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Dandavats! All Glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga!

Radio Krishna Turns It Up A Notch

Tuesday, 18 December 2007 / Published in Caru Das, Reports / 4,336 views

By Caru Das

Last Sunday evening listeners of Utah’s Internet Radio Krishna were delighted to see for the first time titles and artists displayed by their various media players. Indeed, the list of artists and titles extends to almost 14,000, possibly the largest selection of Krishna audio on the planet.

There have been many devoted listeners since Radio Krishna went to the internet four years ago. However, until yesterday, we hadn’t the technology to satisfy their curiosity about the titles of the songs and the artists. With the recent purchase of a PC server for $ 1,500.00 and with the technical expertise of Balarama Das, the curiosity of listerners will no longer go unsatisfied. Just about all media players, except Windows Media Player, will display as above mentioned. If one cannot yet see them, Balarama recommends the free download from For Macintoshes I Tunes will do just fine. The station is accessed by going to and clicking on the KHQN Radio button below the left hand menu. After about 30 seconds of buffering, one should have Krishna 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The format is about 75 per cent music, 25 percent talk.

Radio Krishana has collated music, lectures, interviews, and stories etc. since 1982 when it first went on the air, and posseses vintage material available nowhere else.

The AM station was sold in 2006, but KHQN Radio had been broacasting on the internet to a worldwide audience several years prior. Comments from appreciative devotees include some of the following:

“This is just a brilliant station. I am in South Africa and we do not have any such thing here.”

“I have been on your site and listening to your radio station non-stop for three days. Thank you so much for doing this radio show, It is huge….. I’m listening right now about the spiritual qualities of a leader, And I pray deeply that our government leaders will find your station. There is so much garbage polluting our airwaves, Thank the lord you are here to clear the air. I will be sending you donations for your radio station, I believe strongly in what you are doing.”  San Diego

“I’m from Greece and I ‘m listening to your show for a couple of months now. What I can say is that it is inspiring,  joyful and great to listen to! It is REAL just as everything that has to do with Krishna! So, do I like it? I’m loving it, I’m loving it, I’m loving it!”

“I just wanted to let you know that I am enjoying the wonderful music on your radio station all the way in Johannesburg South Africa. It inspires me and keeps me focused on Krishna’s Lotus feet, as it is so easy to get caught up in maya and the day’s work and all the accompanying emotions that go with a stressful job.”

“Last week I made a discovery which has brought me nothing but endless ecstatic symptoms… a link to your radio station! I have been listening to it constantly and have been totally blown away by the diversity of material you put on. I am especially struck by the otherworldly quality of the Indian bhajans… where did you find this treasure trove of melodies and do I dare ask how can I obtain a map with an X marks the spot?” Boston

“I think I will be listening to you for the rest of my life. It is a great source of inspiration when I am working. Your shows are great. I listen to them everyday.” Lapland, Finland

“We love your show and know that Krsna is happy with you doing such great seva for the devotees of the world.  We listen to your program almost all the time while we do our daily household work. It is inspiring and we can’t help but dance and sing with your songs.” Ozarks

“I just wanted to tell you guys that your radio show is just amazing!  Ever since I got involved with Krishna Consciousness about two years ago, I have been listening to your station almost daily!” Toronto

“I’m enjoying and listening to the radio regularly. The ever-changing Krishna conscious formats make it an ideal background for most of the work I do.” Alachua. Florida

“I have come across your radio( over the internet  and I listen to it all the time. It is like finding a crystal clear lake of pure water in an endless and scorching desert.”  Italy

“The internet radio is fantastic! This is better than a radio station as one can get it anywhere. I keep my computer running most of the day playing the station. The quality is good, the amount of music is vast, and the dramas are entertaining and illuminating.” Tennessee

“Thank you very much bringing Krishna Consciousness to Okinawa, Japan via your online radio station. It brings great joy to be sitting behind my desk working as I hear other co-workers listening to the blissful music from your online radio station being played throughout the office. From your radio station alone, our local ISKCON program has been able to expand from a mere 5 devotees to over 26 interested persons. Our local program is actually hoping to sponsor an advertisement in the local military paper about your online radio station (”

“WOW! What a great station! I’m not even a devotee and I stumbled onto your station a while back and I don’t bother even turning the TV on anymore.” Coconut Grove, Florida

“Thank you for the beautiful message of God Consciousness you are spreading all over the world! We are eternally grateful for your generosity for presenting all these wonderful programs on the radio. I am a computer engineering student and am practically listening in all my spare time to the nectar of the programs. They are so useful in opening our eyes to transcendental knowledge. My French girlfriend used to be atheist, but since reading Prabhupada’s Gita recently, she is convinced it is the word of God.” Paris, France

“Thank you so much for the super wonderful  radio programs that you broadcast all over the world. Here in Spain we have it on 24 h. non stop, we even go to sleep listening to your beautiful programs.”

“I am on the medical  faculty at U. of Chicago. I really love your radio programs which I get through the web. I started listening to it recently and started loving it very much. Thanks for the beautiful music  …. good selection from all indian languages as well as good blend of western music. I am encouraging my daughter as well as my Indian medical students to listen to this radio. Thanks for spreading the voice of God’s love. Please find this humble contribution ($ 200.00). Please continue your Radio Krishna. It purifies the land, earth’s atmosphere (imagine the spurious radio talk shows coming through radio waves and polluting the atmoshpere) and hearts of many, many listeners. You are doing the best offering to our beloved Lord Krishna!”

Become a member subscriber to KHQN radio. Members receive bi-monthly newsletters, gift CDs, and the satisfaction of keeping KHQN on the air for the benefit of all.

Remember that though they put in hundreds of hours on the radio per year, our staff members do not take one penny salary.

Anyone with a bank account can donate through  paypal  to, or else call (801) 787-1510 with Visa, MC.  By mail, send check to Krishna Radio, 8628 S. State Rd., Spanish Fork, Utah 84660. Please donate generously. We’ll send you a tax deductible receipt. Thank you.

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