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Prayer Request for Jahnavi

Tuesday, 29 January 2008 / Published in Appeals / 5,143 views

By Varnadi das and Yamuna dd

Jahnavi (Jennifer Haggard) of Alachua, daughter of Pavitra dd (ACBSP) and former director of Children of Krishna, has been in Shands Hospital in Gainesville since January 14th.

We are asking for the prayers and support from all her friends and well-wishers.

In the past couple of months Jahnavi has experienced several burns due to severe neuropathy, a symptom of her diabetes. Because of the neuropathy she has very little or no feeling in most of her extremities and it is therefore easily possible to get hurt without knowing. She had been in the hospital about two months earlier for an operation on one such burn and during that time the wound got infected with MRSA, a medication-resistant bacterium that is getting increasingly more common. The antibiotics administered to battle this MRSA worked and she spent Christmas and New Year at home. However, because of her weak immunity system the medication eventually lead to kidney failure. She would have left her body if it wasn’t for an emergency kidney dialysis at the ICU of Shands.

The doctors are now keeping her in the hospital because her kidneys aren’t responding and it looks like she will be on permanent dialysis from now on. She has many complicated health issues, including an upcoming likely amputation of her toes, that over all cause her situation to go from weak to precarious.

Jahnavi is very aware that her heart can fail and that her life is completely in Krishna’s hands. She is mentally as sharp as ever. It would be fantastic if devotees could write her realizations, prayers, or encouraging words. You can send these as comments on this article or email them to and we will read them to her. If you live in the Alachua-Gainesville area and would like to visit her, please call Shands Hospital (352-265-0111) and ask for Jennifer Haggard. She can’t always answer the phone, but if you’re willing to just stop by anyway, that would be even better. Just be aware that sometimes she may be in the middle of a procedure and you may have to wait for ten minutes or so.

Please also keep her mother, Pavitra dd, and her son, Abhimanyu, in your prayers.

Your servants,

Varnadi das and Yamuna dd
(Willem and Jennifer Vandenberg)


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    Akruranatha ( User Karma: -9 ) says:

    I fondly remember the hospitality that Jahnavi showed my wife and me when we visited her and Indupati (who was then her husband Bhakta Eddie Johnson) in their home in Alachua one day for lunch.

    It saddens us to see devotees struggling with material miseries, but it is glorious to see how they bear their miseries with grace, courage and devotion to Krishna.

    I know Jahnavi has been courageously struggling with serious health issues for a long time. I hope she feels better soon.

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    Varnadi das says:

    A message from Jahnavi:

    Dear friends and well-wishers,

    I wish to express my deepest appreciation for all of the love, kind words, and prayers you have been sending me. Every day is a challenge, but I feel that we are supposed to learn the deeper meaning of everything we experience and develop compassion towards other spirit souls.

    I have been listening to the bhajans that I used to hear in my youth. Listening brings me a lot of peace and offers some relaxation in this hectic hospital environment. The days go on, coma or no coma; time and tide wait for no man. Oddly, I’m getting more work done from my hospital bed because there are no external distractions. I listen to my bhajans, read, and deal with the redundancy of the constant care of my body.

    I want to thank my 14-year old son, Abhimanyu, for inspiring and motivating me. I also want to thank Yamuna and Varnadi for making me part of their family and giving so much of their hearts, and tangible help.

    Once again, thank you all.



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    govindajps ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Dear Jahnavi Mataji & Family especially your son Abhimanyu,

    My sincere prayers for bearing these haunting moments., May Lord Krishna give you and everyone around you all the strength to remain Krishna Concious.

    All Glories to Srila Prabhupada & the wonderful Vaishnava community he has built.

    With lots of Luv

    Govinda das & Family

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