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Dandavats! All Glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga!

Obituary for Dharmadyaksha das (ACBSP)

Monday, 22 January 2018 / Published in Obituary / 1,642 views

No one forced him to do it. But, he was a seeker, a philosopher, and….one more thing, a disciple of Srila Prabhupada. He “volunteered” his time to go to many colleges in and out of Los Angeles, hunting down professors to introduce them to the Krishna conscious rationale, and inviting them to meet Srila Prabhupada personally.

That’s right. No one coerced him, no external force. Only the inspiration of Lord Chaitanya within, and an affectionate bond of service and appreciation between a spiritual master and his disciple.

These were the early days of the Sankirtan Movement in the Western world. We had heard that whatever great men do, and whatever standards they set, the whole world pursues. So it was this inspiration in a seeker and spiritual philosopher that carried him along in his service mission.

This was just one of the many services that
Dharmadyaksha pursued. Today there is a Sraddha Ceremony arranged by his family at the Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Math in Soquel, part of Santa Cruz, California.

He passed away recently. He had many other challenges placed before him, as do we all. We wonder or question how such reversals in the material world can take place.
Does not Krishna protect his bhaktas? And, does this protection extend to Krishna’s material creation which He alone controls directly and indirectly, or does the Supreme Lord have yet a less obvious motive in arranging events for the jiva souls who have even once found themselves appealing for His shelter?

Indeed, countless people of faith have expressed this refrain again and again…”The Lord works in strange and mysterious ways.” What, indeed, can His divine plan be for His very own jiva-atmas who have through sukriti and mercy come to Him?

Krishna has unlimited mercy and wisdom how to reform the conditioned souls who have, since time immemorial, indulged in the lording over His material creation under the influence of His Maha-maya. We have heard the example, that in order to enter fire, one must first become like fire. That is, the jiva souls who are para-prakriti, with spiritual identity and having no genuine connection with His apara-prakriti or material energy, must have such purified spiritual makeup in order to be transferred to the all spiritual environment of eternal loving service.

It can be a bumpy road, one with twists and turns to challenge the materially addicted souls. Due to forgetfulness of His shelter, through contact with Krishna’s three modes of material nature, one may drop into the depths of inertia and even madness, the slavery of pursuit of material lust and fruitive activity, or even the relative happiness of illumination through the senses, exposing the jiva soul to a myriad of experiences that all fail to comfort the heart of one who is seeking Truth and love eternal. Krishna is purging us of mistaken material identity as only He can, by His causeless mercy. In the heart of hearts, the pious seeker of Krishna is rushing toward Him, and Krishna in His own beautiful charming way will never let His bhakta down. Krishna’s mercy surpasses all considerations that might be thought necessary to achieve liberation from matter, because we are discussing beyond liberation, Krishna’s personal relationship with His bhakta. And, Krishna can preserve what we have and give what is needed for the completion of the journey, perhaps over many, many lifetimes that leads to the reunion of the seeking jiva soul. Sri Krishna can fill in any spiritual gaps necessary for the devotee to receive and reciprocate divine loving ecstasy within the spiritual family of Krishna. Such is the power of the connection established by the Lord’s pure devotee for the fortunate jiva souls.

Pusta Krishna das

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