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Protest outside RSPCA Headquarters for deceitful killing

Saturday, 22 December 2007 / Published in Media Release / 3,716 views

Members of ISKCON Pandava Sena and well-wishers, whose temple cow was deceitfully killed by the RSPCA will hold a peaceful protest and prayer vigil at 11.00am-12.30 pm outside the charity’s headquarters on Wilberforce Way in Southwater, Horsham, on Boxing Day. The cow was known as Gangotri.

By Radha Mohan das BCS (UK Communications)

There will be simultaneous prayers conducted at Bhaktivedanta Manor in Hertfordshire, the place where the cow was slaughtered by lethal injection, despite the RSPCA’s assurances the previous day that nothing further would happen until legalities had been explored.

“In Vaishnava culture, it’s traditional that mourning extends for thirteen days, and a ceremony held at the conclusion of that period,” explained Sruti Dharma, a priest, “Boxing Day is thirteen days after she was killed.”

Madhava das, another devotee remarked: “None of us had the chance to perform the traditional ceremonies at the time. The RSPCA came without warning and simply ended her life while the monks were at prayer. At least this observance will help to bring this period to a conclusion.”

The devotees will be accompanying their prayers and peaceful protest with the traditional sound of cymbals and drums.

“The community’s Christmas has been overshadowed by this terrible event, ” said Gauri das, head of Bhaktivedanta Manor, “It was a tragedy for thousands of our members, and especially the children”.

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