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Beef recall in USA

Saturday, 23 February 2008 / Published in Cow protection, News / 3,863 views

By Cidanandas

143 million lbs of beef were recalled by the USDA two days ago, provoking a real panic among Americans, who watched with horror, how downed cows are forced, by torture, to the slaoghterhouse on Youtube. Electric shock, sticks and pressure water are used in order to make the cows move toward their final atrocious end.

Some big businesses are going bankrupt, due to their involvement in such industry, and PETA is mailing a huge amount of starter kit for new vegetarians.

Devotees of Lord Krishna, are hoping that such event would eventually turn many people into vegetarians, thus diminishing the huge collective karma of humanity, that can result into the third world war.

It’s about time for the enterprising devotees to seriously meditate upon the creation of perfect vegetarian veg food franchises, which can help anyone to get into apetizing veg food worldwide, with American knowledge of management and valuable Indian recipes. Srila Prabhupada said that our samousas can become world famous, and now is the moment to get into such business. Not so many know actually about whole wheat puris, chapatis, panir etc as well as our delicious drinks based on fruits, yogurt and honey.

Part of the profits should, of course, go to Food For Life, mainly to poor countries.

3 Responses to “Beef recall in USA”

  1. amalagaura says :

    In India & England there is a vegeterian green dot for certified vegeterian products. I don’t think this is a government program. A private company in USA can certify products with a green dot and take enough money to carry out the investigation/inspections. In the USA especially most products have animal products, but because of people with allergic reactions they do note on the packaging “contains wheat, milk,” etc.

    Anyway, devotees hardly have a monopoly on vegeterian food nowadays but someone can organize the green dot and make a lot of money. Requires a brand name or some clout though.

  2. It was an amazing event to witness here in Southern California. A major slaughterhouse, which supplies many school system lunchrooms, as well as national fast-food restaurants chains, got caught on tape, torturing and punishing cows too injured to walk into the slaughterhouse, so that people could get their daily dose of beef. A mole with a humane society got a job at one of the major slaughterhouses in Corona, California. He worked there for some time to gain their trust. Using a hidden camera, he recorded much of the worker’s atrocities against the cows. Then he released his video to the media. Thousands of school children and parents watched in horror, as the video images of torture were played again and again, on all the T.V. new stations.

    Then the most unimaginable thing happened. All the school systems throughout Southern California received so many complaints, that they in unison cancelled their contracts with the parent company of the slaughterhouse. Major fast-food chains, receiving similar complaints cancelled their contracts as well. Within a month of the incident, the U.S. government agency – the Food and Drug Administration had permanently closed the slaughterhouse. The public outcry could no longer be ignored.

    But sadly, all the same families still eat their beef. People are so ignorant that they can’t understand that all the slaughterhouses are cruel to cows and all the other animals as well. Every day thousands of animals meet their deaths in the same unrecorded torture. This is where the devotees can continue to contribute, by helping people understand that eating meat is unnecessary for health and wellbeing. That’s what the common man can’t understand. Even if they can’t accept the long term karmic suffering they are bringing upon themselves due to animal killing, and their participation in it, what to speak of cow killing; at least if they can understand that the animals have souls and can feel pain, and that animal food is unneeded for health. Perhaps then more slaughterhouses will be closed.

  3. I made some mistakes, and provided some inaccurate information. Westland/Hallmark Meat Company, the California slaughterhouse previously mentioned, is not closed yet. The U.S. Dept of Agriculture is the government agency that has the power to close the slaughterhouse (not the U.S. Food and Drug Administration). At this point the slaughterhouse is still open, but barely. The U.S.D.A. wants Westland/Hallmark to pay for the beef recall that it ordered against it. Westland stated last week that with all its lost contracts to provide beef, if they also have to pay for the cost of the largest beef recall in history – then their business is in their words “dead meat”.

    The main lesson we can draw from this incident is the power of television media and the press. It repeatedly showed graphic images to the public of animal cruelty and torture, mostly because it is sensational news, causing a public outcry to come up, strong enough to practically close a major slaughterhouse. The problem is most people don’t know or care how they get their meat. They also are pretty ignorant of where meat comes from, how animals are tortured and killed, as well as how much suffering occurs.

    The meat recall was not issued by the U.S.D.A., because animals were treated cruelly, but because there is a huge public fear of tainted meat, stemming from sick or injured cows, as a source of dreaded Mad Cow disease. Virtually no one is going to stop eating cows now, and this is certainly not the goal of the U.S.D.A., or the powerful meat industry. They just want to assure us all that their beef is safe and healthy, so everyone can go on with their illusions in life, as if nothing has happened.

    The problem is those images opened a door, showing something to the public that the meat lobby didn’t want anyone to know, and has kept hidden for such a long time.

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