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Care for Cows Newsletter May 2008

Friday, 02 May 2008 / Published in Cow protection, Kurma Rupa Das, Newsletters / 2,975 views

By Kurma Rupa Das

Dear Friends,

Jai Govinda!

As many of you noticed our web site was down for almost two weeks! Our host was to blame for most of the inconvenience and while the major problems have been worked out, please bear with us until we’re back to normal.

Our May 2008 Care for Cows Newsletter has been posted. Please review it at your earliest convenience.


In this edition of 24 pages (3 MB) we present:

1. A stunning view of how gobar (cow dung) can be used in interior design.

2. A testimonial by Madhava dasa and family who sponsor two residents at Care for Cows. We hope this article inspires other sponsors to write about how they have been affected by being connected to Vrindavan through cow protection. Please send your articles to me before the 20th of each month.

3. A brief report on the arrival of a new species at CFC.

4. A report on how an abandoned street calf captured three unexpecting foreign pilgrims.

5. An update on the twins born to Gauri three years ago.

Thanks for your participation and support. I hope this finds you experiencing the happiness and inner satisfaction that accompanies cow protection. Jaya Sri Gopal!

Your friend and servant,
Kurma Rupa dasa

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