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Dandavats! All Glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga!

October Newsletter 2007

Monday, 01 October 2007 / Published in Caru Das, Newsletters / 2,319 views

By Caru Das

October 2007
Membership Newsletter

In This Issue
Festival Schedule
Plaque Honors Donors
Radio Krishna
Contact Info
Cultural Conquest
Magical Evening
Mantra Meditation Workshop
Arches Rounded
Vai’s Paintings
Gita verse

Upcoming Festival Schedule

Temple after dark w crowd

·Saturday. November 10, 6 pm
Diwali, Festival of Lights

·Saturday March 1, 5 pm
Shiva Ratri, Night of Lord Shiva

·Saturday March 29, 4 pm
Holi, Festival of Colors

Plaque Honors Donor Members

Member Plaque

Just to the right after entering the temple there is now a handsome, plaque, designed by Jairam, to honor all those whose generosity helped build and continue to maintain the Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple. Attached to the board are 126 names (and room to add more) of sponsors who have given amounts between $1,111.00 and $ 276,000.00

Happy Hunting Story


An engineer, physicist and statistician went hunting one day.

The engineer spotted a deer and correctly calculated the distance. His shot kicked up dust three feet to the left.

The physicist, trying to calculate the wind factor, shot just three feet to the right of the deer.

The statistician said, “We got him. We got him!”

Radio Krishna on the Internet

Ramayan Actors

Download to your Desktop:  
Win : Mac

Right now I’ve heard your appeal at Krishna Internet Radio to write you some feedback. Please, don’t stop with this service. Listening to your broadcast is for me like drinking enlivening nectarious water in the desert at my work,.. I put my headphones on and this unpleasant environment is immediately more bearable.
I believe there is more such thankful listeners as me. So, please, just continue, if you can.
Thank you for your service!
Prague, Czech Republic

I would like to humbly thank you for the KHQN radio station.  I play it for hours and hours at a time – it has the right mixture of bhajans, contemporary music, drama and lectures.  I especially like the “Vedic series” lectures presented by yourself – faithful to Srila Prabhupada’s words and peppered with western pop/rock.

Keep up the good work
Mick (UK)

Temple Hours

Ramayan Actors

Daily Deity Darshan
6 am – 8 pm

Tours, Vegetarian Buffet,
Gift Store

10 am – 7 pm

Radhe Krishna Temple Contacts

  • Vaibhavi Devi: Volunteer Service (801) 798-3559
Ramayan Actors
  • Caru Das: Membership, Donations and Pujas (801) 787-1510
  • Mekala: Temple Secretary, (801) 916-8361

Cultural Conquest
21st Annual Festival of India

Temple after dark w crowd

Saturday September 15 Festival of India crowd
shattered all records.
Estimates of up to 5,000

people crowded in front of two different
the temple room, and the gift store. Throughout
the evening
there were two lines for prasadam
meals, each extending 100 feet in
Several henna artists had their hands full,
and Madan Manohara,
a palm reader on loan
from Tucson temple, was in such demand
his booth
was open until 1 am.


Magical Evening
Janmastami 2007

Temple after dark w crowd

I called for volunteers over 180 pounds to form
the base of the
pyramid, those under 180 to make
to second tier, and then Piyush scaled
the height.
Last year we went up four levels high. The human
collapsed in on itself four times (falling
bodies land on other falling
bodies so it’s quite
safe) before Piyush reached the 25 feet high pot

on the fifth attempt. This year’s was a less
experienced crew of mostly
westerners, but
they succeeded in ascending to the pot 25
feet high and
breaking it in on the first go.
Read More…

Temple after dark w crowd

Mantra Meditation

Arches Rounded at the Top

Rounded Arches

Embellishments to the temple are still going
on, though it may seem complete to many.
These rounded arch pieces (in the shadow)
were recently added in 12 places. There was
a rush to complete them before Janmastami,
so visitors could note the enhanced beauty.

Vaibhavi’s Paintings
Temple after dark w crowd

Vaibhavi is seen here putting the finishing
touches on a painting commissioned by Drs.
Bharat & Sudha Shah.

Temple after dark w crowd

In her youth Vaibhavi trained as a painter
at University of London, but
has only
intermittently been able to practice over
the years. She has
completed and sold
a few paintings and the walls of the temple
ashram are decorated with the rest.

Vai painting Radha

Donation Opportunities

·Diwali Sponsorship
November 10, 6 pm
    $ 108.00

·Go Dhan
Cow Maintenance
    $ 108

·Pushpa Dhan

  $ 108 Week

·Anna Dhan,
Sunday Feast 
    $ 108

·Life Membership
     $ 1,111.00

Krishna Temple
8628 S. State Rd.
Spanish Fork, Utah 84660
798-3559 / 787-1510

Donate by Paypal

*Temple will also greatly appreciate
donations of used vehicles in running
condition as well as used sarees, salva
kameez, cholis and slips.

Ramayan Actors

If you live at a distance from the temple
and would like to send used Indian clothes
in good condition, do the following:
1) Box and tape the items.  2) Address
the box(es) to Krishna Temple, 8628 S.
State Rd, Spanish Fork, Utah 84660
3) Take them to the nearest UPS store.
4) Have the UPS clerk call Caru Das’s
cell phone (801) 787-1510 with the freight
charges. Caru will pay the charges by
giving the temple debit card number over
the phone.

Ramayan Actors

Always chanting My glories, endeavoring
with great determination, bowing down
before Me, these great souls perpetually
worship Me with devotion.
Bhagavad Gita                                                                     

Iskcon owes us nothing
My realization at no request