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Sri Krsna Pusya Abhiseka Purnima

Thursday, 24 January 2008 / Published in Reports / 5,886 views

By Shyamagopika devi dasi

Sri Sri Radha-Madhava and Asta Sakhis in Mayapur were offered gorgeous flower outfits on the occasion of Pusya Abhiseka Purnima. For the third year in Sri Mayapur, Sri Sri Radha-Madhava’s outfits are sewed with different flowers and leaves to form beautiful flower outfit.Ramadevi mataji, our deity seamstress, expressed her thanks to all the Mayapur community devotees who enthusiastically participated in making this flower dress on time. Around seventy devotees from Mauritius, England, Australia, India, Italy, USA, South Africa, Yugoslovia, France, Belgium, Spain, Sweden, Guyana, Newzealand, Russia, Bangladesh worked on the outfit throughout the night to offer their loving service to Sri Sri Radha-Madhava. Fifteen Children (including three boys and all of them were below 15 years of age) devotedly worked on Sri Radharani’s outfit.

The altar was full of exotic flower decorations. Beautiful flower balls adored both the sides of Sri Sri Radha-Madhava and Sri Madhava’s flower waist belt embedded with pearl beads captured the hearts of all. Madhava hari das of deity department observed that a variety of flowers including vast amount of red roses, marigolds, dalias, orchid varieties, gadila, jermera, nimonium, chandravalika, tube roses, com flower , kamini leaves were used for both the outfit making and for the Pushpa Abhiseka.

Pushpa Abhiseka or shower of flower petals on Sri Radha-Madhava was a two hour transcendental feast to the eyes, heart and soul. Continuous pouring of flower petals on the Lord along with the melodious Harinam by Naru gopal Prabhu took transported everyone to a transcendental realm of happiness.

Jananivasa Prabhu said that he was instructed by Srila Prabhupada to celebrate festivals related to the pastimes of the Sri Sri Radha-Krishna in a grand way in Sri Mayapur. These pastimes are going on eternally in the spiritual world. By celebrating these festivals, we can engage ourselves directly in the service of the Lord. Especially Pusya Abhiseka festival where the Lord is bathed in soft and cooling petals of fragrant flowers brings us closer to the mood of Vrindavana.

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