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Vraja Seva

Thursday, 21 February 2008 / Published in Message Board / 3,639 views

Vrindavan Namahattis: Presently Radha Rani’s Dham vrindavan is also affected by kaliyuga and mayavaad philosophy is now propagated more in braj. Mayawaad philosophy, atheistic philosophy and hypocrites are propagating their philosophy so people in braj do not consider even Krishna as swayam bhagwan. People in braj are now consuming tamasik foods( like onion , garlic, meat, etc ) .They are taking intoxication ( like tea, paan, cigarettes , liquors, drugs etc.) . People in braj also indulge in gambling and illicit sex etc. To keep the braj safe from these kaliyuga effects your help and cooperation is needed.

At present Iskcon namhatta department is trying few ways to counter this ill effect in braj by preaching Krishna consciousness in villages, towns, schools and colleges of braj. Brajwasis are encouraged to do harinaam. Free books, chanting beads, chanting bags, kanthi mala and prasadam are distributed to brajwasis and school and village kids. Namhatt devotees are providing to brajwaisis the teachings of Chaitnya Mahaprabhu and pure vaisnav philosophy as taught by Srila Prabhupaad.

We request all Krishna devotees to give your blessings to namhatta department vrindavan and cooperate and help us so that each and every brajwasis can be taught this devotion to lord Krishna once again. You can help us by sending donation to us , attend our program when you are in braj and help us whenever we do preaching in braj area. Monetary help can be done by cheques, drafts, on-line donation or by cash to our office. Our office is just in temple hall near mahaprasad counter.

On line donation can be done in and kindly mention that this donation is for namhatta use. Contact person is Hari vijay Das , Iskcon vrindavan namhatta department.

Email , mobile number +919412726353 .

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