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Dandavats! All Glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga!

Radhanatha das update

Wednesday, 24 October 2007 / Published in In Memoriam, Kavicandra Swami / 5,144 views

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By Srutadeva das

Our dear friend and Godbrother Radhanatha prabhu is in serious condition. He is being kept alive by a respirator and his kidneys are also failing. He has expressed his desire not to continue in this condition. So tonight (24-10-07) the San Diego devotees will be going to his bedside to have kirtan and the life support machines will be unplugged. We humbly request all devotees around the world to chant the Holy Names on his behalf tonight starting at 8pm, California USA time. All glories to the Vaishnava devotees of the Lord! All glories to Sriman Radhanatha Prabhu! All glories to Srila Prabhupada! Hare Krishna.

Kavicandra Swami: I feel obliged to write something of the glories of my dear Godbrother, HG Radhanatha das (Mullen).

Feeling frustrated that the temple he was in could not get him out on book distribution he joined my Radha Damodara Party in 1976. At that time we were stationed in Lousiville Kentucky. He had already become crippled and was determined to go for book distribution.

I tried to preach to him that he need not worry and that it may be Krsna’s will that he could not go out. He adamantly refused to accept that. He got a wheel chair and convinced many super markets to let him park in the entry ways. He would say “I am a Crip” and I need to collect money to go to Mayapura. Somehow we were able to drive him out daily.

He was one ot the biggest collectors on the party for a few years. Although his condition was always deteriorating he never once complained or felt sorry for himself. He never stopped going out to distribute. He would comment that before joining that he was a “big demon” who ate huge amounts of meat and sold a lot of drugs. He tried many treatments, and no matter what he did, things just got worse. Each new doctor would tell him that the previous one was completely wrong.

Many times he was on the verge of death with the doctors giving up hope, but he would somehow bounce back. Through all that that he made a “KRSNA KIDS” newsletter and always managed to support himself. He would sell flowers and give books. He dabbled in real estate and made profits. He would come for mangal artika, even when he lived 30 miles from the temple.

Even with his legs paralyzed and riding in a wheel chair bed, he was always ready with a big smile to preach to whomever he met. He always felt the KRSNA was especially kind to him. Now with his legs amputated and dying in the IC unit, he is still blissful.

I feel greatly honored that I was blessed with his association and I hope that someday I can quit worrying about my own comforts and set out to preach.

Kavicandra Swami

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6 Responses to “Radhanatha das update”

  1. omdas says :

    Hare krishna,

    What a great devotee…. Can you please post his photo, I have strong feeling to see how does a great devotee look like…. Thanks

  2. gargamuni says :

    Inspiring words about a very determined vaishnava who didn’t take the easy way out. I can’t imagine being so dedicated in such a challenging condition. I pray that he leaves in full consciousness of Krishna, although I get the feeling that he is so fixed that he doesn’t need my feeble words.

  3. Yugal Kishor Dasa says :

    Reading, here in, about ISKCON devotees passing away, quite frequently these days, may lead us to think that it is a depressing thing to do. The apparent problem may be compounded by the fact that reports on devotees passing away from all over the world; not only the ones we are familiar with. Here we have yet another case, His Grace Radhanatha Prabhu’s imminent departure from this world.

    But, while reading some of the brief biographic sketches provided by other ISKCON devotees, about the ones dying, we can see that – contrary to public opinion – there are indeed many saints, great souls, and pure devotees living among us, in ISKCON. I met Radhanath Prabh twice; once in Miami many years ago, and about 2-3 years ago, here in Alachua, Florida. I was surprised to see his determination in publishing “Krishna Kids,” over the years. Seeing his health condition, I knew it was a taxing situation for him to engage himself in the service of others. Now that HH Kavicandra Swami gave us a brief sketch of Radhanatha Prabhu’s life in ISKCON, I can see the Vaishnava qualities present in his person, “beyond the appearance of a disabled man.” The sad thing is that we shouldn’t have to wait for someone to be in his deathbed to find out about his glorious life. We should recognize the beautiful qualities of devotees while they are alive, while they are making a difference in the lives of others.

    Seeing devotees dying may also produce, within us, a feeling of dread. One reason for this feeling may be that reading about dying ISKCON devotees may remind us of our own mortality. “Out of fear for the Supreme Lord,” death is, indeed, chasing and claiming everyone. No one is immune. We all succumb to it: gurus, sannyasis, brahmacaris, grhashtas, brahmanas, devotees and non-devotees, good people and bad people; the sinful and the sinless; the pious and the impious; from the most powerful down to the most feeble. From all over the creation, “from the highest planet down to the lowest,” we are all being consistently, efficiently chased away from these bodies.

    Knowledge of transcendence helps realize that despite our failing material bodies, we are eternally and lovingly connected to Sri Krishna. And for having given us this knowledge, Srila Prabhupada stands out and remains our utmost well-wisher; he is leading the way out of this material world. Srila Prabhupada – no matter what many people may think – is irrefutably and unquestionably, irreplaceable.

    Surely, I will take time off tonight, to chant the Holy Names, and to join the other devotees who will be by Radhanatha Prabhu’s side as he leaves this world. That is the least I can do to honor another great soul who invested his life in ISKCON, and who contributed to make life more bearable in association of saintly persons.

    Yugala Kishor dasa (Gainesville, FL)

  4. Radhanatha Prabhu, in spite of all the trouble his body gave, always remained blissful in it. I am sure that he is much more blissful to be able to leave his body.. He was a devotee who seemed really understand that he was not his body….

  5. Suresh das says :

    Billy Graham recently stated “I can’t wait to get out of this body”.

  6. asprng_vaishnav says :

    Hari Bol,
    Radhanath Prabhu’s life story is very inspring. sometimes we see that some devotees when diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, panick and stop or reduce chanting. if we follow example of Radhanath Prabhu, we could do better.
    i request, some devotee who knew Radhanath Prabhu personally, write a short biography of him and publish that online. we can circulate that thru email and demonstrate devotees and others, how devotional service can be performed in spite of physical challenges and disease.
    Hare KruShNA
    your servant
    aspiring vaishnav