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Prabhupada’s books

Thursday, 15 November 2007 / Published in Poetry / 2,925 views

Bhaktin Jamuna:
Prabhupada’s books a day keeps maya away;
That is, if you read them scrutinizingly everyday,
Your mind will eventually cease to lead you astray.
The impression they impart on a jiva is there to stay.
Reluctance to take their divine shelter is simply an invitation to maya’s sway.
Expanding from the oldest literatures the highest truth they lay.
‘Study the past if you would divine the future’, the wise would say.
The first encounter with these literary works I consider a heyday.
All forms of ignorance they scientifically slay.
Like how darkness declines due to dawn’s initial sunshine ray.
In this degraded society these books are undoubtedly the only way.
Submission of one’s mind and soul is the substantial price to pay.
(Through these books a lot of western disciples were made, and this became the talk
of Bombay).
That I get to grasp their purports I repeatedly pray.

I would presume the gist is apparent, so absorb yourself and don’t delay!

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