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Thursday, 04 October 2007 / Published in Hari-sauri dasa, News / 7,742 views

AN INTERVIEW WITH PARTHA SARATHI DASA on the 30th of September and 3rd of October

By Hari-sauri dasa

* He first shouted out the name ‘Krsna!’ when he was six years old. He didn’t know what it meant at the time nor did his Jewish parents but it stuck with him.

* He first met the devotees in 1998.

* He is a sergeant on his fourth tour of duty in Iraq. He is in charge of ‘40 devotees’ as he put it.

* He has an asrama in his barracks in Iraq where he worships 3 Ugra Narasimha-shilas, big Laksmi-Narsimha and also Krsna-Balarama govardhan-shilas.

* The asrama is a small room. He sleeps on the floor and cooks for himself on a single hot plate.

* Some of his men are chanting and reading Srila Prabhupada’s books regularly (see photo of Bhakta Kennedy).

* He goes on missions everyday, for 12-16 hours a day.

* In his spare time he is building a ratha from materials donated by US contractors, and doing sankirtan.

* When I asked where he finds the time he replied, “I average 3 hours sleep so that I can maintain my sadhana, worship my Sila’s and preach.”

* He takes a shila out with him whenever he goes on a mission, and keeps Him in his body armor.

* On a recent mission he had to give medical aid to 56 dying Iraqis. Many of them died as he was treating them, so he was chanting to them, giving Jagannath prasadam in their mouths and placing his Ugra Nrsimha-shila on their heads as they left their bodies.

* He said they were very grateful to have some spiritual input while they were dying.

* He sent me the attached photo of his Krsna Balaram shilas. I told him, “They look really blissful, like They are enjoying your service like anything.”

* His reply: “I hope so… funny I have had a dream for the last 2 weeks, of 2 Govardhan Sila’s, saying “Come and take care of US, we are Radha Syama!'”

* I told him: “Haribol! You are really getting some special mercy there. Sounds like there is some transcendental competition going on for your services.”

* His reply: “Ha. I think They have pity on me. I also had a dream that a sadhu gave Vaish Prabhu (Vaisheseka dasa) and Kesava Bharati Goswami
2 Govardhan Silas for me.”

* In the short conversation we had today Oct. 3, he told me he was taking the day off because the mission he was on last night was hit by three IEDs – roadside bombs. So he is taking some time to try and recover his hearing.

* He is keeping a positive perspective on it all: “I lost most of my hearing in one ear last time and now I wear an earplug in the good one… but it did some damage.. So I walk around and scream to people standing next to me. Its actually humorous. Krsna is really amazing to put me through all this, just to bring out my attachment to Him and his devotees. If I never found this movement I would be mad at God, now I understand that He will give me exactly what I can handle and no more. That a life without KC is a wasted chance and I want to share that with others.”

* When he finishes this last tour next September 2008, he wants to visit India. It will be his first trip there.

* I would like to request the readers of to keep this great soul in their prayers and hearts and encourage him in his preaching. You can’t get more front-line than this! Please bless him so that he can visit the holy dhamas when his military business is finished.


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    Dear Partha Sarathi Prabhu
    Please accept hy humble obaisences
    All glories to Srila Prabhupada
    One devotee gave a class in Vrindavan ,around the time when US soldiers went into Iraq and he was expressing there would be nothing good coming out of it, my objection to this devotee was that even Iraq has now been opened up to preaching and you are the example of this.Lord Caitanya has stated when one goes to a new country and starts the sankirtana mission, I personally go with person, though he may appear alone. This is from Caitanya Bhagavad–You are blessing not only the soldiers there, but the whole of Iraq..Srila Prabhupada also commented that if anyone starts preaching in a muslim country I take his feet on my head. You are a hero in the army of Lord Caitanya–and actually a general.
    I pray Ugra Narasimha is protecting you I am very happy you are worshipping Ugra Narasimha Salagram Silas also.You Krsna-Balarama Govardhana Silas are beaming ,that is a sure sign of your devotional worship.I am sending the Narasimha Stuti here that has been chanted by Ksatriyas in wars for centuries, and the Narayana Kavacha armor from the 6 Canto.May Jvala Narasimha protect you from all sides, at all times, above below within and without.
    Thank you for all you preaching and devotional service.I hope I have the honor to meet you in person one day.
    Your humble servant
    Payonidhi das

    from this is the Narayana Kavacha

    SB 6.8.4-6: Viśvarūpa said: If some form of fear arrives, one should first wash his hands and legs clean and then perform ācamana by chanting this mantra: oḿ apavitraḥ pavitro vā sarvāvasthāḿ gato ‘pi vā/ yaḥ smaret puṇḍarīkākṣaḿ sa bahyābhyantaraḥ śuciḥ/ śrī-viṣṇu śrī-viṣṇu śrī-viṣṇu. Then one should touch kuśa grass and sit gravely and silently, facing north. When completely purified, one should touch the mantra composed of eight syllables to the eight parts of his body and touch the mantra composed of twelve syllables to his hands. Thus, in the following manner, he should bind himself with the Nārāyaṇa coat of armor. First, while chanting the mantra composed of eight syllables [oḿ namo nārāyaṇāya], beginning with the praṇava, the syllable oḿ, one should touch his hands to eight parts of his body, starting with the two feet and progressing systematically to the knees, thighs, abdomen, heart, chest, mouth and head. Then one should chant the mantra in reverse, beginning from the last syllable [ya], while touching the parts of his body in the reverse order. These two processes are known as utpatti-nyāsa and saḿhāra-nyāsa respectively.

    SB 6.8.7: Then one should chant the mantra composed of twelve syllables [oḿ namo bhagavate vāsudevāya]. Preceding each syllable by the oḿkāra, one should place the syllables of the mantra on the tips of his fingers, beginning with the index finger of the right hand and concluding with the index finger of the left. The four remaining syllables should be placed on the joints of the thumbs.

    SB 6.8.8-10: One must then chant the mantra of six syllables [oḿ viṣṇave namaḥ]. One should place the syllable “oḿ” on his heart, the syllable “vi” on the top of his head, the syllable “ṣa” between his eyebrows, the syllable “ṇa” on his tuft of hair [śikhā], and the syllable “ve” between his eyes. The chanter of the mantra should then place the syllable “na” on all the joints of his body and meditate on the syllable “ma” as being a weapon. He should thus become the perfect personification of the mantra. Thereafter, adding visarga to the final syllable “ma,” he should chant the mantra “maḥ astrāya phaṭ” in all directions, beginning from the east. In this way, all directions will be bound by the protective armor of the mantra.

    SB 6.8.11: After finishing this chanting, one should think himself qualitatively one with the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is full in six opulences and is worthy to be meditated upon. Then one should chant the following protective prayer to Lord Nārāyaṇa, the Nārāyaṇa-kavaca.

    SB 6.8.12: The Supreme Lord, who sits on the back of the bird Garuḍa, touching him with His lotus feet, holds eight weapons — the conchshell, disc, shield, sword, club, arrows, bow and ropes. May that Supreme Personality of Godhead protect me at all times with His eight arms. He is all-powerful because He fully possesses the eight mystic powers [aṇimā, laghimā, etc.].

    SB 6.8.13: May the Lord, who assumes the body of a great fish, protect me in the water from the fierce animals that are associates of the demigod Varuṇa. By expanding His illusory energy, the Lord assumed the form of the dwarf Vāmana. May Vāmana protect me on the land. Since the gigantic form of the Lord, Viśvarūpa, conquers the three worlds, may He protect me in the sky.

    SB 6.8.14: May Lord Nṛsiḿhadeva, who appeared as the enemy of Hiraṇyakaśipu, protect me in all directions. His loud laughing vibrated in all directions and caused the pregnant wives of the asuras to have miscarriages. May that Lord be kind enough to protect me in difficult places like the forest and battlefront.

    SB 6.8.15: The Supreme indestructible Lord is ascertained through the performance of ritualistic sacrifices and is therefore known as Yajñeśvara. In His incarnation as Lord Boar, He raised the planet earth from the water at the bottom of the universe and kept it on His pointed tusks. May that Lord protect me from rogues on the street. May Paraśurāma protect me on the tops of mountains, and may the elder brother of Bharata, Lord Rāmacandra, along with His brother Lakṣmaṇa, protect me in foreign countries.

    SB 6.8.16: May Lord Nārāyaṇa protect me from unnecessarily following false religious systems and falling from my duties due to madness. May the Lord in His appearance as Nara protect me from unnecessary pride. May Lord Dattātreya, the master of all mystic power, protect me from falling while performing bhakti-yoga, and may Lord Kapila, the master of all good qualities, protect me from the material bondage of fruitive activities.

    SB 6.8.17: May Sanat-kumāra protect me from lusty desires. As I begin some auspicious activity, may Lord Hayagrīva protect me from being an offender by neglecting to offer respectful obeisances to the Supreme Lord. May Devarṣi Nārada protect me from committing offenses in worshiping the Deity, and may Lord Kūrma, the tortoise, protect me from falling to the unlimited hellish planets.

    SB 6.8.18: May the Supreme Personality of Godhead in His incarnation as Dhanvantari relieve me from undesirable eatables and protect me from physical illness. May Lord Ṛṣabhadeva, who conquered His inner and outer senses, protect me from fear produced by the duality of heat and cold. May Yajña protect me from defamation and harm from the populace, and may Lord Balarāma as Śeṣa protect me from envious serpents.

    SB 6.8.19: May the Personality of Godhead in His incarnation as Vyāsadeva protect me from all kinds of ignorance resulting from the absence of Vedic knowledge. May Lord Buddhadeva protect me from activities opposed to Vedic principles and from laziness that causes one to madly forget the Vedic principles of knowledge and ritualistic action. May Kalkideva, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who appeared as an incarnation to protect religious principles, protect me from the dirt of the age of Kali.

    SB 6.8.20: May Lord Keśava protect me with His club in the first portion of the day, and may Govinda, who is always engaged in playing His flute, protect me in the second portion of the day. May Lord Nārāyaṇa, who is equipped with all potencies, protect me in the third part of the day, and may Lord Viṣṇu, who carries a disc to kill His enemies, protect me in the fourth part of the day.

    SB 6.8.21: May Lord Madhusūdana, who carries a bow very fearful for the demons, protect me during the fifth part of the day. In the evening, may Lord Mādhava, appearing as Brahmā, Viṣṇu and Maheśvara, protect me, and in the beginning of night may Lord Hṛṣīkeśa protect me. At the dead of night [in the second and third parts of night] may Lord Padmanābha alone protect me.

    SB 6.8.22: May the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who bears the Śrīvatsa on His chest, protect me after midnight until the sky becomes pinkish. May Lord Janārdana, who carries a sword in His hand, protect me at the end of night [during the last four ghaṭikās of night]. May Lord Dāmodara protect me in the early morning, and may Lord Viśveśvara protect me during the junctions of day and night.

    SB 6.8.23: Set into motion by the Supreme Personality of Godhead and wandering in all the four directions, the disc of the Supreme Lord has sharp edges as destructive as the fire of devastation at the end of the millennium. As a blazing fire burns dry grass to ashes with the assistance of the breeze, may that Sudarśana cakra burn our enemies to ashes.

    SB 6.8.24: O club in the hand of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, you produce sparks of fire as powerful as thunderbolts, and you are extremely dear to the Lord. I am also His servant. Therefore kindly help me pound to pieces the evil living beings known as Kuṣmāṇḍas, Vaināyakas, Yakṣas, Rākṣasas, Bhūtas and Grahas. Please pulverize them.

    SB 6.8.25: O best of conchshells, O Pāñcajanya in the hands of the Lord, you are always filled with the breath of Lord Kṛṣṇa. Therefore you create a fearful sound vibration that causes trembling in the hearts of enemies like the Rākṣasas, pramatha ghosts, Pretas, Mātās, Piśācas and brāhmaṇa ghosts with fearful eyes.

    SB 6.8.26: O king of sharp-edged swords, you are engaged by the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Please cut the soldiers of my enemies to pieces. Please cut them to pieces! O shield marked with a hundred brilliant moonlike circles, please cover the eyes of the sinful enemies. Pluck out their sinful eyes.

    SB 6.8.27-28: May the glorification of the transcendental name, form, qualities and paraphernalia of the Supreme Personality of Godhead protect us from the influence of bad planets, meteors, envious human beings, serpents, scorpions, and animals like tigers and wolves. May it protect us from ghosts and the material elements like earth, water, fire and air, and may it also protect us from lightning and our past sins. We are always afraid of these hindrances to our auspicious life. Therefore, may they all be completely destroyed by the chanting of the Hare Kṛṣṇa mahā-mantra.

    SB 6.8.29: Lord Garuḍa, the carrier of Lord Viṣṇu, is the most worshipable lord, for he is as powerful as the Supreme Lord Himself. He is the personified Vedas and is worshiped by selected verses. May he protect us from all dangerous conditions, and may Lord Viṣvaksena, the Personality of Godhead, also protect us from all dangers by His holy names.

    SB 6.8.30: May the Supreme Personality of Godhead’s holy names, His transcendental forms, His carriers and all the weapons decorating Him as personal associates protect our intelligence, senses, mind and life air from all dangers.

    SB 6.8.31: The subtle and gross cosmic manifestation is material, but nevertheless it is nondifferent from the Supreme Personality of Godhead because He is ultimately the cause of all causes. Cause and effect are factually one because the cause is present in the effect. Therefore the Absolute Truth, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, can destroy all our dangers by any of His potent parts.

    SB 6.8.32-33: The Supreme Personality of Godhead, the living entities, the material energy, the spiritual energy and the entire creation are all individual substances. In the ultimate analysis, however, together they constitute the supreme one, the Personality of Godhead. Therefore those who are advanced in spiritual knowledge see unity in diversity. For such advanced persons, the Lord’s bodily decorations, His name, His fame, His attributes and forms and the weapons in His hand are manifestations of the strength of His potency. According to their elevated spiritual understanding, the omniscient Lord, who manifests various forms, is present everywhere. May He always protect us everywhere from all calamities.

    SB 6.8.34: Prahlāda Mahārāja loudly chanted the holy name of Lord Nṛsiḿhadeva. May Lord Nṛsiḿhadeva, roaring for His devotee Prahlāda Mahārāja, protect us from all fear of dangers created by stalwart leaders in all directions through poison, weapons, water, fire, air and so on. May the Lord cover their influence by His own transcendental influence. May Nṛsiḿhadeva protect us in all directions and in all corners, above, below, within and without.

    SB 6.8.35: Viśvarūpa continued: O Indra, this mystic armor related to Lord Nārāyaṇa has been described by me to you. By putting on this protective covering, you will certainly be able to conquer the leaders of the demons.

    SB 6.8.36: If one employs this armor, whomever he sees with his eyes or touches with his feet is immediately freed from all the above-mentioned dangers.

    SB 6.8.37: This prayer, Nārāyaṇa-kavaca, constitutes subtle knowledge transcendentally connected with Nārāyaṇa. One who employs this prayer is never disturbed or put in danger by the government, by plunderers, by evil demons or by any type of disease.

    SB 6.8.38: O King of heaven, a brāhmaṇa named Kauśika formerly used this armor when he purposely gave up his body in the desert by mystic power.

    SB 6.8.39: Surrounded by many beautiful women, Citraratha, the King of Gandharvaloka, was once passing in his airplane over the brāhmaṇa’s body at the spot where the brāhmaṇa had died.

    SB 6.8.40: Suddenly Citraratha was forced to fall from the sky headfirst with his airplane. Struck with wonder, he was ordered by the great sages named the Vālikhilyas to throw the brāhmaṇa’s bones in the nearby River Sarasvatī. He had to do this and bathe in the river before returning to his own abode.

    SB 6.8.41: Śrī Śukadeva Gosvāmī said: My dear Mahārāja Parīkṣit, one who employs this armor or hears about it with faith and veneration when afraid because of any conditions in the material world is immediately freed from all dangers and is worshiped by all living entities.


    Sri Narasimha Stuti

    This is a powerful prayer to Lord Narasimha for one’s protection from the dark elements and demons within this material world. It was written by Pandit Trivikramacharya, a leading disciple of Sri Madhvacharya.

    1. udaya ravi sahasra-dhyotitam ruksa-viksam

    pralaya jaladhi-nadam kalpa-krid vahni-vaktram

    pranata-bhaya-haram tam narasimham namami

    The radiance of a thousand rising suns is the glow on the Lord’s face. His eyes are fiery and His voice roars like the turbulent ocean of devastation. His body is wet with the blood of Indra’s foe, Hiranyakashipu. Lord Narasimha, the redeemer of the fear ridden, I bow down to Your feet.

    2. pralaya-ravi-karalakara-ruk chakra-valam
    daha daha narasimasahya-viryahitam me

    Your effulgence is dazzling like that of the destructive sun, pralayaravi. It glows and glitters, makes the wicked tremble with fear. You laugh in a piercing high tone at the fear, ignorance and anger of the demons. Burn Narasimha, burn my adversaries with Your unbearable power.

    3. sara-sa rabha-sapadapata-bharabhirava
    pracakita-chala-sapta-dvandva-loka-stutas tvam
    ripu-rudhira-nishekenaiva shonamghri-shalin
    daha daha narasimasahya-viryahitam me

    Your lotus feet are reddened by the blood of the enemy. Fourteen lokas are scared by the stamping of Your feet. Demigods assemble, fear and tremble and pray for Your mercy. Burn Narasimha, burn my adversaries with Your unbearable power.

    4. tava ghanaghana-ghosho ghoram aghraya jamgha
    parigham alaghum uru-vyaja-tejo-girim cha
    ghana vighatitam aga-daitya-jamghala-samgho
    daha daha narasimasahya-viryahitam me

    You take great pleasure in slaughtering the armies of the demons. You wield Your heavy mace in a most cunning manner with the force of a great mountain. As You chop demons into pieces others immediately flee for their lives. Burn Narasimha, burn my adversaries with Your unbearable power.

    5. kataki-kata-karala-dhatakagrya-stha-labha
    prakata-pata-tadit te sat-katishthati-patvi
    katuka katuka dushtatopadrishti-pramushtau
    daha daha narasimhasahya viryahitam me

    The mountains of Your hips are nicely decorated with yellow garments, which appear just like lightning in its intense brilliance. Attacking fiercely he who had the foremost position (the seat of King Indra), You removed the threat of that exceedingly wicked one. O ferocious one! Burn Narasimha, burn my adversaries with Your unbearable power.

    6. prakhara-nakhara-vajrotkhata-rukshari-vakshaha
    shikhari-shikhara raktai rakta nandoha-deha
    suvalibha-shubha-kukshe bhadra gambhira-nabhe
    daha daha narasimasahya viryahitam me

    As Your nails, sharp like thunderbolts, tore the abdomen of the enemy, blood surged from the body of the demon and bathed You. Your lotus-like navel is deep and Your abdomen is decorated with the auspicious three lines. Burn Narasimha, burn my adversaries with Your unbearable power.

    7. sphurayati tava sakshat saiva nakshatra-mala
    daha daha narasimasahya viryahitam me

    Your two hands, as they directly burst open the chest of the son of Diti, appear just like a necklace of stars. Supporting him on Your knees, You tore his chest apart which blocked the path of the stars. Burn Narasimha, burn my adversaries with Your unbearable power.

    8. katu-vikata-sataudho-dhattanad bhrashta-bhuyo
    kara-parigha-vimarda-prodyamam dhyayatas te
    daha daha narasimasahya viryahitam me

    Your mane is burning and monstrous, and You cause the enemy to fall from his position by tearing apart his chest. Once attaining the opportunity, under the broad roof of the clouds and sky, You raise Your hand, powerful as a mace, to strike. I meditate upon You in this form. Burn Narasimha, burn my adversaries with Your unbearable power.

    9. hata-lutada-laghisthotkantha-dashto ‘sta-vidyut
    sata-shata-katianorah-pitha-bhit sushtu nistham
    patati nu tava kanthadhishtha-ghorantramala
    daha daha narasimasahya viryahitam me

    Appearing brilliantly illuminated, Your neck, with hundreds of mane-hairs, is raised lightly and appears to be bitten by eight bolts of lightning. You divide the chest and very strong position of Hiranyakashipu. You are garlanded with his ghastly entrails. Burn Narasimha, burn my adversaries with Your unbearable power.

    10. hata-bahu-mihirabhasa hy asamhara-ramho
    huta-vaha-bahu-hetir hrepikananta-hetihi
    ahata-yihita-mohan samvihansai ham asyam
    daha daha narasimhasahya viryahitam me

    The effulgence of many suns is destroyed by Your uncheckable potency. The many weapons sent against You are like sacrificial offerings, and You reply with unlimited weaponry. Put down, strike and slay my illusion. Burn Narasimha, burn my adversaries with Your unbearable power.

    11. guru-guru-giri-rajat-kandarantargad eva
    daddhad ati-kau-damstre bhishanojjihva-vaktram
    daha daha narasimhasahya viryahitam me

    My Lord, Your fearful countenance, with tongue extended and sharp teeth blazing as if illuminated from within, appears as the peak of a huge mountain of gems lit by the sunrise and by fire coming from within its caves. Burn Narasimha, burn my adversaries with Your unbearable power.

    12. adharita-vibudhadhi-dhyana-dhairya vididhyad
    vividha-vibudhadhi shraddha-pitendrari-nasham
    vidadhad ati-katahoddhatanoddhatta-hasam
    daha daha narasimhasahya viryahitam me

    The enemy of Indra (Hiranyakashipu) made waves in the ocean of demigods and took the shraddha offerings meant for the forefathers. Confounding the intelligence of the demigods, he minimized their austerity and position in various ways. But You, O Narasimha, melted him in the pot of Your shrill laughter. Burn Narasimha, burn my adversaries with Your unbearable power.

    13. tri-bhuvana-trina-matra-trana-trishardra

    netra-trayam ati-laghitarchir vishtapavishtapadam
    navatara-ravi-tamram dharayan ruksha-viksham
    daha daha narasimhasahya viryahitam me

    Every living being in the three worlds, down to the blade of grass, was scorched by the flame of Hiranyakashipu. But You, with Your three eyes, have annihilated this flame. Your appearance is threatening to the miscreants, and Your color is coppery like the newly risen sun. Burn Narasimha, burn my adversaries with Your unbearable power.

    14. bhramad abhi-bhava-bhubhrid bhuri-bhubhara-sad

    ripu-bhava-bhayam etar bhasi bho bho vibho ‘bhir
    daha daha narasimhasahya viryahitam me

    You wander about without resistance, for You are the supreme power and the maintainer of the earth. Hail to You, O Lord; You are effulgent and fearful to Your enemies, although You fear no one. You divided into nine parts the burden of the earth (Hiranyakashipu) simply by the effulgence produced by the movement of Your eyebrows. Burn Narasimha, burn my adversaries with Your unbearable power.

    15. shravana-khachita-canchat-kundaloccanda-ganda
    bhrukuti katu lalata-shreshtha-nasarunoshta
    varada surada rajat-kesarotsaritare
    daha daha narasimhasahya viryahitam me

    Your ears are prominent, Your earrings swing to and fro and Your face appears ferocious. Your eyebrows give Your forehead a threatening aspect, and You are most beautiful with Your high nose and reddish lips. O giver of benedictions, well-wisher of the demigods and devotees, the enemy is scattered by the effulgence the hair of Your mane. Burn Narasimha, burn my adversaries with Your unbearable power.

    16. pravikavacha-kacha-rajad-ratna kotira-shalin
    gala-gata galad-usradara-ratnangadadhya
    kanaka-kataka-kanchi sinjini sudrikavan
    daha daha narasimhasahya viryahitam me

    You wear no armor, yet You are decorated by beautiful locks of shining hair and many ornaments made of jewels. Your bodily effulgence appears as if You had swallowed the newly-risen sun. Your hands exhibit various mudras, and Your waist is decorated with a gold chain, making a tinkling noise. Burn Narasimha, burn my adversaries with Your unbearable power.

    17. ari-daram asi hetau chapa-banau gadam

    san-mushalam api kapolam cankusham pasha-shulam
    dadhad api vidhutantra-sragvi-bhinnari-vaksho
    daha daha narasimhasahya viryahitam me

    You are equipped with bow and arrow, as well as various astras or missiles, club, mace, rod for controlling elephants, noose, and trident. Placing the enemy upon Your lap and tearing open his abdomen, he is thus purified of all contamination, and therefore You take his intestines and wear them as a victory garland. Burn Narasimha, burn my adversaries with Your unbearable power.

    18. cata cata cata duram mohayan bhramayarin
    kada kada kada kayam jvalaya sphotayasva
    jahi jahi jahi vegam shatravah sanubandham
    daha daha narasimhasahya viryahitam me

    Fall upon my foes, fall upon them, fall upon them. Bewilder them and drive them far away. Consume, consume, consume the bodies of the enemies; incinerate and burst them asunder. Conquer, conquer, conquer forcefully my foes and their followers. Burn Narasimha, burn my adversaries with Your unbearable power.

    19. vidhi-bhava-vibudhesha-bhramakagni-sphulinga
    prasavi-vikata-damshtrojjihva-vaktra trinetra
    kala kala kala kalam pahi mam te subhaktam
    daha daha narasimhasahya viryahitam me

    Even Lord Brahma, Lord Shiva and King Indra are bewildered to see Your tongue, like a firebrand, pressed between Your gigantic teeth. O three-eyed one, Your face appears most fearful, like time personified. Sound out the fate of the demons and kindly protect me, Your surrendered servant. Burn Narasimha, burn my adversaries with Your unbearable power.

    20. kuru kuru karunam tvam sankuram daitya-pote
    disha disha vishadam me shashvatim deva-drishtim
    jaya jaya jaya murte ‘narta jetavya-paksha
    daha daha narasimhasahya viryahitam me

    O supreme form, Have mercy, have mercy upon me. Dispel, dispel my ignorance just as You uprooted the child of Diti. You are never subjected to the sufferings of material existence. Neither are You defeated; indeed, whoever You favor will always triumph. Be victorious. Bestow upon me the divine vision to see You always. Burn Narasimha, burn my adversaries with Your unbearable power.

    21. stutir iyam ahita-ghnisevita narasimhi
    tanur iva parishanta-malini sabhitolam
    tad akhila-gurum agrya-shrida-rupa-mahadbhihi
    daha daha narasimhasahya viryahitam me

    This prayer, offered in devotional service to Lord Narasimhadeva, destroys all inauspicious things. That Lord of the universe, the universal teacher, appearing as if garlanded by the destroyed body of Hiranyakashipu, bestows all good fortune and opulence upon His worshipers. Burn Narasimha, burn my adversaries with Your unbearable power.

    22. likucha-tilaka-sunuh sad-dhitartanusari
    narahari-nitim etam shatru-samhara-hetum
    akrita-sakala-papa-dhvamsanim yah pathet tam
    daha daha narasimhasahya viryahitam me

    The Lord appears in a seemingly bitter form to act for the protection of His devotee Prahlada. Anyone who reads this description of the character of Lord Narahari causes his enemies to retreat, and his sins are undone and vanquished. Burn Narasimha, burn my adversaries with Your unbearable power.

    and here is the Balarama kavacha

    Balarama Kavacha

    This Balarama Kavacha (armor) will ensure one full protection against the onslaught of Maya. One should chant this mantra after having taken bath and worn clean cloth. This Kavacha had previously bee given to the Vraja Gopis by Garga Muni. It is being repeated here to Duryodhana.




    yan-murdhnimampatu-sa bhumi mandale (1)

    O Master of Goloka who is always glorified by kirtan, kindly protect me from my enemies. O you who carries Bhumandala on His head like a mustard seed (Sesa), kindly protect me in Bhumandala.


    yuddhe-sada raksa-tu mam halich

    durgesu chavyan-musali sada-mam

    vanesu sankarsanaadi-devah (2 )

    O Sir-Pani kindly protect me amongst the military forces. O Halich, kindly protect me in battle, O Musalidhara, kindly protect me in the fortress . O Sankarsana, kindly protect me in the forest.

    kalinda ja vega haro jalesu

    nilambaro raksa tu mam asda gnau

    vayau ca ramo vatukhe balascha

    maharnave anata vapu asda mam (3)

    O controller of the Yamuna kindly protect me in the water. O Nilambar kindly protect me against fire. O Rama kindly protect me from the wind. O Balarama kindly protect me in the sky. O Anant Vapu kindly be my only protector in the ocean.

    kamat sada raksa tu dhenukarin

    krodhat sada mam devivida prahari

    lobhat sada raksa tu balvalarir

    mohat sada mam kil magadharih (5)

    O Dhenukari kindly protect me from lust. O Dvivida Prahari kindly protect me against anger. O Balvalari kindly protect me from greed. O Magadhari kindly protect me against illusion.

    pratah sada raksa tu vrsni dhuryah

    prahne sada mam mathura purendrah

    madhyam dine gopa sakhah prapatu

    svarat parahne vatu mam sadaiva (6)

    O Vrsni Dhurya kindly protect me in the morning . O Mathura Purendra kindly protect me in the eight periods of the day. O Gopa Sakhah kindly protect me in the middle of the day. O Svarat kindly protect me in the afternoon.

    sayam phanindro vatu mam sadaiva

    paratparo raksa tu mam pradose

    purne nisithe ca duranata-viryah

    pratyusa kale vatu mam sadaiva (7)

    O Phanindra, kindly protect me in the evening. O Paratpara, kindly protect me in the frist part of of night. O Duranta-virya, kindly protect me the middle of the night. O Balarama, kindly protect me in the last part of the night.

    vidiksu mam raksa tu revati-patir

    diksu pralambari radha yadu-dvahah

    urddhvam sada mam balabhadra arat

    tatah samantad baladeva eva hi (8)

    O Ravati-pati, kindly protect me from the four intermediate directions. O Parlambari, kindly protect me from the four directions. O Balabhadra, kindly protect me from above, O Baladeva, kindly protect me from below and on every side.

    antah sada vyat purusottamo

    bahir nagendra lilo vatu mam mahabalah

    sada antaratmaja vasam harih avayam

    prapatu purnah paramesvaro mahan (9)

    O Pursottam kindly protect me from within. O Nagendra kindly protect me from outside. O Hari, you are the supreme Personality of Godhead please kindly be my only protector always.

    This Balarama kavacha drives away all fears of both the demigods and the demons and burns up all sinful reactions.

  2. 0
    Shyamasundara Dasa ( User Karma: 13 ) says:

    he is a true servant of the guru parampara may lord caitanya bless him. i take the dust of his feet on my head.


    shyamasundara dasa acbsp

  3. 0
    Madhusudana ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Partha Sarathi prabhu has my utmost admiration. He is among that rare breed of devotees that actually exist in an atmosphere that is constantly life-threatening, yet he takes all opportunity to serve Krishna, openly, and not only that preach! I pray for his good wishes towards me, and if I have any blessings to offer him, THEY’RE HIS!

    Madhusudan das (ACBSP)

  4. 0
    silpa108 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Hare Krsna,
    just want to clarifie something here.It is his 3 rd tour in Iraq.
    And he is a steff sergant,not Sergant first class…
    All glories to you Partha,and i just had to get that off my chest..

    Silpa karini dd
    (who is his ex-wife)

  5. 0
    Akruranatha ( User Karma: -11 ) says:

    It must be a photo of “Bhakta Kennedy”. Ecstatic photo.

    I love seeing the devotees smiling and holding up Srila Prabhupada’s books. Books are the basis. Partha Sarathi Prabhu kijaya! Iraq sankirtan kijaya!

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    sikhimahiti ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    A quick note to the readers, the picture above is not Partha Sarati prabhu. Most likely it is a fortunate soul who was the recipient of Partha’s mercy in the form of book distribution.

    Another observation I would like to make is how the Guru parampara system is alive and well in our ISKCON society. Partha Sarati prabhu is a disciple of His Holiness Kadamba Kanana Swami, who is a disciple of His Holiness Jayadvaita Swami, who is a dear disciple of Srila Prabhupada. Just as a chain of extension outlets are attached back to the power outlet on the wall, anyone who hands the instructions of the parampara down the line unchanged produces this kind of result.

    We are witnessing a third generation devotee perform the historic feat of planting the seeds of Krsna Consciousness in Irag and the USA military simultaneously. The fact that so many vaisnavas, new and old, are enlivened by hearing of his devotional service is a testament to his empowerment by the Guru parampara.

    We can rest assured that the Gaudiya sampradaya coming through the branch of His Divine Grace AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada is alive and well. Just look at the fruit that is being produce by the second branch from Srila Prabhupada. This is sufficient evidence that ISKCON is “doing the right thing” in spite of all the mistakes we have made in the past.

    I pray that Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga continue to empower you and protect you from the influences of Kali yuga. Please also pray for me so that I may continue on the path of devotional service.

    Sikhi Mahiti das (acbsp)

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