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Work starts on Europe’s largest cow protection Farm where RSPCA killed sacred cow

Monday, 28 January 2008 / Published in Announcements / 3,657 views

By Radha Mohan das

MEDIA RELEASE From: Bhaktivedanta Manor

Work starts on Europe’s largest cow protection Farm where RSPCA killed sacred cow

Bhaktivedanta Manor, the temple where the RSPCA killed Gangotri the sacred cow and sparked outrage amongst devotees and British Hindus in general, will open Europe’s largest centre for cow protection and organic lifestyles. On Sunday 3rd February
2008, faith leaders, politicians and supporters from across Britain will join devotees in a colourful ceremony to sanctify the ground where a new farm building will be constructed in memory of Gangotri.

The elaborate ceremony, called bhumi-puja or ground-breaking ceremony, will include chanting of 10,000 year old Sanskrit prayers. After the ceremony, fifty Hindu leaders from around the country will discuss what they perceive as the British government’s lethargy in addressing the wider issues surrounding the killing of Gangotri.

– We cannot understand why DEFRA have not even responded to our request for a meeting with the Secretary of State,’said Gauri Dasa, president of Bhaktivedanta Manor. – The resentment levels in the community are quite high, and the Government’s lack of engagement and disinterest are not good for community cohesion and integration. They should at least be ready listen to what we have to say.-

Explaining the significance of the bhumi-puja ceremony, Gauri Dasa commented that it was a ritual that reminded humans to live in harmony with mother nature. He continued, – At this ceremony, we offer prayers to Mother Earth to ask for permission and forgiveness for our digging and excavation. The Vedic tradition stresses the interdependence between humans and nature, especially cows and bulls, with whom we have a special relationship. The gentle and innocent cow is respected like a mother figure as she nourishes us with life-giving milk.-

Plans for building Europe’s largest Cow Protection Centre, called New Gokul were approved by Hertsmere Borough Council after numerous planning applications and a pubic enquiry. Many councilors had indicated that they were impressed with the design and sustainable character of the proposed farm buildings.

– In Britain, 3.38 million cows and bulls are killed every year. Nearly all young bulls die before they reach their third birthday,- concluded Gauri Dasa. – But at New Gokul, we will demonstrate new ways of ethical, compassionate and sustainable farming.-

For more information, please contact: Radha Mohan das on:
07818 815 978 (m) Or Vinay Tanna on:
07780 707 060 (m)

End Notes The RSPCA’s killing of Gangotri:

Last month, one of Bhaktivedanta Manor’s sick cows who was being treated by its keepers and professional vets with Reiki, acupuncture and massage was unfairly and forcibly put down by officials from the RSPCA. The death of Gangotri, a Belgian Blue-Jersey cross, caused outrage among worshipers, who say that they were deceived. – This is shocking and duplicitous behaviour. We have been deceived by those who had given us their word,- Gauri Das, president of the temple, said. Gauri das said that the RSPCA and police had given assurances that they would not take drastic action and that the temple would be allowed to form a legal case, but that they returned to kill the cow when many devotees were praying. The issue received considerable media attention both nationally and internationally, and Bhaktivedanta Manor received support from all the main Hindu organisations in Britain.

Over the Christmas period prayer vigils were held and protests were staged outside the RSPCA’s national headquarters in Horsham, West Sussex. For more information, news and views about the Gangorti issue, please visit: www. justiceforgangotri. org

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