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The most honorable position

Wednesday, 19 July 2006 / Published in Discussion, Ongoing debates / 3,509 views

There are many arguments on whether DDS’s title of guru should continue to be supported by ISKCON. Many gurukulis were surprised and dismayed to see him approved for this most honorable position considering his harsh abuses. Which, contrary to popular opinion, were much more severe than the standard accepted level of punishment i.e. punching, smacking, paddling, and humiliation. Furthermore, it was not DDS’s compassion, and willingness to make reparations with his past, that spurned an investigation, but it came from gurukulis who could not tolerate to see their abuser worshiped.

Now that the case is public many are reviewing it and trying to make sense of it by inspecting the evidence presented online. By reviewing the arguments submitted online one can easily come to the conclusion that DDS was served justice and is now simply a victim of the mob, but please give some benefit of doubt to the Gurukuli’s who collectively feel that justice is not being served.

There are few points that I would like present that I feel deserve some attention.

1.DDS rose in the ranks of ISKCON on the basis of his spiritual credibility and charisma alone with out being held accountable for his abuses and neglect of duties.

2.This went as far as DDS being approved for sanyasa without a proper investigation into his position as headmaster of a school riddled with abuses of the most serious nature.

3.The subsequent investigation was not thorough in that it did not reveal the full extent of his abuses. This can be accomplished by properly contacting all individuals under his care and requesting a full disclosure of the abuses they endured. I assure you that there is much more that is not in the CPO file (which in itself was not disclosed in its entirety)

4.The investigation and punishment was not properly managed due to pressure from ISKCON leadership because of fear of a lawsuit and/or their judgments were influenced by ISKCON leaders or even Dhanudhara himself.

5.DDS has not facilitated full disclosure. Which he could have honorably done himself by offering up a full confession of all his abuses but rather he has hindered the case at times.

6.In the end, the consistent request from gurukulis is for ISKCON not to approve DDS’s position as a transparent via medium to the Supreme Lord Krsna himself. In order to move forward as a society we need to stop the secrecy and backdoor finagling. We should no longer think we are protecting anyone by hiding behind excuses such as “we don’t want harm the disciple’s faith in their guru.” I would like to encourage ISKCON to approach EVERY gurukuli and request a full disclosure of the abuses they suffered along with permission for ISKCON to publish this information publicly (while preserving anonymity of the abusees of course).

I am very interested in your opinion as to whether this transparency would facilitate progress.

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    madhava gosh ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Satya 2419, Badri 985, Bhimasena 483

    Let us take a different point of view of the current discussion. Say, for instance, post length, and ignore, for the moment, which side of an issue is taken. How long should a web post be? Let us check some “sadhus”.

    “I try to keep my entries as short as possible, while retaining the important points. It’s all about better writing: keep yourself as concise as possible. Eliminate unneeded words and constantly revise what you’ve written so it flows better.

    “At university, one of my lecturers spent a semester telling us anything over about 600-800 words is getting too long for (comfortable) on-screen reading and is into printout territory. We had to write a short essay for on-screen presentation which he deconstructed in front of the whole class. We all watched in horror as our carefully constructed 700-word essays were demolished and rewritten in less than 300.

    “Since then, 300-500 has always been my target length.”

    From this perspective, Badri wins hands over Satya on likelihood of being read completely. Add in the imagery of the forest, much more readable.

    Unfortunately for them, Bhimasena comes in at 483, and wins as a dark horse.

    Remember, there are so many websites, so little time.

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