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Sastra Dana program in Czech Republic

Wednesday, 23 January 2008 / Published in Book distribution / 3,462 views

By Acyuta Gotra das

In June 2006 all congregation devotees in Czech Republic got an opportunity to take part in distributing BBT books. We were inspired by already running Sastra Dana program for distribution of sponsored literature in Los Angeles and San Diego. During several months of 2006 it distributed almost 400 books and in 2007 already 1006 books (444 Maha Big, 461 Big, 101 Medium), mainly to public libraries and libraries in basic schools, high schools and universities.

Many congregation devotees gradually took part. Some give contributions, some distribute books, becoming expert distributors able to present BBT books in a professional way. Several devotees take care of book racks meant for distributing small books. Some help with good advices, others maintain website, and still others donate or lend required accessories, etc. Thus many and many devotess who were looking for a way to be engaged in book distribution before, have joined in one team creating a grand result due to their concerted effort.

Books are now distributed not only to libraries and schools but also to orphanages, retired homes, teahouses and public utility waiting rooms. Many thank-you letters arrive to our address in Prague ISKCON temple expressing gratitude for donated books.

We thank Mahat Tattva prabhu ( for inspiration and help with establishing our program. Thanks to his manual we could avoid many inexperience-based problems right from the beginning. We also thank to all Maharajas and other senior devotees who support this sponsored distribution program and inspire congregation devotees to join it.

Whoever wants to start this program in their country, please contact Mahat Tattva prabhu and read his manual which is very pratical and adjustable to situation in various countries.

Below you can click for several photos from our distribution of sponsored books, mainly to public and school libraries.

Thank you for your attention.

On behalf of Sastra Dana CZ team,
Your servant,
Acyuta Gotra das

For more photos click here:
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