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Sri Nityananda Trayodasi in Mayapur

Thursday, 21 February 2008 / Published in Reports / 4,477 views

By Gopijan Ballab dasa

“Jaya Nityanandaram! Jaya Nityanandaram” was resounding everywhere. An overwhelming feeling of joy, gratitude, mercy, devotion or whatever phrase you may use, filled up the entire day as ecstatic celebrations took place on the divine appearance day of Lord Nityananda in Mayapur. Three days of Nityananda katha, colorful Adhivas – a prelude to the festivities surcharged the atmosphere with overflowing Nitai’s mercy.

Devotees were happy to receive Sri Nitai pada kamala deities of bhajan kutir in the temple. After the fire sacrifice, abhiseka was performed with ectastic kirtana. Kirtana reached tumultuous heights as smooth flower petals graced the beautiful form of the Lord. Devotees were seen just gazing at this spectacular event. Kids were rejoicing throwing prasada flowers. They become too enthusiastic to get their flower shower from the hands of Pankajanghri prabhu. Soon devotees also got into the spirit of kids. They started to smear Maha flowers on each other singing the glories of Nitai.

Loving devotion of matajis (and prabhus too) from Mayapur community reflected in the unending line of delicious preparations adorning the altar during bhoga arti . A huge birthday cake was offered to Nitai too! Devotees honored feast in the afternoon. Nagar sankirtan party devotees did a big harinam throughout the evening. Few little Nimai’s and Nitai’s marched on the stage in colorful fancydress with all their innocence. Older girls performed a wonderful drama on pastimes of Nityananda in the evening.
Nityananda Trayodasi is also special in a unique way that it sets a festive mood for the month long Gaura Purnima festival. In another four days, GBC meetings will commence in Mayapur and devotees have started arriving for the festival.

Let the lotus feet of Lord Nityananda, which are more cooling than one million moons give us eternal shelter under its shade.

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Sri Nityananda Prabhu Ki Jai!

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