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Iskcon Puerto Rico Temple Bashed By Hurricane Maria. We Need Your Help, Please Donate!

Wednesday, 27 September 2017 / Published in Appeals / 2,430 views

ISKCON Puerto Rico Gurabo – New Govardhana Hill

Hurricane Maria broke most of the roof and caused severe structural and internal damage (see photos). The temple grounds, trees and landscaping were totally destroyed.

We need to rebuild the temple for Sri Sri Radha Krishna. The building is old and the structure is not solid, not able to withstand the heavy winds, much less a permanent roof, which is essential in a hurricane alley. The value of rebuilding the place with electricity, plumbing, etc. could be anywhere from USD 150,000 to USD 350.000. We are awaiting for a professional appraisal, and will post it here. The devotees of Puerto Rico need your help to continue preaching Krishna consciousness in Puerto Rico. Fixing the structural damage is one urgent and important aspect. However, the situation in the country is extremely difficult. Food is scarce and gas lines are 80-100 cars long. Very few places, if any, have electricity.

ISKCON Rio Piedras Preaching Center in San Juan

The preaching center was flooded with 1 meter of water, damaging all the drywalls, doors, interior and electrical, etc. Most of the interior will have to be replaced. The local congregation is not wealthy, and is challenged by their own expenses for reparation of personal property. We humbly appeal to the greater devotee community, our friends, members and supporters, to help in this moment of dire need.

You can help in the next link :

If you want to send a bank transfer, you may do so using one of the following bank accounts:

ISKCON Mission Society:

Bank of America
Acct # 0047 7448 0570
Routing #: 113000023

Acct # 986356277
Routing number: 111000614

Devotees of Puerto Rico need your help to continue and advance Krishna consciousness in Puerto Rico.

Please share for get the most help possible. Thank you so much.
Hare Krishna.

Message from HH Guru Prasad Swami:

Message from HG Virabahu Prabhu:

Thank you.

Hare Krishna

Your servant.

MadhavendraPuri Dasa

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One Response to “Iskcon Puerto Rico Temple Bashed By Hurricane Maria. We Need Your Help, Please Donate!”

  1. Sending money directly to Banks in the USA may work for people in the USA but for people outside the USA, it would be prohibitively expensive to wire money to those accounts. When the devotees in Ukraine and UK had problems they set up payment options via PayPal and other solutions (GoFundMe) so that persons like myself could send a donation. But as it is currently set up I can't send a donation. Make it easier for us to send you money (-: