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Lord Jagannatha Welcomes Guests To Ojai!

Friday, 16 November 2007 / Published in News / 7,360 views

By Mayesvara dasa

Hari Bolo Prabhus!

Please accept my obeisances. All glories to Sri Guru & Sri Gauranga.

This is just a general news release informing all our local friends and supporters of a very unusual appearance of Lord Jagannatha in the Ojai Community. The story began last summer when Adhoksaja Dasi, (Alexi Vincent) grew a 120 lb pumpkin. Having developed an appreciation for Krishna Consciousness, she just wasn’t inspired to cut the large pumpkin into a traditional Jack-o-Lantern. Instead she transcendental zed the event by painting it with the beautiful smile of Lord Jagannatha!

Last year the Ojai Valley News published a small photo in the daily paper of Adhoksaja Dasi while she was painting the pumpkin with three of the local neighborhood children looking on. At that point we thought that was the end of this particular lila. However to our delightful surprise we discovered in the FALL 07 edition of the Ojai Visitors Guide, Lord Jagannatha reappeared in a fantastic photo on page 42 of the Visitors Guide, with Adhoksaja Dasi sitting right next to him. Now Everyone who comes to Ojai that picks up this welcoming magazine get the benediction of seeing Lord Jagannatha smile upon them as they enter our little village in the mountain valley!

Please see the attached .Jpgs to check out the real great pumpkin deity!

Jai Jagannatha!

Hoping this meets you in good spirits and enthusiastically engaged in the service of Lord Krishna.

Your Servant,

Mayesvara dasa

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