eyes are fiery, who kills all raksasas and demons and annihilates the ghosts, to You my oblations)”

    12. taradi ramachandraya

    namah payad gudam mama

    klim payat pani-yugmam cha

    taram namah padam tataha

    narayanaya parshvam cha

    am hrim kraum kshraum cha hum phat

    “Meditating on the protection of one’s rectum, one should first sip water for purification and chant om Ramacandra namah. Sipping water again one should place the bija mantra klim on both of his hands together. Thereafter one should place om namah on his feet and narayanaya on his side, as well as the bija mantras am hrim kraum ksraum hum phat.”

    13. varaksarah katim patu

    om namah bhagavate padam

    vasudevaya cha prishtham

    klim krishnaya uru-dvayam

    “Praying for the protection of one’s waist, one should place there the varaksara Om. One should place the syllables om namo bhagavate upon his feet, vasudevaya on his back, and klim krsnaya upon his two thighs.”

    14. klim krishnaya sada patu

    januni cha manuttamaha

    klim glaum klim syamalangaya

    namah payat pada dvayam

    “Upon his knees, one should place the mantra klim krsnaya, thinking that the Lord may always protect me in His form as the best of human beings. Then one should sip water for purification and place the mantra klim glaum klim syamalangaya namah upon his feet.”

    15. kshraum narasimhaya kshraum cha

    sarvangam me sadavatu

    “One should meditate upon the constant protection of the body, placing the mantra kshraum narasimhaya kshraum upon all his limbs.”

    16. iti te kathitam vatsa


    tava snehan mayakhyatam

    pravaktavyam na kasyachit

    “Lord Brahma continued: My dear boy, thus I have told you the embodiment of the potencies of all mantras. Because of your great affection I have explained it to you, although it is not to be spoken to just anyone.”

    17. guru-pujam vidhayatha

    grihniyat kavacham tataha

    sarva-punya-yuto bhutva

    sarva-siddhi-yuto bhavet

    “Having performed worship of the spiritual master, one may accept this kavaca. Having become enriched in his pious activities he will attain all perfections.”

    18. shatam ashtottaram chaiva

    purashcharya vidhih smritaha

    havanadin dashamshena

    kritva sadhaka-sattamaha

    “Performing the ritualistic ceremonies of purification (purascarya) one hundred and eight times is equal to one tenth the effect received by that best of devotees who chants this kavaca.”

    19. tatas tu siddha-kavacaha

    punyatma madanopaman

    sparddham uddhuya bhavana

    lakshmir vani vaset tataha

    “Laksmi, the Goddess of fortune, and Sarasvati, the Goddess of speech and learning, reside in the home of that fortunate soul who has become perfected by this kavaca, giving up the intoxication of competing with others for supremacy.”

    20. pushpanjalyashtakam dattva

    mulenaiva pathet sakrit

    api varsa sahasranam

    pujayah phalam apnuyat

    “Simply offering eight times puspajali and reading only once the original version, one attains the result of even a thousand years of worship.”

    21. bhurje vilikhya gutikam

    svarnastham dharayed yadi

    kanthe va dakshine bahau

    narasimho bhavet svayam

    “If one write this down on a leaf or bark of a tree and keeps it within a golden capsule on his neck or right arm, Lord Nrsimhadev will be personally present.”

    22. yoshid vama-bhuje chaiva

    purusho dakshine kare

    vibhryat kavacham punyam

    sarva-siddhi-yuto bhavet

    “A woman may keep it on her left arm, a man on the right hand. Certainly this most auspicious kavaca brings all perfection to the bearer.”

    23. kaka-vandhya cha ya nari

    mrita-vatsa cha ya bhavet

    janma-vandhya nashta putra

    bahu-putravati bhavet

    “A woman who is totally barren, or who bears only one child, or whose sons are lost or dead may become possessed of many sons.”

    24. kavachasya prasadena

    jivan mukta bhaven-naraha

    trilokyam kshobhayasyeva

    trailokya vijayi bhavet

    “By the grace of this kavaca, a man becomes jivan mukta, liberated soul even within this life time. He is able to move the whole universe, and certainly becomes victorious throughout the three worlds.”

    25. bhuta-preta-pishachash cha

    rakshasa danavash cha ye

    tam drishtva prapalayante

    deshad deshantaram dhruvam

    “Certainly bhutas, pretas, pisacas, raksasas, and danavas all immediately flee from the country and go to another upon seeing it.”

    26. yasmin gehe cha kavacham

    grame va yadi tishthati

    tam deshantu parityajya

    prayanti chatidurantaha

    “In the home or even the same village where this kavaca exists, all such demoniac creatures, once having understood its presence, give up that place and go far away.”

    Thus ends the Sri Nrsimha Kavaca, of the Trailokya Vijaya in the Samhita of Brahma.

    Sri Nrisimha Kavacha of Prahlad

    from the Brahmanda Purana.

    shri nrisimha kavacha-stotram

    nrisimha-kavacham vakshye
    prahladenoditam puraa

    sarva-raksha-karam punyam

    1. I shall now recite the Narasimha-kavacha, formerly spoken by Prahlada Maharaja. It is most pious, vanquishes all kinds of impediments, and provides one all protection.

    sarva-sampat-karam chaiva

    dhyaatva nrisimham devesham
    hema-sinhaasana sthitamah

    2. It bestows upon one all opulences and can give one elevation to the heavenly planets or liberation. One should meditate on Lord Narasimha, Lord of the universe, seated upon a golden throne.

    vivritasyam tri-nayanam

    vibhuutibhi rupaashritam

    3. His mouth is wide open, He has three eyes, and He is as radiant as the autumn moon. He is embraced by Lakshmi devi on his left side, and His form is the shelter of all opulences, both material and spiritual.

    chatur-bhujam komalaangam


    4. The Lord has four arms, and His limbs are very soft. He is decorated with golden earrings. His chest is resplendent like the lotus flower, and His arms are decorated with jewel-studded ornaments.


    sphuran manikya-diptibhih

    5. He is dressed in a spotless yellow garment, which exactly resembles molten gold. He is the original cause of existence, beyond the mundane sphere, for the great demigods headed by Indra. He appears bedecked with rubies which are blazingly effulgent.


    garutmata cha vinayat
    stuyamanam mudanvitam

    6. His two feet are very attractive, and He is armed with various weapons such as the conch, disc, etc. Garuda joyfully offers prayers with great reverence.

    kritvaa tu kavacham pathet

    nrisimho me shirah patu


    7. Having seated Lord Narasimhadeva upon the lotus of one’s heart, one should recite the following mantra: “May Lord Nrisimha, who protects all the planetary systems, protect my head.”

    sarvago ‘pi stambha vasaha
    phalam me rakshatu dhvanim

    nrisimho me drishau paatu

    8. Although the Lord is all-pervading, He hid Himself within a pillar. May He protect my speech and the results of my activities. May Lord Narasimha, whose eyes are the sun, and fire, protect my eyes.

    smritam me patu nriharih

    nasam me simha-nasas tu
    mukham lakshmi-mukha-priyaha

    9. May Lord Nrihari, who is pleased by the prayers offered by the best of sages, protect my memory. May He who has the nose of a lion protect my nose, and may He whose face is very dear to the goddess of fortune protect my mouth.

    sarva-vidyadhipaha patu
    nrisimho rasanam mama

    vaktram patv indu-vadanam
    sada prahlaada-vanditaha

    10. May Lord Narasimha, who is the knower of all sciences, protect my sense of taste. May He whose face is beautiful as the full moon and who is offered prayers by Prahlada Maharaja protect my face.

    Nrisimha patu me kantham
    skandhau bhu-bhrid ananta krit

    nrisimhah patu me bhujaha

    11. May Lord Narasimha protect my throat. He is the sustainer of the earth and the performer of unlimitedly wonderful activities. May He protect my shoulders. His arms are resplendent with transcendental weapons. May He protect my shoulders.

    karau me deva-varado
    nrisimhah patu sarvataha

    hridayam yogi-sadhyash cha
    nivasam patu me harih

    12. May the Lord, who bestows benedictions upon the demigods, protect my hands, and may He protect me from all sides. May He who is achieved by the perfect yogis protect my heart, and may Lord Hari protect my dwelling place.

    madhyam patu hiranyaksha

    nabhim me patu nriharihi

    13. May He who ripped apart the chest and abdomen of the great demon HiraNyaaksha protect my waist, and may Lord Nrihari protect my navel. He is offered prayers by Lord Brahmaa, who has sprung from his own navel.

    brahmanda-kotayah katyam
    yasyasau patu me katim

    guhyam me patu guhyanam
    mantranam guhya-rupa-drik

    14. May He on whose hips rest all the universes protect my hips. May the Lord protect my private parts. He is the knower of all mantras and all mysteries, but He Himself is not visible.

    uru manobhavah patu
    januni nara-ruupa-drik

    janghe patu dhara-dhara
    harta yo ‘sau nri-keshari

    15. May He who is the original Cupid protect my thighs. May He who exhibits a human-like form protect my knees. May the remover of the burden of the earth, who appears in a form which is half-man and half-lion, protect my calves.

    sura-rajya-pradah patu
    padau me nriharishvarah

    patu me sarvashas tanum

    16. May the bestower of heavenly opulence protect my feet. He is the Supreme Controller in the form of a man and lion combined. May the thousand-headed Supreme enjoyer protect my body from all sides and in all respects.

    mahograh purvatah patu
    maha-viragrajo ‘ghnitaha

    maha-vishnur dakshine tu
    maha-jvalas tu nairritaha

    17. May that most ferocious personality protect me from the east. May He who is superior to the greatest heroes protect me from the southeast, which is presided over by Agni. May the Supreme Vishnu protect me from the south, and may that person of blazing luster protect me from the southwest.

    pashchime patu sarvesho
    dishi me sarvatomukhaha

    nrisimhah patu vayavyam
    saumyam bhushana-vigrahaha

    18. May the Lord of everything protect me from the west. His faces are everywhere, so please may He protect me from this direction. May Lord Narasimha protect me from the northwest, which is predominated by Vaayu, and may He whose form is in itself the supreme ornament protect me from the north, where Soma resides.

    ishanyam patu bhadro me

    samsara-bhayatah patu
    mrityor mrityur nrikeshari

    19. May the all-auspicious Lord, who Himself bestows all-auspiciousness, protect from the northeast, the direction of the sun-god, and may He who is death personified protect me from fear of the rotation of birth and death in this material world.

    idam nrisimha-kavacham

    bhaktiman yah pathenaityam
    sarva-papaih pramuchyate

    20. This Narasimha-kavacha has been ornamented by issuing from the mouth of Prahlada Maharaja. A devotee who reads this becomes freed from all sins.

    putravan dhanavan loke
    dirghayur upajayate

    kamayate yam yam kamam
    tam tam prapnoty asamshayam

    21. Whatever one desires in this world he can attain without doubt. One can have wealth, many sons, and a long life.

    sarvatra jayam apnoti
    sarvatra vijayii bhavet

    grahanam vini varanam

    22. He becomes victorious who desires victory, and indeed becomes a conqueror. He wards off the influence of all planets, earthly, heavenly, and everything in between.

    vishhapaharanam param


    23. This is the supreme remedy for the poisonous effects of serpents and scorpions, and Brahma-raakshasa ghosts and Yakshas are driven far away.

    bhuje va tala-patre va
    kavacham likhitam shubham

    kara-mule dhritam yena
    sidhyeyuh karma-siddhayaha

    24. One may write this most auspicious prayer on his arm, or inscribe it on a palm-leaf and attach it to his wrist, and all his activities will become perfect.

    svam svam eva jayam labhet

    eka-sandhyam tri-sandhyam va
    yah pathen niyato naraha

    25. One who regularly chants this prayer, whether once or thrice (daily), he becomes victorious whether among demigods, demons, or human beings.

    bhuktim muktim cha vindati

    pathet shuddhatmanam nrinam

    26. One who with purified heart recites this prayer 32,000 times attains the most auspicious of all auspicious things, and material enjoyment and liberation are already understood to be available to such a person.

    kavachasyasya mantrasya

    anena mantra-rajena
    kritva bhasmabhir mantranam

    27. This Kavacha-mantra is the king of all mantras. One attains by it what would be attained by anointing oneself with ashes and chanting all other mantras.

    tilakam vinyased yas tu
    tasya graha-bhayam haret

    tri-varam japamanas tu
    dattam varyabhimantrya cha

    28. Having marked ones body with tilaka, taking achamana with water, and reciting this mantra three times, one will find that the fear of all inauspicious planets is removed.

    prasayed yo naro mantram
    nrisimha-dhyanam acharet

    tasya rogah pranashyanti
    ye cha syuh kukshi-sambhavaha

    29. That person who recites this mantra, meditating upon Lord Narasimhadeva, has all of his diseases vanquished, including those of the abdomen.

    garjantam garjayantam nija-bhuja-patalam sphotayantam hatantam
    rupyantam tapayantam divi bhuvi ditiyam kshepayantam kshipantam

    krandantam roshayantam dishi dishi satantam samharantam bharantam
    vikshantam purnayantam kara-nikara-shatair divya-simham namami

    30. Lord Narasimha roars loudly and causes others to roar. With His multitudes of arms He tears the demons asunder and kills them in this way. He is always seeking out and tormenting the demonic descendants of Diti, both on this earth planet and in the higher planets, and He throws them down and scatters them. He cries with great anger as He destroys the demons in all directions, yet with His unlimited hands He sustains, protects, and nourishes the cosmic manifestation. I offer my respectful obeisances to the Lord, who has assumed the form of a transcendental lion.

    iti shri brahmanda-purane prahladoktam
    shri nrisimha-kavacham sampurnam

    Thus ends the Narasimha-kavacha as it is described by Prahlada Maharaja in the Brahmanda Purana.