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MAYAPUR CHANDRODAYA… Golden Moon of Mercy!

Monday, 24 March 2008 / Published in Articles, Gokulananda Das / 5,785 views

By Gokulananda Das, ACBSP ( not the one from England )

Sridham Mayapur, March 21st/08

What a gorgeous sight… above us the golden moon of Phalguna Purnima smiles its soothing cooling light upon the throngs of good souls roaming this evening throughout this effulgent blissful land of Gaura Dham, always awash in the rising waves of Gaura kripa, specially on this most sacred day of Gaura Purnima. And what a glorious day we have all shared here. For Mangal arotik, a constant flow of thousands of eager devotees started pouring in for darshan of the Maha Pancha Tattva. By the middle of the arotik, the rising roar of their enthousiastic chanting seemed to almost lift up the entire huge temple room, as the swelling masses of Gaura bhaktas overflowed unto the exterior courtyard.

While taking in this immense scene with deep satisfaction, I thought how pleased Srila Prabhupada must be to see how his spiritual united nations of ISKCON has brought together here so many fortunate souls, under his ever-present shelter, from over 70 countries worldwide. And one can feel a palpable sense of deep gratitude filling all our hearts to be thus gathered here for this downpour of mercy. Even the recent weather has played its part in this glorious manifestation of descending Gaura kripa. For the last two evenings before Gaura Purnima, huge surges of wind preceded suddden yet short downpours, to refreshen the ambient fragrant breezes. A nice parallel to the soothing sweet refreshing sounds of kirtan and Gaura katha that have daily showered our eager hearts with their ever-fresh nectar.

It’s so soothing to just be here now in this sacred Gaura Dham and let oneself go with the ebb and flow of the sweet nectar sounds. What pleasure, what glory, what mercy! And such feelings of belonging, like this is our real home, and we simply want to stay here forever… and join this glorious abode of mercy, within the precious kinship of the growing family of devotees from every corner … a really really nice mood, an uplifting glimpse into Sri Krishna’s ever-blissful realm where we all come from.

Gaura bhakta vrinda! Mayapur Chandrodaya kijaya!

Gokulananda das, ACBSP

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