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Gaura Purnima 2008 Festival Invitation and Schedule

Saturday, 03 November 2007 / Published in Announcements / 5,450 views

By Bhakti Purusottama Swami

Gaura Purnima 2008 Festival Invitation

ISKCON Mayapur invites world wide devotees to celebrate Gaura Purnima 2008 festival, commemorating 522nd birth anniversary of Sri Gauranga Mahaprabhu at Sri Mayapur dhama and be a part of this great event.
A variety of festivities are planned for this annual international festival for the spiritual benefit of the visitors. To enable more devotees to attend the festival, there will be NO Festival Fees and Free Prasadam will be served to all the registered devotees.

Gaura Purnima Festival Schedule

Feb 24 – Mar 5 GBC Meetings (February has 29 days in 2008)

February 26 Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura’s Appearance

March 6 – 9 MIHE Sat-sanga Seminars (Sponsored)

March 10 – 16 Navadvipa Mandala Parikrama

March 17 – 20 Festivities

March 21 Gaura Purnima / Lord Gauranga’s Abhisheka

March 22 Jagannath Mishra’s feast

ISKCON Mayapur will host events that enhance the devotees to have ample opportunity to rejuvenate oneself spiritually by performing five fold principles of devotional service of associating with devotees, Chanting the holy names, hearing Srimad Bhagavatham, worshipping the deities and residing at a holy place
Srila Prabhupada in his Caitanya Caritamrita Madya Lila 11.96 Purport states that,

‘The members of International Society for Krsna Consciousness should go to India during the birthday ceremony of Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu at Mayapur and perform Sankirtana congregationally.’

More than 5000 devotees participated in Gaura Purnima 2007 festival and I am happy to announce that festival committee is geared up to facilitate the increasing number of devotees year after year. Gaura Purnima 2008 preparations are on and I take pleasure in personally inviting all the vaisnavas world wide to make Gaura Purnima 2008 a grand success.

For further information on Gaura Purnima 2008 festival, please write to
For Guest House Reservations,please send your accommodation request to

Your humble servant

Bhakti Purusottama Swami
Gaura Purnima Festival Co-ordinator

Gaura Purnima Festival 2008 – Announcements

Welcome to Gaura Purnima Festival 2008 at Sri Mayapur dhama! Guest House Reservation for Gaura Purnima Festival has started from 1st November, 2007. Please send your guest house reservation request to

Q: What is the Festival Schedule?


24. FEB – 5. MAR GBC Meetings

5. MAR Devotees arrive

6. MAR Festival Inauguration

6. MAR – 9. MAR Panca Tattva Abhisheka of the Holy Name,

Sat Sanga Seminars (Sponsored-no Service Charged)

and Cultural Programs

8. MAR Tamal Krishna Goswami’s Disappearance

Congregational Preaching Night

9. MAR Book Distribution Awards

10. MAR Navadvipa Mandala Parikrama starts

16. MAR Navadvipa Mandala Parikrama returns to ISKCON

Sri Sri Radha-Madhava Swing Festival

17. MAR Sri Sri Radha-Madhava Boat Festival

18. MAR Shantipur Festival

19. MAR Ganga Puja

Immersion of ashes of departed souls

20. MAR Mayapur Ratha Yatra

21. MAR Gaura Purnima

Abhisheka of Lord Gauranga

22. MAR Jagannath Mishra’s feast

End of the festival

6 MAR – 9 MAR & 16 MAR – 20 MAR: English Cultural Program at Main Pandal

Q. When do the devotees arrive in Mayapur?

A. 5. March

Q. Is there a registration fee?

A. No.

Q. Is prasadam free during the festival?

A. Yes, breakfast and lunch will be free except during Parikrama period.

Q. Is there any free accommodation?

A. No.

Q. When will room booking start?

A. Has already started. You can contact Venu Gopal Dasa. E-mail:

Q. How to reach Mayapur from Calcutta?

A. For taxi bookings, contact Acharya Dasa. E-mail:

Mobile number: +91 9732 751 623

Q. How will the weather be in Mayapur during the festival?

A. Nice, with a lot of Sun. Evenings could be cold.

Q. When is Navadvipa Mandala Parikrama?

A. 10. March to 16. March. Fee is $40 only.

Q. When is the immersion of ashes of the departed souls?

A. 19. March

For more information on Gaura Purnima Festival 2008, visit .

Your humble servant

Bhakti Purusottama Swami

Festival Co-ordinator

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