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Yamuna Aroti

Friday, 07 March 2008 / Published in Bhurijana dasa, Quotes / 3,280 views

By Bhurijana dasa

Hare Krsna. Srila Rupa Gosvami glorifies the purifying power of the River in his Yamunastakam:

“May Sri Yamuna, who is the daughter of Suryadeva, who is the famous, splendid, spiritual river flowing through the Bhur, Bhuva, and Sva planets, who burns away the greatest sins, and who is fragrant with scented ointments from Lord Krsna’s transcendental body, always purify me.”

May Sri Yamuna, who is the daughter of Suryadeva, a drop of whose water destroys the sinful reactions of the people, who creates a great flood of confidential pure devotional service to Lord Nandananadana, and who brings auspiciousness to they who desire to live on her shore, always purify me.”

Indeed the Bhagavatam states that the mere sight of the Yamuna River filled Krsna and Balarama with great happiness:

“O King Par…kit, when R€ma and KŠa saw Vnd€vana, Govardhana, and the banks of the river Yamun€, They both enjoyed great pleasure.”

Who then would not worship with great joy and hope such an appropriate object of devotion as the Yamuna River!

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