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Ganga Sagar Mela –Annadan Seva 2008: A Report

Thursday, 24 January 2008 / Published in Reports / 15,006 views

By Gopijan ballab dasa

Continuous Harinam and profuse Prasada distribution at ISKCON Mayapur’s Pandal drew large amount of pilgrims in Ganga Sagar Mela 2008. Ganga Sagar Mela is a three days fair, where over 6 lakhs pilgrims assembled to take a holy dip at the place of confluence of river Ganges on the Makara Sankranthi day. Huge hoardings were put up everywhere announcing the activities of Annadan seva 2008. A massive, colorful, well lit pandal had been erected to facilitate the pilgrims. Krishna-Balaram deities were offered all the arthis and pujas in the pandal. Around 100 devotees from Mayapur community, MIHET and Gurukul students registered to volunteer service for the Ganga Sagar Mela 2008 program.

ISKCON Mayapur’s Annadan Seva 2008 program has made an unprecedented blitz in the hearts of all the pilgrims. West Bengal government authorities have appreciated ISKCON activities as a remarkable feat while local Newspaper and Media has reported a positive response to the events.

Food for Life volunteers worked around the clock to distribute 1,00,000 plates of Krsna Prasadam, non stop from morning till evening. Hot,nourishing meals, consisting of rice, dhal, sabji and sweet were extremely welcome by the pilgrims. They were thankful for the night shelter and medical aid provided.

On the Makara Sankranti day, blanket and clothes were distributed to the sadhus. People in large numbers assembled every afternoon to participate in the Yajna conducted by Gurukulis. They also enjoyed the video shows and Kirtan in the evenings.Harinam Procession by the Nagar Sankirtan department throughout the Mela encouraged a lot of people to chant and dance in Kirtan.Devotees distributed Srila Prabhupada’s books on all the three days. They also visited Kapila Muni’s Ashram at Ganga Sagar.
Sankarshan Nitai Das, the chairman of Ganga Sagar Mela expressed that “during last year’s Ganga Sagar Mela, ISKCON Mayapur has established a record for feeding 75,000 pilgrims, but this year we could reach up to one lakh and with the generous support by devotees world wide, we would like to extend Annadan Seva for more pilgrims in the future. I wish to thank our donors and ISKCON Mayapur devotees for their contribution and kind support.”

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