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TKG and George Harrison DVDs

Monday, 31 March 2008 / Published in Message Board / 2,804 views

Pandava vijaya dasa: Hare bol,
cleaning up and found some DVD’s
On DVD-11 TV shows(6 hours) featuring Tamal Krishna Goswami $15+shipping($2 usa-$4 outside of USA)
On DVD- 4 shows(2 hours) about George Harrison and secret Hare Krishna activities. $29+shipping

both shows-10% discount for initiated devotees(take 10% off)..
only accept checks. money orders or paypal
Make check and paypal to michael plotkin
5424 Parry ave
Dallas, Texas 75223

All shows were aired on public TV.

your servant behind the Dallas TV
Pandava vijaya dasa

Hare Krishna TV/Whole Life Experience/

only on Dallas cable-channel 96

every Wednesday 8:30pm

over 235,000 homes receive the show

Turn on, Tune in ,Go Back to Godhead

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