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ISKCON Prison Ministries Freedom Newsletter

Saturday, 22 March 2008 / Published in Newsletters / 3,284 views

By bhakta Jerry



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One Response to “ISKCON Prison Ministries Freedom Newsletter”

  1. Gauragopala dasa says :

    Some say it Looks like there is some trying to “reform” murderers to become devotees of Krishna?

    The Apostle Paul, the greatest Christian and follower of Christ described himself as “chief of sinners,” because he tortured, murdered and killed Christians before becoming one himself. It is said he murdered hundreds of followers of Jesus including children and women.

    To him, he saw himself the lowest of human beings; he truly believed that he IS the most fallen and did not just say he is the most fallen as many imitate today.

    To actually be a murderer and abuser of God’s people then end up being a great preacher is revealing the true power of God’s (Krishna’s) MERCY and ability to heal and purify.

    Paul is such a wonderful example in Christianity who reveals how merciful the Lord is, for if a man like him can be saved, anyone can be. Isn’t this also the teachings of Lord Caitanya?

    The Apostle Paul really believed he WAS the most fallen because he was always ashamed at what he had done. Many followers of God today are not the most of anything!! Those who truly believe they are the MOST fallen will preach to ANYONE be them murders, child abusers and killers, rapists, thieves etc because they see everyone, including themselves, trapped in this degraded age of Kali-yuga.

    In this way it is very difficult claiming to be the most fallen unless you truly believe you are more fallen than those around you. Actually to truly understand one is the most fallen requires one must have the realization that they have had unlimited births in this world and have performed both sinful and pious acts of all kinds over millions of births – we have all been just about everything you can be!.

    Most people today do not understand they are not their bodily vessel, even though every day the Bhagavad gita as it is, is telling them ‘you are not the material body’.

    Your fallen servant Gauragopala dasa ACBSP

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